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Are you looking to switch from your current CRM to a more robust platform? GoHighLevel could be your best bet. 

GoHighLevel automation can go against other powerful ones like Pipedrive, ActiveCampaign, and Hubspot. And because it’s one of the platform’s core features, you can expect it to deliver great tools for your marketing agency or freelancing business. 

We’ll talk more about GoHighLevel marketing automation in this article. I’ll also show you how to use it to save time, get more leads, improve collaborations, and more.

What Is GoHighLevel Automation

GoHighLevel knows that for advanced users like you, automation isn’t just a nice-to-have feature but a crucial asset. 

Inside the software, automation is referred to as “Workflow.” This powerful feature is accessible in all your business subaccounts. So you can use it for your business processes and clients’. 

GoHighLevel automation can seamlessly handle everything from basic tasks to intricate systems. But how? Let’s look at its features. 

What GoHighLevel Automation Offers

  • About 100 workflow triggers and actions that you can customize and combine depending on your marketing automation needs.
  • GoHighLevel enables both internal and external workflow automation. So you can use it to craft a strategic communication campaign or create workflows for your team. 
  • The software also offers pre-made templates of widespread marketing automation. They are ready to be implemented, so you just have to customize them a little. 
  • GoHighLevel provides easy-to-access reporting features. It lets you check valuable insights like contact history and workflow status in a click. 
  • GoHighLevel also offers workflow folders for those who run multiple marketing campaigns in different stages or services. 

With these marketing automation tools at your fingertips, there’s so much you can do and achieve. 

How to Create a Workflow in GoHighLevel Automation

Creating a workflow in GoHighLevel is effortless. You don’t have to do any coding; you only need to choose, click, and add relevant details or content. 

First, select the sub-account you want to automate. Then, click on the “Automation” button.

gohighlevel automation

Once there, navigate to the “Workflows” tab, and click “+Create Workflow.”

gohighlevel workflow

That’s it! You can now choose a template to customize or start from scratch.

gohighlevel workflow trigger

GoHighLevel’s flexibility makes this marketing platform a favorite among advanced users. But to get you started, here are some marketing automation you can do.

Communication Automation

Phone, SMS, and emails form the backbone of a good lead-generation strategy. And GoHighLevel automation lets you use them separately or merge these channels into coherent, multi-channel marketing processes. 

Email Marketing Automation

GoHighLevel lets you add as many emails as you like, insert custom values for a personal touch, and even delay actions to avoid spamming your leads. 

Moreover, you can connect one email workflow to another. So you can decrease the manual workload of transferring leads to another automation. 

Let’s say you want to re-engage your long-standing clients for your digital marketing agency. Here’s a workflow you can create.

gohighlevel re-engagement email sequence
  • Tagging. Create a contact tag for your existing or old clients.
  • Initial email. Send a personalized ‘re-engagement’ email.
  • Delayed Follow-up. Set a delay for a week or two. Then, send a follow-up email, maybe including a helpful resource or an exciting offer for a coaching session.
  • Conditional Response. Set conditions based on their interaction with your emails. If they open your email and click on the offer, trigger a “Thank You” email and a unique discount code for their next coaching session.
  • Re-engagement. If they didn’t interact, wait a few more days before sending a gentle nudge – maybe a case study of how your services helped another client.

SMS Marketing Automation

With GoHighLevel, you can build an entire workflow revolving around SMS. Here’s an example of this workflow automation.

gohighlevel sms campaign for retail client

I created a lead capture on a client’s website offering a special discount code for the clothing sale.

Once the form is submitted, it will trigger a 4-step SMS campaign. The first message is a thank-you note with the promised discount code. Then the other messages are reminders to avail of the code. 

But there’s more to SMS automation than just sending messages. One of its exceptional abilities is to create automated responses triggered by specific keywords.

For instance, you’re running a holiday-themed sale. All you have to do is set up a new SMS automation that triggers when someone replies. Then add a filter that prompts the action when someone responds with the word “Sale” or “Holiday Sale.”

The system would then send a message like, “Thanks for your interest in our Holiday Sale! You’ll be the first to know when it starts. Stay tuned!”

gohighlevel choose a workflow trigger

Call Automation

This is another valuable GoHighLevel automation in your kit, especially if you’re an agency with a dedicated sales team. 

You can use this marketing automation for the following process and scenarios. 

  • Incoming Calls. You can set an internal notification when a lead calls so you can either send a voicemail, voicemail drop, or connect directly. 
  • Outgoing Calls. You’ve just completed a successful webinar. Instead of manually dialing each participant for feedback or upselling, call automation can do it for you.
  • Whisper message. This bridges a call between you and your client. For instance, when your sales team picks up a call, the ‘whisper’ can brief them about the lead – their name, the campaign they’re responding to, etc. It equips your team with instant context, making each call more personal and effective. 

Membership Automation

Another thing you can enjoy is streamlining various elements of your membership process. Here are some key triggers you can use.

gohighlevel membership new signup
  • Membership New Signup. You can automate a warm welcome email or text, providing an overview of the platform, details about their subscription, and immediate steps to get started.
  • Lesson Completed. You can automatically send a congratulatory message with a certificate or unlock the next material for drip courses.
  • Product Access Granted. Once a member is granted access to a particular product or service, you can trigger an automated guide on making the best use of it.

