SamCart Features in 2024 – A Full List of New Features

Some of SamCart’s popular features are removing the SamCart branding, choosing a sales and checkout page from the unlimited pages and checkout templates, and customizing them with the drag-and-drop editor.

But there is more to the platform!

Check out this article to get in tune with some recent SamCart features.

SamCart’s New Upsell Feature

samcart upsell

Creating one-click upsells was difficult. You had to create a product, then an upsell, design that upsells, add it to a funnel, and then attach both to the original product.

This feature simplifies this process for SamCart users better than other competitors. Now, you only need to open a product, go to the OFFERS tab, choose ADD AN UPSELL, select one of your previously created upsells from the drop-down menu, and hit save changes.

If you want to add multiple upsells, select SWITCH TO FUNNEL. Easier than it was previously!

SamCart Sales Page Features

samcart sales page design

SamCart users are allowed to use all the powerful tools on SamCart sales pages. These tools include the following:

  • A loaded template library of pre-designed templates
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited video uploads
  • Custom domains
  • White label branding
  • Custom THANK YOU pages

SamCart page features allow users to choose beautifully designed sales page templates for their businesses. It also allows its customers to use the drag-and-drop page builder to customize the sales page further.

The SamCart page features allow users to customize their sales pages into checkout pages for digital products and subscription products.

SamCart Payment System Features

samcart payment system

SamCart’s indigenous payment system, SamPay, makes life easy for its customers. SamPay enables SamCart users to accept major credit and debit cards. It also allows users to accept payment from digital wallets such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google Pay.

Users can integrate multiple payment platforms such as Braintree, Stripe, ExpressPayDirect, or Paypal.

Tip: SamCart charges users 0% in transaction fees.

SamCart payment features allow its customers to offer different payment options for their products. These include the following:

  • Pay what you want pricing.
  • Free and paid trials
  • Order bumps collections
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Post-order upsells
  • A recurring subscription
  • Multiple payment options

SamCart Course Features

samcart launch your course

SamCart Course features are a powerful solution that helps users create and launch their courses within 2 minutes!

This feature outline three easy steps to launch your course on the platform; set up your course, choose from the pages and checkout templates, and start enrolling your students.

It also offers the following:

  • Course Cross-Sells to advertise your other digital products to already paying students
  • Auto-Enrol Technology to reduce customer loss rate due to complicated login processes
  • Featured Courses to display your highest performing courses on your library
  • Hosted Videos Solution for an all-in-house experience, so you don’t need secondary services to host your videos. This also comes with impressive streaming services for a great student experience.

SamCart’s New BUY NOW PAY LATER Feature

samcart afterpay

This solution allows users on the platform to offer their clients flexibility in payment without sacrificing their financial security and conversion rates.

BUY NOW PAY LATER tools are the latest payment systems available on the platform through SamPay. Users can enlist payment processors such as Afterpay, Affirm, and Klarna to offer their clients a BUY NOW PAY LATER payment option. The client can pay in interest-free installments while the business receives full payment upfront.

This solution is proven to increase conversion rates by up to 30%!

SamCart Business Administration Features

The key features for business administration and management on SamCart are integrations. These features are split into four tools:

  • Integration Engine
  • This tool is the native integration that SamCart customers can use to connect.
  • Advanced Integration
  • This category of features covers automated processes. Automated processes create an automated workflow using triggers and actions between two platforms.
  • Customers Relationship Management Integrations
  • This category of features deals with the database of leads and customers you create.
  • Custom API Integrations
  • This set of features covers programs and platforms connected using API.

Users that wish to run multiple businesses on a single subscription can access extra business management features such as Admin user roles and multiple sub-accounts.

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Frequently Asked Question

Does SamCart Have Education and Support Features?

SamCart offers subscription migration to users migrating from other platforms to SamCart. It is designed to make the transition smooth.

Other education and support features include the following:

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Weekly webinars
  • Email support
  • Free preview of CreatorU
  • 1-day email support
  • Priority email support
  • Technical setup support
  • Product roadmap prioritization

Does SamCart Have Reporting and Analytics Features?

SamCart offers numerous reporting tools to help users monitor business growth, responsive marketing channels, and access reliable data to improve their business.

Some of these advanced reporting tools include the following:

  • Sales Reporting Dashboard- Access an optimal sum-up of the revenue generated by each product.
  • Smart Pixel Tracking- Tracks each customer’s habits and ascribes them to a marketing channel.
  • A/B testing- Present two variations of the same product offer to determine which offer the market will respond to most favorably.
  • Custom Reporting and Export- Export and organize your business data as you please.

What Are the SamCart Software Features?

SamCart allows users to do the following:

  • Create, host, and deliver courses directly to a target audience on the SamCart platform.
  • Use the subscription saver tool, which reschedules payments for recurring payments on the platform.
  • Use the cart abandonment tool to engage clients that did not complete their purchase.
  • Use the affiliate center to run affiliate programs for more advertisements and marketing.

Learn more about SamCart’s features in our official review of SamCart.

SamCart’s New Dedicated Live Support Feature; What Is It?

samcart live support

The Dedicated Live Chat Support is now available to all the platform users at $19/month. You can directly connect to SamCart’s best support experts in less than a minute using the new live chat widget at the bottom right corner of your dashboard. 

You get:

  • Instant messaging to a SamCart expert right when you need help on your website instead of a SamBot
  • A dedicated agent that knows your business tests your products proofreads your checkout page, helps with integration, and offers insights into proven methods that boost conversion.

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