SamCart Affiliate Program – Does It Pay Well in 2024?

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Affiliate programs, sometimes called associate programs, are arrangements where an e-commerce website or a merchant website pays affiliate partners to send them traffic. The payment is often in percentage.

If you sell with SamCart or are a content writer who writes about digital marketing and e-commerce websites, the SamCart affiliate program is a good way to get paid for it.

Check out this article for an informative overview of how it works.

SamCart Affiliate Program; How Does It Work?

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The SamCart affiliate program is not complex. You start by applying for an affiliate account to be a SamCart affiliate. You can apply here to be one of SamCart’s affiliate marketers.

Upon approval, you will be granted access to the partner reporting interface. The approval process is usually fast.

Unlike other affiliate programs, SamCart offers promotional materials with resources such as email copies, promotional films, banners, and images to ensure your success in an affiliate program.

Also, SamCart offers perks to affiliate partners who bring about a high volume of new SamCart users. One of these benefits of affiliate partners who have generated a high inflow of customers is the VIP SamCart affiliate network. This network will allow you to work with other successful affiliate marketers and increase your success in the affiliate program.

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How To Make Money From the SamCart Affiliate Program

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One of the ways you can make money from the SamCart affiliate program is to explore the digital content creation niche. You can search keywords to catch online business sellers and try to promote SamCart’s powerful features to them as the solution to their challenges.

Alternatively, you can try these practical ways to do your promotion. You can also choose a specific audience for it.

Blog Post Testimonials

If you own a blog where you sell your products, you can tell your customers or a target brand about how SamCart has helped you position your business online without spending much. You can easily promote SamCart by highlighting the specific features of SamCart that the business or person will benefit from.

Ensure to leave your affiliate link in the blog post for the potential SamCart user. SamCart tracks affiliate links when a website user clicks the link; this is how they know whose link it was if the website visitors eventually sign up for Samcart.

Helpful YouTube Content About SamCart

You can also take your digital marketing efforts up a notch with youtube by discussing your challenges as an entrepreneur and how SamCart came to your rescue.

Again, remember to keep your link in the video for potential customers; otherwise, you may not get your commission for the sale you generated for SamCart.

Social Media Testimonials and Promotions

Making the best use of your social media presence is another excellent way to promote SamCart.

You can discuss how SamCart made a huge impact on your online business. While you do this on your social media posts, do not forget to leave your link for readers visiting your page.

Rating SamCart Affiliate Program

The rating of a particular product or platform affects how much support it gets from the public. Check out the rating below if you want to opt-in for the SamCart affiliate program.

Rating Based on Commission

When it comes to the commission, SamCart pays good earnings to its affiliate partners. SamCart pays a whopping 40% commission.

Another interesting part of the commission for this program is that you can access your pay 45 days after starting a paid plan. This waiting period ensures that the customer has exhausted the 30-day money-back guarantee window.

When customers decide to cancel and get refunds before the expiration of the free trial money-back guarantee period, you will not get paid.

But the SamCart affiliate program gets a 5-star rating for its impressive rate.

Rating Based on Payment Time and the Recurring Commission Structure

The commission structure is also impressive. If the customer chooses a monthly plan, you earn 40% as your recurring commission every month the customer renews his subscription.

Also, you earn commissions when your referral upgrades his subscription, and the rate remains 40%.

Pros and Cons of the SamCart Affiliate Program

Are you still thinking about applying for the SamCart affiliate program? Consider these pros and cons to decide if it is worth signing and what to expect after creating your SamCart affiliate account.


  • A 40% commission for every client referred and for recurring subscriptions throughout the entire year.
  • Easy to join as the sign-up and approval process is pretty easy.
  • Handy dashboard to track your paid commission, traffic reports, and payouts to your Paypal account.
  • Outstanding products for your referrals.


  • The 45 days waiting period may be too long for some affiliate partners.
  • The limited payment options for payouts appear to be too restrictive.
  • The program is a better fit for SamCart users with business-owning customers.

SamCart Affiliate Program FAQs

How Can I Sign Up for the SamCart Affiliate Program?

You can join the SamCart affiliate program by applying on this page. Click on the “Apply Now” bar, fill in the application form on the next page, and submit your application.

SamCart will process your application and let you know whether you are approved or not.

What Is a Private Affiliate Link?

samcart private affiliate link

Private affiliate links are distinctive universal resource locators that are given to assigned to specific affiliate partners. These links usually contain the affiliate partner’s ID, but more importantly, they are usually restricted to specific affiliate partners.

When affiliate links are made private, only the assigned affiliate partner can get credit and commission for any purchase or subscription from that click.

So if you want only one affiliate or a specific team of affiliate partners to promote your product to a specific audience, you can use private links.

What Is an Affiliate Dashboard To Earn Commissions?

The SamCart affiliate dashboard allows you to check your affiliate stats to see how you are doing with the program.

You can check your payable commissions, pending commissions, total revenue, and global earnings per click on the dashboard page.

Final Thoughts

If you are still considering joining the SamCart affiliate program, this is a great time to join. The online market is buzzing with so many commercial activities that putting your creative skills in the digital marketing niche will pay off in the long run.

You can easily find the sign-up page here, sign up free and start your journey on the SamCart affiliate program.

Although the 45-day waiting time may seem discouraging, you must always remember that it protects SamCart since SamCart offers refunds with its 30 days money-back guarantee. 

SamCart Frequently Asked Questions:

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