Kajabi Community Overview – How Kajabi’s Community Feature Works in 2024

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As an online business owner, you know that student engagement is one of the keys to success.

You need a place where your members and students can connect, ask questions, and get support. Free platforms are great, but they have some drawbacks. They’re not private, challenging to use, and full of distractions.

Enter Kajabi Community.

Kajabi Community is a paid solution for business owners who want a better, more exclusive platform to grow and manage their groups. It’s easy to use, well-designed, and integrated seamlessly with other Kajabi tools.

Let’s discuss this feature in more detail.

What is a Kajabi Community?

It’s another digital product that you can provide to your customers. You can offer it as it is or add it as a complimentary service to an existing membership or online course.

The community feature allows Kajabi users to stay on top of their groups while minimizing the platforms they use. Kajabi Community offers a space where you and your members share valuable content, get feedback, and support one another.

Here are some other factors to note about this feature:

It works well without any plug-ins or third-party apps. You don’t need to download anything for it to function well.

It works as a communication tool like Facebook group or Slack channels, but better. It’s more straightforward, secure, easy to use, and unified. You don’t need to spend too much time studying the platform, and you can create your community in just a few clicks. Whether or not you have experience using tools like Kajabi, you can quickly get started with this one.

It is accessible through the Kajabi mobile applicationYour students can engage anywhere they are as long as there’s an internet connection and they have the Kajabi app. As a Kajabi user, you don’t need to pay for a separate community mobile app, saving you money.

I tried the Kajabi app, and I love it. It’s very responsive and minimalistic.

It’s a great channel to promote new services or an exclusive community product. Most often, your existing customers are the ones who are willing to buy more from you. The community is a great way to show off what you have and upsell your products.

While you’re providing the space for them to interact and learn, you can also use this as a chance to grow your business.

It’s customizable. You can edit the logo, change the primary color and accent color of your feed, personalize your sidebar, and add a navigation bar to your community page. Although it’s not much, this customization feature can help you make your community look more like your brand.

How to Create a Community in Kajabi?

Before you can access the Kajabi community feature, you first need to subscribe to any Kajabi pricing plans.

There’s no free version, but the platform offers a 14-day free trial. So sign up for your preferred plan here, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the “Products” tab.

Kajabi All products tab

Step 2: Select “Get Started” (Note: if you have an existing product with Kajabi, you can select “+ New Product” on the top right corner instead.)

Kajabi create your product

Step 3: Click the “Community” box.

Kajabi community section

Step 4: Fill out the form. Choose the proper community name, write a short description, and upload the product thumbnail for your community.

Step 5: Click the “Submit” button. Wait for a few seconds, and you’ll see the community dashboard.

Kajabi community confirmation button

Step 6: Customize and modify the following:

Kajabi SEO Masterclass Community

Add Topic

To start engaging with your community members, you can create a few topics or questions related to your Kajabi website niche.

Click the + Add Topic tab on your community dashboard, fill out the form and choose your tab color. Then click “Save.”

Edit Details

It is where you can edit some general settings and texts inside your community. Click “Edit Details” to change:

  • the community title;
  • description;
  • thumbnail;
  • logo;
  • primary and accent color;
  • and navigation bar.

Customize Sidebar

You can use the sidebar to post announcements, community guidelines, links to your online courses, etc. The difference between the content on the sidebar vs. your feed is that this one is fixed. It’s always there, and your members can see it right away once they go to the community page.

Inside the “Customize Sidebar” tab, you can input content, change font sizes and colors, and add source codes or images for more customization.

Create Offer

This part is where you can provide multiple pricing plans for your community product. As I mentioned above, you can offer the Kajabi community feature for free or charge a certain amount.

Step 7: Once you set up and modify everything, click “Go to Your Community” to see what your page looks like.

Kajabi Masterclass Community, Go to your community button

How to Post or Publish Content in a Kajabi Community

Kajabi allows you to share articles, events, images, videos, and links in your community. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Go to “All Products” under the “Product” tab and select your community.

