Can You Host Webinars on SamCart in 2024?

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Free events, whether free or paid, are a great way to search for the right audience. But selling and hosting the event can take a lot. Hence, sellers often look for high-performing platforms to host the event.

Can you host webinars on SamCart?

Check out this article to understand how SamCart can help you host webinars.

Hosting Webinars on SamCart; Is it Possible?

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SamCart is a great e-commerce platform with many cool features to simplify your business management. These include the simple single-sales page, which works with a simple checkout page to increase conversion rates.

However, webinar hosting is not among the services that SamCart currently offers. Although SamCart works with numerous integrations, there is currently no webinar-specific integration.

SamCart’s current focus is on how to make the best use of checkout pages and the single-page funnel marketing strategy to increase user conversion. SamCart does not provide webinar hosting services, but this could change.

You may create the webinar on other platforms that offer webinar hosting as a service and then connect the webinar hosting platform to SamCart. But it is currently impossible to host a webinar on SamCart.

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Integrations to Host Webinars on SamCart

There are no webinar-related integrations to host webinars on SamCart, even though SamCart offers numerous integrations. You can search all you want, but you will not find any.

Usually, clients have to host on other sites and connect that platform to SamCart.

The main reason is SamCart’s commitment to its core focus; an e-commerce software that simplifies everything for business owners and shoppers.

SamCart offers numerous design templates of checkout pages for business owners to take advantage of and many materials to help them improve their market strategies.

But webinar hosting is a service that SamCart does not offer currently.

Building a Webinar Signup and Checkout Pages with SamCart

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While it is currently impossible to host webinars on SamCart, you can create a signup and checkout page for it on SamCart. This may be the best way to utilize SamCart for those life coaching events.

With its numerous tools, you can design a registration page that functions and converts for your paid webinars. The drag-and-drop feature makes this so easy for users to spend fewer hours choosing a template and editing it well.

You can create an impressive registration page that collects data from customers as they sign up, discusses the program’s benefits, and directs them to the platform where it will be hosted.

The A/B testing feature also helps you know which page is converting more. This can help you understand how best to sell your webinar.

Since the conversion rate is a very important factor to consider when creating the signup and checkout page, you want to pay close attention to it. Use bold and clear fonts to describe the event, and use attractive colors, images, and short videos to make an impression on the mind of a potential member.

Ensure that the event’s title stands out clearly, with a definite product image. You can add a short, engaging video to suggest how the event will go or what the customer should expect. If the event is about learning something new, you can list what participants will be learning and how this is the answer to their needs.

You can also add, as a bonus, a promo code for participants that invite others. You can send out links for affiliates to earn commissions when they market your event.

You also want to build authority by discussing briefly who you are, why you can be trusted, or how much experience you have. If you lead a community you’d like participants to join, you can advertise it, how it functions and how it will benefit your participants.

Ensure to save the changes.

Bottom Line 


While SamCart may not offer webinar hosting or any related product at the moment, it may do so or offer advanced features that will make webinar hosting possible.

But until that time, you can utilize SamCart features for your event. Select a good template from the template library to promote your event while you host the event on a platform that does. Follow the tips above to maximize your earning ability.

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