Remember, these are just a few examples. GoHighLevel’s Membership Automation offers many opportunities to deliver a seamless and personalized user experience, empowering your agency or freelance operations to thrive.

Social Media Automation

I like that GoHighLevel automation goes beyond simply scheduling social media posts or tracking mentions. You can do so much more with it. Here are some examples.

Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM

The automation for these two platforms works similarly. You can create a simple workflow where your team can receive a notification once someone sends a message. Then, add a tag if no one responds to it within a specific duration.

gohighlevel social media automation fb messenger

But GoHighLevel also allows you to create more advanced automation with Facebook Ads or Instagram ads.

The first one is by creating automated responses. For example, you can create an ad with a “Tell me more” and a “How to avail” button. You can trigger the replies by creating a filter and adding the exact phrase inside your workflow.

gohighlevel social media facebook workflow trigger

Another advanced feature works like lead filtering. This is possible by combining GoHighLevel custom fields, Facebook Form Fields Mapping, and then automation. You can sort, focus, and add qualifying leads efficiently.

gohighlevel facebook form fields mapping

Google My Business

gohighlevel gmb business message

Suppose a potential customer discovers your business through Google and sends a question. You can set automated replies or assign a team member for personal interaction. 

Let’s say the question is about your SEO services pricing. Depending on the intent type, you can create a response and add more steps to encourage a consultation call booking.


TikTok is a growing platform you shouldn’t miss. It’s a great place for lead generation, especially for younger demographics.

Like the above platforms, you can create automated replies inside GoHighLevel for your TikTok ads.

Opportunities Automation 

This one is my favorite among the marketing automation you can create with GoHighLevel. It gives you complete control of your pipeline management and optimizes conversions. 

This GoHighLevel automation allows for changes in lead status to trigger automatic shifts in pipeline stages.

For instance, you’ve won a lead. Instead of manually deleting and moving it to a new pipeline, you can set up an automation.

gohighlevel new lead client pipeline automation

So once you drag a lead to the ‘Won’ tab inside your current pipeline, GoHighLevel automatically adds it to the next funnel intended for new customers.

gohighlevel opportunities tab

The Opportunities automation can also work with ‘stale’ opportunities. These are non-responsive or cold leads on your marketing campaigns. 

With GoHighLevel, you can create an automation that shifts these leads to a separate stage or pipeline after a certain duration. This automation helps your sales team remove unqualified prospects and focus on promising ones.

Team Automation

GoHighLevel automation tools also aim to streamline internal workflows. So not only can you improve customer relationship management, but you can also boost your team’s productivity.

You can assign users to certain tasks or marketing processes with it. This ensures the right team member is always on top of crucial tasks.

gohighlevel call campaign for hot leads

For example, if you have a team member assigned to handle new client onboarding, they can be notified immediately every time there’s a new customer.

But GoHighLevel takes team collaboration a step further. When a task is due or a new lead comes in, an internal alert can be set up through email, SMS, or a popup notification.

gohighlevel internal notification

This keeps everyone in the loop and prevents missing anything important.

Affiliate Automation

gohighlevel affiliate automation

GoHighLevel’s Affiliate Automation transforms managing your affiliate campaigns into an effortless task. 

Let’s say a new affiliate joins your program. You can set a trigger for this and create an action that automatically adds the person to your affiliate dashboard. 

gohighlevel new affiliate member automation

Then, for example, you want to organize your affiliate lists and separate active from inactive ones. You can automate the status update with this workflow. You can do this by emailing whether they want to continue and adding a condition based on their reply. 

Additionally, if you have multiple affiliate campaigns and want to add, remove, or transfer an affiliate, you can do this inside the GoHighLevel automation. 

Inbound Webhook Automation

This GoHighLevel automation bridges the gap between your CRM and external system for real-time data transfer. Some of the automation tools you can use and integrate directly inside this workflow are: 

gohighlevel actions
  • Google Sheets. Streamline spreadsheet updates of your marketing campaigns. For example, you can automate the addition of client details upon signup and eliminate manual entries.
  • AI-Chat GPT. You can use this to streamline tasks like creating unique and click-worthy emails and identifying your client’s intentions.
  • Slack Automation. This lets you facilitate targeted messaging within your workspace, like auto-posting new lead alerts in your sales team’s Slack channel.

Just one thing to note. GoHighLevel bills this automation separately. You need to pay it per trigger/workflow. 


What are your thoughts on the extensive GoHighLevel automation tools? Did they exceed your expectations? 

One thing I realized while testing the workflow is that there’s so much you can do with it. It will take me days or weeks to show you every possible combination inside it. 

The GoHighLevel automation capabilities span across various channels, social media platforms, admin tasks, and more. 

Take the plunge and try it yourself. Nothing beats the firsthand experience, so go for it and sign up for its 14-day free trial. You can use this HighLevel discount as well! 


What is GoHighLevel used for?

GoHighLevel is a robust platform built to help you monitor customer interactions, automate repetitive tasks, and manage multi-channel campaigns. 

Can I create an unlimited workflow with GoHighLevel?

Yes. GoHighLevel allows you to use its marketing automation tools as much as you want in any paid plan. So you can automate various areas of your business in a single account. 

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