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In today’s fast-paced world, first impressions are everything. 

One way to make a great impression is through a well-crafted email. Believe it or not, using email templates can be your best weapon for consistent, high-quality communication. 

GoHighLevel is one of the platforms that’s got your back with a great selection of email templates.

Whether you want something responsive with a premium vibe or a minimal yet attractive design, you can surely get it from GoHighLevel.

Stick around as I show you what makes these templates a must-have for various industries, how to get started, and much more with HighLevel email marketing.

What Are GoHighLevel Email Templates? 

gohighlevel email templates

GoHighLevel allows you to craft emails through a nifty visual editor or even by coding. These options are great when you’ve got both time and a vision. 

But let’s face it—sometimes the clock’s not on our side. That’s where GoHighLevel email templates swoop in to save the day. 

These are your ready-to-roll, professionally designed emails that can seriously up your game when reaching out to subscribers.

GoHighLevel offers two primary designs – pre-written and generic.  

Pre-written ones are your plug-and-play options—just a few tweaks, and you’re ready. On the other hand, generic designs serve as a blank canvas filled with placeholder text, giving you all the room to be creative.

Why Use GoHighLevel Email Templates? 

Using email templates inside GoHighLevel isn’t just easy – it’s a smart move for several reasons.

First, GoHighLevel email templates are customizable. 

With GoHighLevel’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can tailor each GoHighLevel email template to fit your brand’s unique vibe. 

Second, variety is on your side. With more than 400 templates across diverse industries, you will find a style that speaks to your business. 

We’ll explore these options more in the sections to come.

How to Get Started with GoHighLevel Email Templates?

Once you sign up for your GoHighLevel free trial and create your sub-account. Here’s what you can do:

  • Click your sub-account and go to the “Marketing” tab. 
gohighlevel marketing
  • Under “Emails,” choose “Templates.” 
gohighlevel social planner templates
  • Select the “+New” button and choose “Email Marketing Templates.” 
gohighlevel email marketing template
  • Click your desired template.
gohighlevel arrow on template
  • Once you’re satisfied with it, click “Continue.” 
gohighlevel template continue
  • Afterward, you can customize the email template to your heart’s desire. Then, click “Save Template” when you’re done.
gohighlevel save template

Now, you can use this new design for your email campaigns. Pretty easy, right? 

Here are the template categories inside the GoHighLevel and what you can use them for. 

System Email Templates

gohighlevel system email template placeholder

These designs are meant for system announcements. Think of order confirmations or cart abandonment notices. They’re versatile enough to fit any industry, providing a uniform communication style.

Automotive Email Templates

gohighlevel automotive template

You’ll find 15 designs here tailored for the automotive industry. These could be useful if your work involves auto repair or dealership communications.

Beauty & Fashion Email Templates

Nine templates await in this category, suitable for beauty businesses, from makeup to hair salons. They’re visually appealing and can be adapted for related sectors like clothing.

Business Coaching & Consulting Email Templates

gohighlevel Business Coaching Consulting Email Templates

Here, there are 43 templates available, not just for coaches but also for charities and foundations. A good variety of different types of consultancy work.

The great thing about using HighLevel for email marketing for online business is you can take advantage of its native calendar booking feature.

Creative Email Templates

gohighlevel creative email template

This section is more minor, offering two templates. They’re intended for creative industries like photography and graphic design.

Financial Email Templates

gohighlevel financial template

With 40 templates on offer, this category is rich in options for those in accounting, advising, or banking. The templates blend pre-written and generic styles, providing versatility for different financial services.

Health & Wellness Email Templates

gohighlevel health wellness template

This category offers an impressive 50 templates, focused mainly on yoga, nutrition, and gym businesses. But with some tweaking, they can fit other health-related sectors too.

Home Services Email Templates

gohighlevel home services template

This section caters to small businesses with in-home services like repairs or solar installations. The premium templates allow firms to focus more on client work than email design.

Insurance Email Templates

gohighlevel insurance template

Here, you’ll find seven generic templates designed to keep in touch with clients from various life stages. The aim is to simplify client communication for insurance professionals.

Legal Email Templates

gohighlevel legal template

For legal practitioners, these templates can help make your firm more visible to potential clients or keep existing ones engaged. They’re designed to encourage subscribers to connect with you.

Marketing Agency Email Templates

gohighlevel marketing agency template

Surprisingly, there’s only one template available for marketing agencies. But GoHighLevel offers a detailed one focused on brand values and pricing.

Medical Email Templates

gohighlevel medical email template

With over 70 templates, this category aims to serve more solution-based medical fields like physical therapies, dental practices, and medspas. Think of it as the “cure” to the Health & Wellness category’s “prevention.”

Real Estate Email Templates

gohighlevel real estate template

Marketing campaigns are useful for real estate agents keen on retaining past clients and engaging new ones. Here, you’ll find a balanced mix of generic and pre-written templates catering to real estate needs.


Restaurants and Bars Email Templates

gohighlevel restaurant bar template

If you’re in the restaurant or bar business, GoHighLevel has seven versatile templates that elevate your email efforts. Customization is easy, making it simple to match your unique brand.

Travel and Hospitality Email Templates

gohighlevel travel hospitality template

Email remains an effective way to engage and upsell potential guests in industries like travel and hospitality. GoHighLevel supports this with five responsive templates suitable for various offers.

Holidays and Others Email Templates

gohighlevel holiday template

Maximize seasonal opportunities like Black Friday or Christmas with specialized holiday templates. Additionally, GoHighLevel offers templates for birthdays and review requests, covering various occasions.


There you have it, a comprehensive look at GoHighLevel’s robust email template offerings. These templates aren’t just a time-saver but a strategic asset that can resonate with various niches. 

Whether you’re in real estate, health, or home services, you can find one here that aligns with your messaging goals. 

There’s no better way to understand their impact than to experience them firsthand. Dive into a free trial today, get a discount by going annually if you love it, and discover how they can uplift your email campaigns.


Does GoHighLevel Have Email Templates?

Yes. You can choose from over 400 GoHighLevel email templates in different groups, from home services, legal, and medical to special holiday designs.

Is There an Extra Cost for These Email Templates?

No. You don’t have to pay additional fees to enjoy the email templates. You can download, edit, and use them for present or future use.

How Can I Make My Own GoHighLevel Templates?

You can do that by going to Marketing -> Emails -> Templates -> Blank Template. You can create your template using codes or a visual editor. 

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