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A famous saying is not to judge things by appearance. But this saying hardly applies when putting a business online.

This is why SamCart takes checkout pages seriously. It has different features to help you use the best Samcart checkout page for your online business.

Some of these features include split tests and many others. You also have the option to use the preview layout to see how it will look to your customers.

Here’s a discussion about the possibilities you can explore with the SamCart checkout templates.

Samcart Sales & Checkout Page Templates

There are numerous SamCart templates for business owners to adopt and alter to cater to the needs of their businesses.

One of the best things about SamCart pre-made templates is that you can check out the layout preview after choosing a template.

This means you can try out as many templates as possible to find the appropriate template for your sales funnel and checkout page.

Apart from choosing, you can also easily customize the sale page to display your products or services.

You are not limited to single-column pages, as there are also two-column templates for businesses that need them.

It only takes a few minutes to check the template library for the one you need. To choose one, click on the “Products” tab. After that, click the “Checkout templates.”

You will have access to numerous templates from which you can choose the appropriate one for your business.

You can either opt for single or double-column templates. You can list your product details with these templates. The same goes for your services.

You can also choose a checkout page with only the necessary payment fields. If your service does not need to be shipped, then there is no need to have a checkout page with spaces for shipping information.

You can edit it to fit the sale of products or services that do not need to be delivered physically.

SamCart Pop-Up Checkout Template

samcart pop-up checkout template

Pop-up checkout pages are usually resorted to when the business owner wants potential customers to checkout without leaving the website.

When they are ready to checkout, a small pop-up box appears on the page after they click the “Buy Now” tab or other buy commands on your page.

If you prefer the pop-up template to the standard checkout page, go to the “Products” tab on your SamCart account. Click the “Checkout Design” tab.

After that, initiate the “Pop Up Template,” and you will have the Pop-Up checkout activated on your site.

popup checkout template

SamCart’s One-Page Funnel Template (Multiple Checkout Options)

samcart one page funnel template

The “One-Page Funnel” template is another great template. SamCart lets you create multiple payment options with this template. 

You can add numerous payment options to a single checkout page.

Apart from tracking and monitoring your sales page, you get to convert an extra 21.6% more customers because every customer now has a payment option that he can work with.

This is especially important because SamCart data shows that you can convert 21.6% more customers when you add multiple billing options on your checkout page.

You can do a lot with these one-page funnel templates. You can vary the prices of your products, add a payment plan option, and even offer a free trial!

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Adding Your Designs to Your Template Library

image fx

Besides having access to pre-designed templates, SamCart allows you to create your templates as you please.

This is especially so if you want a unique template for your products.

Go to your “Settings” tab. Click “Save this Design as a Template,” name your design and click the “Save” tab to add it to your template library for subsequent use.

You can always select from your saved templates any template you want to use for your products anytime you need one, as your unique templates will set you apart from other vendors.

Switching Pre-Made and Empty Templates

samcart switching pre made empty template

Apart from being able to use new templates, you can change empty templates if you need to do so.

You must go to the “Checkout Design” tab and click on the check mark. The content builder will display the most recently picked templates, and that’s it.

But if you picked a premade template and want to change it to an empty one, you must first use the “Clear all content” button.

After that, you can use the process above to have the blank template displayed in the content builder.

Final Thoughts

SamCart makes everything easy but also allows you to customize your pages if you want them to be different from that of other SamCart business owners.

Besides the customization option, you can check your page’s effectiveness with the split testing feature. 

With the preview layout, you can also look at your pages before they are published. SamCart has all you need to cater to the needs of your online business.

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