GoHighLevel Workflow Templates for Automation in 2024

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What if there’s a tool that can do the time-consuming yet important business processes for you? 

It sounds like a dream, right?

But it’s possible with GoHighLevel Workflows. This feature allows you to set and forget tasks and build simple to advanced automation for your business. I’ve discussed it in detail in my other blog post here.

This tool is easy to use if you are familiar with other automation software. However, setting it up can be challenging if you don’t know where to start.

That’s where the platform’s pre-built templates can become helpful.

What Are GoHighLevel Workflow Recipes?

gohighlevel automation

Like usual recipes that guide you through the cooking process, GoHighLevel Workflow Recipes are pre-built automation structures you can tweak to match your needs. 

They are connected to an editable workflow dashboard, so you can add, modify, or remove any steps or actions.

I’m pretty sure GoHighLevel’s team will add more templates in the future. But now, it has around 23 free ones – accessible on all plans and sub-account dashboards. 

And here’s a secret. GoHighLevel provides more workflow recipes if you use a GoHighLevel Snapshot template for your or your client’s business sub-account.

You’ll get six more useful marketing workflows. 

gohighlevel workflow list

If you can’t find the workflow you need, you may check third-party sites offering self-made recipes or workflow services. (More on this part later).

Workflow Recipes in GoHighLevel 

Here are the templates available in the GoHighLevel workflows.

  • WhatsApp Delivery Status. If a WhatsApp message isn’t delivered successfully, this template automatically sends an SMS or an email to your lead to guarantee seamless communication. 
gohighlevel whatsapp delivery status
gohighlevel recipe whatsapp back
  • Product Recommendation with ChatGPT.  Improve customer service experience and upsell with the help of AI. This workflow sends personalized thank-you emails with product suggestions when someone purchases from your Shopify store.
gohighlevel recipe send product recommendation
  • Instagram/Facebook Comment Automation. This template allows you to reply instantly (or with a delay) and send a DM with a customized message. You can add multiple comment variations to avoid repetition and make them sound natural. 
gohighlevel recipe instagram comment automation
  • Facebook Comments + Workflow AI. It’s an advanced version of the above. This workflow helps you respond to Facebook comments with personalized messages generated by ChatGPT. GoHighLevel provides editable prompts to get you started. 
gohighlevel recipe facebook comments
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Have you ever called a bank? IVR is the usual template they use! This workflow improves customer service by directing the callers to the appropriate department, recording voicemails, and enabling live conversations with your team when needed.
gohighlevel recipe ivr
  • Email Drip Sequence. You can send a series of emails to responsive leads and the same one. This ensures higher open rates and keeps your other leads moving down your sales funnel. (but with a new subject line) repeatedly for non-responsive ones.
gohighlevel email drip sequence
  • Long-Term Nurture/Reactivation Email Sequence. Don’t let leads slip away. This workflow keeps your brand in front of inactive leads with personalized emails. It rekindles interest and brings them back into your marketing funnel.
gohighlevel recipe nurture
  • Fast 5 Lite. This workflow uses a multi-channel approach (think email, SMS, and social media) to warm up new leads quickly within a five-minute window. 
gohighlevel recipe fast 5 lite
  • FAQ Auto Reply. Are you tired of answering the same questions repeatedly? This workflow tackles common inquiries across various channels (SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc.) with automated responses. It saves you time and ensures leads get the answers they need 24/7.
gohighlevel recipe faq auto reply
  • Webinar Registration Confirmation & Reminders. Don’t let registrants forget about your upcoming webinar event! This workflow keeps them engaged with automated confirmation emails and reminders. It ensures a good turnout for your webinars and maximizes the value of your content.
gohighlevel recipe webinar registration
  • Fast Five. This workflow nurtures leads within the crucial first five minutes of them expressing interest. It maximizes your closing chances by capitalizing on their initial excitement.
gohighlevel recipe fast five
  • Booked Appointment Confirmation, Reminder, Survey, and Review Request. This workflow is ideal for business owners offering one-on-one services, such as coaches, consultants, and marketers. It automates everything from confirmations and reminders to feedback collection and review requests. 
gohighlevel recipe appointment confirmation
  • Send Review Request. Want to turn your happy customers into brand advocates? This workflow prompts satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on Google, Facebook, and other platforms. With the help of this workflow, you can gather positive reviews, build trust, and attract new leads organically.
gohighlevel recipe send review request
  • Appointment Booking. It identifies when a lead is ready to book and guides them through the process. This recipe improves your appointment scheduling and saves time spent on back-and-forth communication.
gohighlevel recipe appointment booking
  • GMB Business Message. This workflow helps you manage Google My Business messages, ensuring prompt responses and notifications. It keeps potential customers happy and prevents them from going to your competitors.
gohighlevel gmb business message
  • FB Messenger. This workflow automates responses to Facebook inquiries, freeing you to focus on complex issues. 
gohighlevel fb messenger
  • Auto Missed Call Text-Back. This workflow automatically sends a text message if you miss a call, letting them know you’ll be right back. It shows responsiveness and prevents leads from feeling ignored.
gohighlevel gohighlevel recipe auto missed call
  • No-Show Nurture. Your leads get busy at times. This workflow helps you win back potential clients who missed appointments. You can reignite interest and turn missed appointments into booked calls by sending automated follow-up messages.
gohighlevel no show nurture
  • Birthday Template. Make your subscriber’s birthday a little more special by offering an exclusive discount. Or you can use this to run a promo on your birthday! Whatever it is, this automation will help you strengthen relationships with your clients and potentially lead to repeat business or upsells.
gohighlevel recipe birthday template
  • Appointment Confirmation + Reminder. Stay on top of your schedule. This workflow sends automated confirmations and appointment reminders, keeping you and your clients organized and reducing the risk of missed meetings.
gohighlevel recipe appointment confirmation
  • List Reactivation. Don’t waste money on new leads when you have a goldmine right under your nose. This workflow breathes new life into dormant email lists. It re-engages past subscribers and helps you convert them into paying customers.

