How to Connect SamCart to Your WordPress Website

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SamCart and WordPress are impressive platforms that can put your business online for more exposure and higher conversion rates. But did you know that you do not have to choose between both platforms?

You can enjoy the benefits of both platforms by integrating them!

Check out this article below on how to do so.

Can You Integrate SamCart Into Your WordPress?

Yes, you can integrate SamCart into your WordPress page. With this integration, you can increase sales and conversion rates. You can also streamline your website to function well with both platforms so your customers can get a better experience.

Setting Up Your WordPress and Samcart Integration; How?

Integrating SamCart into your WordPress is pretty easy. You can integrate it with Zapier or a few easy coding lines.

Check out the explanatory guide below to learn how to add SamCart to your WordPress.

Using Zapier


You can make the two platforms function as though they were talking to each other. Zapier makes this possible. You do not need coding experience to merge your SamCart with your WordPress website. Here’s how to do it:

Login to the two platforms and authenticate them.

Decide which platform you want to be the trigger.

Choose what action the trigger will activate on the other platform.

After that, you want to decide how much information you want to move from one site to the other.

Click on the “SAVE” button to save it, and voila!

With a Line of Coding

You can also merge the two platforms with a simple line of code. You can copy a simple line of code after creating your product checkout page on the WordPress site. Click the “Share This Product” tab. You will find this tab on the top left corner of the page.

This procedure will allow you to add a pop-up or button to your WordPress site, redirecting customers to your SamCart checkout page.

This is one of the two simple ways to add Samcart to a WordPress site. It is also a good way to funnel your customers to your checkout pages. You can also keep track of each sale with the checkout pop-up.

Advantages of the SamCart WordPress Integration

You Get a More Productive Checkout Page

SamCart checkout pages are well known for their efficiency and productiveness. You get a more productive checkout page because the merging will enable you to use the SamCart single-page checkout pages.

Customers will have all the necessary information about the product they want. You will not only use more beautiful pages, but you will also have a faster checkout system on your WordPress site.

You Close More Sales With a Pop Up Checkout Page

checkout pop up page

If you are keen on keeping customers on your WordPress store, you can sell more with the pop-up checkout pages since it keeps customers on your store.

A customer can buy with the checkout pop-ups from any page on your WordPress page since they will generate a “Buy Now” button, keeping your customer on your website.

You save the customer’s time with the easy and faster checkout process. You can choose the custom or the branded button pop-up.

Automated Triggers and Actions Between Your WordPress and SamCart

Merging both platforms with Zapier affords your business the benefit of triggers and actions. A trigger exists when a client interacts with one site. The effect of this action on the other site is called the action.

Triggers that Zapier supports include new orders and comments. These triggers help a customer place a new order on SamCart or a new comment. Apart from new comments and orders, other trigger-supported actions include creating a new user, uploading new media content, and revising posts.

Automated triggers and actions will help you run your site more efficiently and save time and stress.

Is the Integration Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it. The goal of every online business is to convert more with the least amount of resources. To do this, you need to keep potential clients on your site, reduce distraction and ensure that the checkout process offers multiple payment options and is easy to navigate.

The WordPress and Samcart integration helps you do these things easier and efficiently.

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Final Thoughts

Integrating your SamCart into your WordPress is an easy task. You do not need to learn how to code if you are using Zapier. If you want to merge the platforms with a line of code, that is also pretty easy. You only have to follow the explanatory guide above.

Take advantage of the features that both platforms offer. Once you get the hang of the features of both platforms, you can activate more triggers and actions to improve your clients’ shopping experience.

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