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Free trials do a great job of intimating prospective clients about a product or service. But the free trials will require the person to drop some personal details before engaging the service or product.

Demos hardly require any such information. The best part is that potential customers can thoroughly understand your service or product by only watching it and not being involved.

Check out this article that discusses SamCart demos and how you can benefit from them.

Read on to learn more!

SamCart’s 5 Minutes Demo

This short 5-minute SamCart demo is the simplest and quickest way to learn about SamCart as an e-commerce platform.

Although it is a brief informative video, it gives a thorough insight into how the SamCart platform works. It also discusses how you can use SamCart to functional sales and checkout pages.

If you signed up for the longer webinars and demo videos but can’t wait for the slated time, this video is a good starting point to learn about SamCart.

It is pretty easy to sign up for the 5 minutes demo. Go to this page and click on the play button of the ready-to-play video on the right.

SamCart’s On-Demand Demo

samcart on demand demo

This SamCart on-demand demo is longer than the 5 minutes Demo. It is more explanatory about the products of the SamCart platform, how Samcart makes selling online easier and more efficient, and the tools that SamCart offers users for higher conversions.

Signing up for the SamCart on-Demand Demo

samcart on demand demo register

You can sign p for the SamCart demo webinar in only a few steps. This is especially necessary for a user interested in how Samcart works and how it can help his online business.

Navigate your way to this page to request an on-demand demo.

Fill in your name, email address, and your monthly sales.

After filling in all that details, you want to click on the “VIEW DEMO” tab to confirm your request.

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Why Watch the Demo?

These demos are a very quick way to familiarize you with SamCart and how SamCart can help your online business increase sales, conversions, and customers. You can learn many things from watching SamCart demos, but here are a few you want to keep in mind.

Learn How To Double Customer Value

These demos can help you learn how to double customer value on the checkout pages with order bumps and one-click upsells. You can also learn how to customize a high-sales checkout page.

Whether you are trying to take your digital or physical products online with SamCart, these demos can give you some of the most important information you need to get started.

Learn The Best Strategies for Selling Digital products and Online Services

When you buy a SamCart plan, you get access to periodic seminars that discuss strategies you can use to succeed in your business.

The GROW plan comes with virtual onboarding webinars, while the LAUNCH plan comes with a one-on-one call from a SamCart expert in addition to the virtual onboarding webinars.

The SCALE plan also comes with an onboarding webinar, but instead of a one-on-one support call with a SamCart expert, you get a dedicated SamCart expert to attend to you whenever you have issues.

Bottom Line

After watching the videos, you want to jot down your personalized queries, especially for the general aspects of the videos that are incompatible with the type of business you do.

After writing down your questions, you can put a call through to the SamCart support team for answers to all the questions you have.

Since you will be talking to an authorized representative, you can ask your questions about payment plans, free and paid online courses on how to increase conversions, limitations of features such as split testing, order bumps, integrations, and most importantly, any questions you may have about the subscription before making the call.

SamCart Frequently Asked Questions:

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