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The SamCart 30-day free trial is one of SamCart’s secret offers to help business owners test the SamCart platform without making any financial commitment.

After testing and becoming convinced of the benefits that the SamCart free trial offers their businesses, they have the option to pay for their preferred plan. It is an extension of good faith on the part of SamCart to every business owner who wants to record high conversion rates with his online business.

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The SamCart 30-Day Free Trial

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Visit SamCart’s 30-Day Trial Page.

It comes with all the features of the plan you wish to continue with after the free trial.

Although it is a free trial for 30 days, you will have to sign up with a credit card. But be assured that for the first 30 days, Samcart will not charge you for the trial until the free period elapses. The first 30 days of the free trial are absolutely free.

Another amazing thing about the free trial is that you can cancel the trial at anytime you before the 30 days elapses.

Why Sign Up for the Trial?

Still, wondering why you should sign up? Here are a few reasons below.

No Additional Processing Fees

SamCart offers this 30-day free trial at no extra cost. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, there is no hidden cost or other fees, such as processing fees for accessing the 30-day free trial.

Unlimited Templates of Pages (Landing and Checkout Pages)

samcart landing checkout pages

The free trial gives the user access to the features of the preferred SamCart plan that the user chooses. There are three plans; the Scale, Grow and Launch plans. The user gets access to the template libraries of any of the plans he or she chooses on the 30-day free trial checkout page.

The user can access the template library to check out the quality of the landing and sales pages SamCart provides without any financial commitment.

Custom Domains

Another fascinating perk you can get with the 30-day free trial is the chance to use your custom domain. You would think this feature should be restricted to paid plans only. But again, the perks that come with this 30-day free trial are a show of good faith from SamCart.

Although you are running on a SamCart free trial, SamCart allows you to personalize your site by replacing the “” suffix with a preferred registered domain you have obtained for your business.

You can do this by connecting your domain registrar to your marketplace. There are two ways to do this; pointing your root domain at your marketplace and your subdomain at your marketplace. But you want to choose only one of the two options.

Using both options will flag your site as malware. After that, your site will have a “Deceptive Site” warning screen upon access.

Other benefits that you stand to gain when you try out the SamCart trial include the following:

  • Advanced Subscriptions
  • Dedicated Support, and many more.

What Plans Are Compatible With the Trial?

Samcart Pricing Monthly Table View

It is not out of place to wonder if all SamCart plans are compatible with the SamCart 30-day free trial. Check the list below for your options with this 30-day trial.

The Launch Plan

Users get all the features of this plan when they pick it up on the sign-up page. These features include a pre-designed template library, advanced subscriptions, and, more importantly, the “Pay What You Want” pricing feature.

The fact that you are accessing Samcart with a free trial will not hinder you from exploring and enjoying these features.

The Grow Plan

You can also choose the Grow plan when signing up for your 30-day trial. In addition to the features offered in the Launch plan, this plan affords you more.

It gives you access to such features as order bump collections, post-purchase upsells, multiple customer payment options for your checkout page, and advanced reporting of your business data, such as sales data, customer contact information, and traffic statistics.

The Scale Plan

The Scale plan is also offered for the 30 days trial. With this plan, you will have access to all the features in the Grow plan. The amazing thing about the SamCart 30-day trial is that you can use this product without any financial commitment!

You will have access to features like email support, enhanced integrations, and many more at no cost!

Samcart Free Trial Signing Up and Cancelling

Here is how you can create and cancel your 30-day trial.

How To Sign Up

samcart get started free trial

Signing up for the 30-day trial is pretty easy. Fill in your contact and business information here on the 30-day SamCart trial checkout page.

Choose your preferred plan under the “Payment Option” section.

Supply your card information and your zip code.

Check the box under the “Create My Account” tab and click the “Create My Account” tab to create your trial account. From here, you can use SamCart free for the next 30 days.


The 30-day trial, like many other free trials offered by SamCart as a show of good faith, is absolutely free. If you decide to cancel the trial anytime before the experiod of the 30 days, you can be confident that SamCart will not charge your card.

But one thing is sure; you will most likely love it if you try it out. It’s improved a lot over the years – especially with its new Courses app. For more info on SamCart’s e-commerce capabilities, check out our in-depth review of SamCart.

And if, for any reason, you have cold feet about using SamCart, you can cancel the trial without any fear of being charged.

However, remember that the trial is for 30 days only. So if, after 30 days, you have not canceled the trial, SamCart will charge you a recurring monthly subscription cost for the service they are rendering to you.

Bottom Line

SamCart can help your business increase sales and convert more. If you have doubts about their products and the platform’s effectiveness, this 30-day trial is a great way to clear your doubt.

And it costs nothing!

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