Kajabi Pros and Cons in 2024

Subscribing for any service can be tricky, especially before getting relevant information to make an informed decision. Making an informed decision will necessarily go beyond costs. It must involve a detailed comparison of the pros and cons of the service.

That is why this article focuses on more than the cost. It dishes out some of the most important Kajabi pros and cons to help you make an informed decision for your business.

Kajabi Pros

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Comprehensive Platform

Kajabi’s main benefit is that it is an all-in-one platform. Unlike other platforms with a few features, Kajabi has all the tools to create, advertise, and sell digital products online.

This benefit limits spending on third-party apps and tools to the barest minimum. Although you may need to spend extra bucks on additional products and tools to host training courses, you can run an online business on Kajabi without integrating additional software tools.

User and Beginner Friendly Interface

Kajabi is a straightforward platform with a very intuitive interface. There is no need for coding experience to build websites.

It offers various customizable templates that users can adapt to their websites. It also has a dashboard that is easy to use.

With a little practice, you can create products, build marketing funnels, email marketing campaigns, launch your digital products, set up customer relationship management, and do other necessary automation in just a few minutes.

Kajabi Communities

Kajabi recently declared that it had acquired Vibely. This community product is to serve as the base of the new Kajabi Communities.

These communities give your customers a real-time platform to interact via one-on-one calls and participate in challenges and leadership boards.

Kajabi University

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Kajabi University is one of the features that sets the Kajabi platform apart from others. It is a learning resource to help new and experienced users solve issues with their sites.

The university is a collection of guided courses, over a hundred videos, and many other downloadable resources catering to every stage of starting your online business.

You can find tons of information about how to start your coaching programs, manage your membership sites, and market your online training courses.

Excellent Customer Support

Although limited to the Growth and Pro plans, Kajabi offers 24/7 chat support for their users.

Kajabi offers exceptional live chat support, which comes in handy when you are having issues with any of their marketing tools, setting up your website, or launching a digital product.

But this feature is not available on the Basic plan.

Kajabi Automation

Kajabi offers automation that converts repetitive tasks to automatic operations to streamline your business.

Kajabi Automation takes just a few minutes to set up. A good example is having your Kajabi website automatically send a gratitude email to a buyer or an auto-reply email to a prospective client who sends your business an offer.

These automations offered by Kajabi save you valuable time, which you can use to increase sales.

But the plan you choose determines the type of automation your site gets. The Basic plan provides basic automation, while the Growth and Pro plans have more advanced automation.

Kajabi Segmentation and Tags

Kajabi offers flexibility in managing your target audience. The Kajabi tag feature helps you reach specific segments of your audience whenever you need to.

With this feature, you can reach out to a particular segment of hundreds of students to send communications. You can easily tag a select number of contacts to send them special offers, reminders, or customized marketing campaigns.

This feature also allows you to send reminders and prompts to inactive subscribers. It also helps you divide your audience and send special offers to a specific segment.

Custom Domain

Kajabi allows you to have a custom domain name for your business. This will enable you to personalize your membership sites, use personal branding for your digital products, become consistent with your brand across multiple platforms, and build customer trust.

However, customers can still connect to your site through the initial Kajabi domain.

Established & Well-Funded Company

Compared to numerous underfunded platforms that come and go, leaving users without support, Kajabi is a well-established company worth over $2 billion with over a decade of existence.

Apart from how established Kajabi is, and its current value, Kajabi continues to invest in becoming an all-in-one platform that users can trust.

As a new user, you can trust Kajabi as the online course platform for building your online training course.

Sell Multiple Digital Products

Kajabi is not limited to the sale of courses. You can sell other digital products like podcasts, coaching courses, programs, and other online products.

You can also create a membership site with Kajabi.

Kajabi is versatile enough for you to expand your online store as time goes on. So you can start with a specific market aspect and branch into other products as your store grows.

Kajabi’s Affiliate Program

Apart from making sales, you can increase your earnings by enrolling others to market your digital products for a set commission. Kajabi’s affiliate program tracks your affiliates’ sales page conversions and tracks form submissions as well.

Kajabi does not limit the number of affiliates you can have selling your course. Hence, revenue generation is not limited to your sales page.

Kajabi’s affiliate program has features that help you manage affiliate registration, track conversions, and monitor earnings.

Kajabi Mobile App

Kajabi takes things up a notch with its official mobile app to afford you and your students mobility.

With the app, you can stay in touch with your students on the go, and your students can also access your courses on the go.

This mobile experience is better than what similar apps offer. Competitions like Thinkific do not offer the same experience. Their users look up courses through a browser, while Kajabi users have a more streamlined app that serves their needs in the best way possible.