Kajabi all products to SEO Masterclass

Step 2: Select the “Go to Your Community” button.

Kajabi community dashboard

Step 3: Click the “Write something” section next to your avatar.

Step 4: Start typing your content. You can also add links or images by pressing the icon three icons below.

Kajabi example post on feed

Step 5: (Optional) Choose the topic you want the post to go under.

Kajabi list of topics

Step 6: Check the box beside “Send notification to all members” so your community members will receive an alert about your post.

Step 7: Click “Post.”

Kajabi feed pointed at the post button

If you want to do something with your post, you can click the ellipses (⋮) on the post’s top right corner. It will allow you to:

  • Unfollow the post.
  • Pin the post.
  • Copy the link.
  • Edit and delete.

Now your members can like, follow, or comment on your post.

Kajabi Community Examples

Here are some Kajabi community examples which you can get inspiration from.

Six-Figure Community – Graham CochraneImage

Graham has been using Kajabi for years now, and he has published a significant amount of videos teaching people how to build a profitable business out of it.

One of the products he offers is a membership site for coaches, where he provides access to an exclusive community.

The Uplevel Lounge Community – Andrea Nordling

The Uplevel Lounge Community

Andrea is an entrepreneur and nutritional therapy practitioner who provides a membership program for health coaches. Her website’s name is Build A Profitable Practice.

Like Graham, she also shares some digital marketing and Kajabi tips on Youtube. In one of her videos, she shared how important it’s for health coaches to have a private community for their membership programs.

Think Different Community – David Ramos

Think Different Community

David is an author who is currently running two websites. On his first website, Ramos Author, he shares everything about Kajabi. His second website, Ramos Writer, is more focused on writing tips and tools.

David created this community to help more Kajabi users find their way around the platform and provide a space to interact and ask questions.

Things to remember when managing your community

If you want to establish a thriving community, don’t forget to:

  • Post relevant and engaging topics consistently.
  • Join discussions and reply to comments
  • Create a positive atmosphere in your community.
  • Plan your content so you can be more consistent with your posting.
  • Publish various posts like videos, images, articles, etc., so your members won’t get bored.

Kajabi Community FAQ

Does the Kajabi community work as a forum?

Somehow it does. Although the features aren’t the same as Reddit or Quora, the Topic view allows you and your members to see a traditional forum structure.

Can I limit the people who can see my post in one community?

No. Everything you post in your community feed will be visible to all who have access to it. You can create a new Kajabi community and provide access only to selected members if you want.

Can members send a private message?

The Kajabi community doesn’t have a feature the same as Facebook Messenger. However, the new Kajabi page called Member Directory allows your members to connect directly or send messages outside the platform via social media channels.

Can members post content inside the community?

Yes, they can. Aside from liking and commenting on your post, your members can also post and share some valuable content.

Can I create posts and schedule them in advance?

No. Kajabi doesn’t have a built-in scheduling tool as of the moment.

Why is it vital for me to build a community?

When you provide a community for your customers or students, you create a space for connection, collaboration, and co-creation.

Customers or students feel like they are part of something larger and can connect with others who share their interests.

This sense of connection can lead to loyalty and advocacy, as members feel invested in the success of the business or school.

In addition, they can provide valuable feedback and insights that can help to improve products or services. By creating a community, you can foster relationships that will help grow your business.

Final Note

Remember that your community becomes the backbone of your business growth for course creators or entrepreneurs like you. So ensure that you choose the right platform that will benefit you and your members. Kajabi community is undoubtedly a strong candidate for that because:

  • It’s easy to set up.
  • You can offer it for free or as a paid product.
  • You can promote new products to your existing customers.
  • It allows your customers to engage and support each other.
  • People inside your community can discuss and ask questions without learning a complicated tool.
  • It’s more secure and private than Facebook groups.
  • It’s customizable.

Start creating and selling with Kajabi today and enjoy the 14, or 30-day, free trial!

Kajabi Frequently Asked Questions:

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