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Third-Party Sites Offering GoHighLevel Workflow Recipes 

I looked for sites that offer workflow recipes you can purchase and found two on Google. 

The first one is HighLevel Shop. It offers four kinds of workflows, ranging from $40 to $80. HighLevel Shop’s “Support Ticket” caught my attention. I think it will be helpful for businesses that handle a high volume of customer inquiries and need an efficient management system.

highlevel shop workflows

Next is GetExtendly. However, unlike HighLevel Shop, it provides a complete snapshot that includes some GoHighLevel workflows like promotional and birthday offers. 

gohighlevel getextendly multiple industries to choose

Hiring someone is another great option if you don’t have the time to create workflows. 

You can collaborate with someone from Fiverr, and they might be able to help you with other parts of your GoHighLevel process. 

gohighlevel fiverr

How to Edit a GoHighLevel Workflow Template

Choose one of your sub-accounts and go to the “Automations” tab. 

gohighlevel choose automation

Under the GoHighLevel “Workflows” tab, click “+Create Workflow” and choose “Select a Recipe” to build a new workflow. 

gohighlevel create workflow select recipe

GoHighLevel will show you all the available templates on one screen. Pick one and click “Select.” 

gohighlevel workflows instagram comment automation

Edit the name of your framework and start modifying or customizing steps if needed. 

gohighlevel test workflow comment automation

You can click the pre-made trigger to edit it or add a new workflow trigger to apply the same steps to another task. 

gohighlevel workflow trigger standard fields

You may also select an existing action step to add your content (i.e., add your booking link or message) or choose the “+” icon to include conditions or new steps. 

gohighlevel test workflow reply in comments

Click “Save.” Then, hit “Test Workflow” and select your email address from the list. 

gohighlevel run test workflow

Once you’re happy with your automation, activate it by toggling to “Publish” and “Save” again. 

gohighlevel test workflow publish save


Are Templates for GoHighLevel Workflows Free?

Yes. All pre-built templates for the GoHighLevel workflows are free for all subscribers or users. 

Where Can I Create Workflows Inside GoHighLevel?

You can create GoHighLevel workflows by navigating to a sub-account dashboard’s “Automations” tab.

Can I Import My Existing Campaign to the GoHighLevel Workflows Dashboard?

Yes. You can do this by selecting “Import from a campaign” from the Workflow recipe tab. 


Using GoHighLevel workflow templates can benefit two kinds of users:

  • Those who don’t have the time or skills to build automation from scratch.
  • Those who want to use effective and shared strategies that other business and agency owners apply.

If you’re one of them, you’ll find this feature helpful. Explore and create your own workflows with the help of templates by signing up for a free GoHighLevel trial today

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