Kajabi Cons

The Likelihood of Websites Being Similar

Kajabi is the go-to site for people with no coding knowledge or experience. There are various Kajabi theme templates to cater to the needs of users.

Since many users with no coding experience or knowledge use the platform, numerous websites will likely be similar. This likelihood is further increased by how less flexible Kajabi is compared to other similar software.

But adding custom codes to your pages via the Kajabi code editor is a great way to customize your website (only available on select plans). Alternatively, you can look for custom Kajabi themes.

Not Suitable for Selling Physical Products

Although Kajabi is an all-in-one platform, it is specifically designed for coaches, teachers, trainers, and other professionals who wish to market their knowledge on online course platforms.

When it comes to selling physical products, such as work tools from a training course, Kajabi is not suitable. Trainers and coaches may have to integrate with other e-commerce sites like Shopify or WordPress to sell physical products to their thriving market audience.

No Central Media Library

Kajabi’s file history is limited. Although you can still access the last 100 files you uploaded, Kajabi will not store any files beyond the first 100.

If you want to use a file from a while back, you must re-upload it.

This is why many Kajabi users keep their online training course content in Dropbox or similar platforms.

Expensive Plans and No Free Plan

kajabi business pricing

Kajabi does not offer any free plan, unlike several similar software. But the good thing about Kajabi is that it offers extended free trials for users to test how Kajabi markets digital products.

Another downside of Kajabi is that Kajabi plans are pretty expensive. Kajabi’s least expensive plan starts at $149/month if billed monthly and $119 if billed annually. While dealing with expensive plans is not appealing, the pricing is rational because Kajabi provides all you need.

Kajabi provides everything you need, from an easy-to-use website builder to advanced marketing tools and automation for your business.

This saves Kajabi users from spending extra bucks on marketing tools and CRM software that will take time to set up and maintain. Using multiple software can lead to errors, dissatisfied customers, and wasted time. Kajabi simplifies everything to help you streamline your marketing and management efforts.

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Extra Expenses for Integrations

Kajabi provides everything you need to start an online course business.

However, entrepreneurs who use Kajabi but need expert features may have to pay for additional software and integrations, such as third-party software, for certification completion.

Popular Kajabi Integrations:

Coding May Be Required for a Truly Custom Experience

If you want a first-class custom experience, you may need to hire a professional coder to add a custom code to your website.

Another alternative would be to go with a more flexible website like WordPress.

Exporting Your Content Is Not Easy

Exporting your content and files from Kajabi to another platform takes work. Unlike WordPress, which makes exporting your content very easy, you may have to slowly move your content and files manually.

For this reason, it is always best to have your marketing on WordPress.

Is Kajabi Good for Selling Online Courses?

kajabi sample online course

Whether you wish to run a membership site or sell an online training course, Kajabi is one of the best platforms to consider.

It is comprehensive and offers 24/7 support customer care with experts on the line to help you with any issues you encounter.

You can use Kajabi to market your courses, podcasts, and other digital products. For more insights on Kajabi, read our Kajabi review of 2024.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Sell Online Courses With Kajabi?

You can sell your online courses and more on Kajabi. You can use Kajabi to sell coaching programs, podcasts, audiobooks, webinars (Webinarjam works well with Kajabi), etc. The list of digital products you can sell on Kajabi is almost endless.

But if you have physical products for sale to a buzzing market community, Kajabi may not be the best option. You may have to integrate it with e-commerce sites like Shopify and WordPress.

Is Kajabi Pricey?

Arguably, Kajabi may be regarded as expensive. But considering each plan’s features makes it difficult to argue that it is overpriced. Kajabi saves you the stress and cost of combining two or three software for your marketing efforts.

Kajabi helps streamline your business processes so you can do business without distractions.

Can I Sell Online Courses With Kajabi?

Kajabi is best for selling digital products. With Kajabi, you can run a business online selling ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, courses, etc. Check out Kajabi course examples here.

You can also run a coaching program, an online training course, or a membership site. But Kajabi may not be ideal for selling physical products.

Is Kajabi Difficult To Use?

Kajabi is easy to use. It has a user-intuitive interface that allows users to navigate the site easily.

Apart from its user-friendly interface, Kajabi offers several resources to bring its users up to speed on how best to use the platform. These include training and video content at Kajabi University.

You can also look up a specific Kajabi course to understand how to solve an issue. Apart from all these, there is 24/7 customer care ready to help you solve any issues while operating the software.

Can I Sell Physical Products Online With Kajabi?

If you have physical products you wish to sell, integrating your Kajabi website with a more suitable platform like Shopify or WordPress may be the best option. Kajabi is not ideal for selling physical products.

But unlike other platforms, it has all you need to sell your digital products.

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