SamCart Customer Support Service and How to Get Help in 2024

Having all the necessary tools to build an impressive digital storefront is one thing. It is another thing entirely to have abundant help and support resources to help you whenever you get stuck on how best to build one. SamCart understands this and does great with its help and support resources.

Check out this article to get acquainted with them all.

Help Button

samcart help

This support feature is especially great for getting quick answers to your questions. The Help button gives you access to their help articles, step-by-step guides, and short video tutorials on how to deal with common challenges.

You will usually find it when you log into your SamCart account at the top of your screen to the right of menu items. 

The Help button gives you access to SamCart’s videos, articles, and walkthroughs database. You only have to fill in your question in the search bar, and the keywords will fetch relevant materials to help you solve your challenge.

If you cannot solve your problem, SamCart lets you submit a ticket to the SamCart team by clicking the CONTACT US tab. This solution will pop up a page where you can fill in your information, briefly describe the problem, and take screenshots. 

Support Desk

samcart need support center

The support Desk works best for challenges not covered in the SamCart knowledge base.

The Support Desk gives you numerous contact methods to reach the SamCart team. These range from the regular postal mail to their office in Texas to the swift messaging channel on the chat feature.

You can also open a ticket through the SamCart Support Desk. 

There is a section where you may fill in your information and a description of the problem. 

A “Support Center” button at the base will direct you to SamCart’s database of helpful guides to solve your challenge. What’s better about the Support Desk? A real SamCart member will reply and help you instead of a Bot AI.

Knowledge Base 

If you do not want to wait for a response from a SamCart team member, exploring the knowledge base is a great DIY method for solving your challenges. 

You can access the knowledge base through the Support Center. The button will take you to a page with a search bar where you can type in the keywords related to your challenge. Alternatively, you can browse the knowledge base to find the resources and articles relevant to your challenge.


samcart email us

Emails are best for specific questions that are not addressed in the articles in the SamCart knowledge base. You can contact the SamCart team experts with your specific support questions through their contact email:

But for general inquiries, the appropriate email to reach them with would be

Don’t expect an immediate response when you reach SamCart via these emails. But the longest you will have to wait for a reply is no more than a business day.

Live Demo

samcart watch a demo

If you are a new SamCart user, the SamCart Live Demo are solutions you will find very helpful as you use SamCart.”

You can get the live demos from the Support Desk. Navigate to the base and find the “VIEW DEMO” button. 

This button will call up a pop-up page where you can fill in your information and select the demo slot you can fit into your schedule.

The video addresses how the SamCart platform can help users with product launches, customer conversion, and many more features to conduct your business with the SamCart software.

Free Training 

The free training is great for getting acquainted with numerous SamCart features. This support solution is especially great for users familiarizing themselves with SamCart. 

Free training is a good support solution if you need elaborate guidance on how to use the platform best. 

The free training will expose you to numerous templates and expert tips to attain up to a 43% conversion rate. It will also expose you to high-traffic sources and how to utilize them.

Like the live demos, you must reserve your spot for the training by supplying your information and scheduling a convenient time slot.


The SamCart blog is the support channel from where to access the most recent news, updates, and testimonials of proven strategies used on SamCart by users.

The SamCart blog is loaded with tons of helpful information for users searching for the next piece of information that can help them convert more. On the blog, you will find such topics as “A Content Creator’s Guide to 2023 Online Sales Trends” and “How Scoob “The SamCart OG” Lanzendorfer is Helping Other Creators Turn Serious Profits.”

The blog is a great place to visit for information on how you can convert more. You can also learn helpful and proven strategies that can help you generate more profit.

Reviewing SamCart Customer Support

SamCart’s help and support resources are impressively abundant and resourceful. New users have almost all they need to know the ropes and get buzzing with their SamCart websites.

For the abundance of help and support resources, SamCart deserves a high rating. The SamCart team is not here to sell subscription plans but to help business owners market effectively and convert well.

Although a phone call to help support resources would have made them better, that would not be necessary since SamCart now offers a dedicated support service with an expert who knows your progress and business stage on the platform for $19/month.

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