GoHighLevel Invoicing – Create, Edit, Add Taxes, Discounts, and Send Invoices with HighLevel

GoHighLevel Invoicing

Invoicing is critical for maintaining cash flow, tracking sales, and managing customer records. 

GoHighLevel offers a seamless feature to create invoices. You can effortlessly generate one-off or recurring invoices, consolidating your billing needs within a single platform. 

Let’s discuss how to use this tool to streamline your invoicing processes.

What Can You Do With GoHighLevel Invoice Feature

gohighlevel invoice
  • Create a one-time and recurring invoice. This means less manual work for you and more consistent customer billing.
  • Add taxes and discounts. You can ensure transparency with your clients and save yourself from potential billing disputes.
  • Send invoices. You can send your clients’ invoices via email or SMS with notifications. Moreover, you can shoot a copy to yourself, ensuring you’re always in the loop.
  • Check status. A feature that allows you to monitor invoice progress. It’s essential to help you manage cash flow and understand which invoices need a follow-up.
  • Automation. You can tie this tool up with a GoHighLevel Workflow. So you can easily reduce repetitive tasks and set up triggers like payment reminders or automated email messages.

How to Create and Send Invoices GoHighLevel

1. Set Up Your Invoice Default Settings

Before you create invoices, it’s best to fix your invoice’s primary setting first. Go to your sub-account dashboard and select “Payments.”

gohighlevel payments

Click the gear wheel icon in the “Invoices” tab on the main dashboard.

gohighlevel invoices gear icon

Here’s where you can change your business information, add global terms of services/ notes, set up the due date for your invoice (X days after sending), and add custom fields. 

gohighlevel settings business information

You can also set up whether you want your team and clients to receive notifications.

2. Modify Your Tax Settings

It’s also wise to set up your tax settings first. This allows you to add all the necessary taxes to your future invoices.

Click the “Settings” tab in the row where the “Invoices” is.

gohighlevel invoices settings

Select “Taxes.” Then click “+Add Tax.”

gohighlevel add tax

Add the name of the tax, percentage, description, and tax ID number. You can add multiple taxes and choose one or more later as you create your invoice.

gohighlevel add tax sales tax

3. Create a New Invoice

Once everything is set up, it’s time to create your first invoice. 

Go to the “Payments” tab, then under the “Invoices” tab, select “+ New.” You can either create a one-time invoice or set a recurring one.

gohighlevel new invoice

For this example, let’s go for the one-time invoice.

4. Edit the Invoice

All the default setups you set earlier will reflect on the invoice. But GoHighLevel still allows you to edit some parts and add more details. Simply click the information you want to change.

During this stage, you can add your client’s billing details, customize the invoice number, and add the items and some notes.

gohighlevel edit invoice

GoHighLevel lets you choose an existing product or select the “+New Item” to add a special digital good, physical product, or service.

gohighlevel new item

Once you add your item, you can add and choose the tax/es.

gohighlevel billed to add tax

5. Add a Discount 

Click “Add discount” under the Subtotal if you want to add a discount.

gohighlevel invoice add discount

You can drag the cursor to your preferred percentage or type the exact amount into the box.

gohighlevel add discount save

6. Send an Invoice

Once you’re okay with all of these, it’s time to send your invoice. 

gohighlevel invoice send

Click “Send” on the top right corner. GoHighLevel will let you choose whether to send it via text, email, or both. 

gohighlevel send invoice

7. Check Invoice Statuses

Once you send it, it will appear on your main invoice dashboard.

It is where you’ll see the overview of your invoice: when it was sent, the invoice number, and the status of your invoice.

gohighlevel send invoice

Some typical invoice statuses include: 

  • Due on X days
  • Paid
  • Draft

If you accidentally send an invoice and want to delete it from your list, click the vertical ellipsis and choose “Void.” 

gohighlevel invoice void

Editor’s Note: Voiding invoices is only allowed if the client hasn’t paid yet or after you refunded the payment. 

Create Recurring Invoices 

Making recurring invoices is also as simple as the one-off ones.

After clicking “+New” on your main invoice tab, click “New Recurring Template.” 

gohighlevel invoice new recurring template

You can rename the template and modify the following invoice frequency setting:

gohighlevel frequency settings
  • How often the invoice will be sent
  • When will be the start and end date
  • How many days do you want to send it in advance

Then, add your client’s details and the items as you did on the one-off invoice. 

Choose “Save and Close” to make it as a draft, or click “Schedule” to use it immediately.

gohighlevel new recurring template save and close

You can view the status and details of your recurring invoice under the “Recurring Templates” page inside the “Invoice” tab. 

gohighlevel recurring templates

Editor’s Note: You can remove any recurring invoices you want. However, deleted recurring templates will no longer be visible in your dashboard.


Where Can I Find the GoHighLevel Invoice Tool?

The GoHighLevel invoice tool is available only for sub-accounts. So choose one, go to “Payments” -> Invoices -> +Add New, then create your invoice.

Can I Automate Payment Reminders for My Invoice? 

Yes. You can create automated payment reminders or messages inside the GoHighLevel Workflow. Choose “Invoice” as your trigger, and you can personalize the actions for the notifications or reminders.

Why Can’t I View the Payment Option on My GoHighLevel Account? 

If you’re part of a team and you can’t see the “Payment” tab on your dashboard, you’ll need to talk to the agency owner (or anyone who has access to the agency account) and ask them to change the user permission under the “Team Management” option.


Creating one-time or recurring invoices in GoHighLevel is simple. And on top of that, it’s included in all the available paid plans. You don’t have to pay extra; you can send as many invoices as you want.

So, create your first invoice by signing into your GoHighLevel account or registering for a HighLevel free trial.

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