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Prospecting allows you to discover new clients and grow your business. 

It’s an effective outbound marketing strategy (and a must-do one) but also challenging. 

You have to spend tons of time looking for leads, filtering through prospects, and reaching out to potential customers.

Luckily, there are tools to help you find people and make your prospecting process more effective. One such is GoHighLevel’s prospecting tool. 

Let me tell you what this tool does and why you should use it for your lead-generation process. 

What Does the GoHighLevel Prospecting Feature Do? 

gohighlevel clearscope insightly

The GoHighLevel Prospecting tool is an upgradeable feature inside the Agency dashboard. 

It allows you to find potential customers and conduct targeted outreach better by offering something of value. 

The platform lets you search for a business by its exact name, location, or keywords (e.g., real estate in New York or coffee shops near me).

It then runs a marketing audit of your chosen business and provides a shareable report of the prospect’s online presence status. You can use this to initiate a conversation and convince potential customers to hop on a call with you. 

GoHighLevel offers basic and premium versions of the tool.

The basic version is free and provides details such as the business’s online health score, Google My Business (GMB) ratings, listings, and available reviews. 

gohighlevel online health score

The premium version offers more useful data. It adds a website performance report, search engine optimization (SEO) analysis, and a list of points of contact (POC). With this information, you can easily find who to talk to and provide more useful suggestions about their marketing strategies. 

gohighlevel seo analysis

It’s quite a solid audit, for starters. 

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Why Use the GoHighLevel Prospecting Feature

Detailed Point of Contact

The first thing I like about the tool is the detailed POC feature. 

In just one search, it provides a good list, including their position, email address, contact number, and social media profiles. 

So, you can either start cold pitching to them or engage on social media first to warm up. 

Here’s an example of the point of contact list. 

gohighlevel prospect account overview

The detailed information is pretty cool because I tried some contact finder tools (like Hunter.io). They just provide the email address or phone number. 

Efficiency and Pricing 

To get what the GoHighLevel Prospecting feature offers, you’ll need at least 3-4 platforms on your tech marketing stack. 

That includes one for website audit, another for finding prospects and their contact details, one more platform for sending emails, and lastly, one for integrating all of them

You’ll need to design your lead generation process yourself, and that will take time and money. 

So, with GoHighLevel, you can enjoy a smoother process (plus more marketing features) at a cost-effective price

Marketing Audit Reports 

The problem with the usual prospecting and outreach strategy is that it’s… cold

I’m pretty sure you’ve received emails from companies selling you their services. Their messages feel generic and don’t seem like something you’d like to engage with. 

But with marketing audit reports, you can make your pitch more personal and valuable. 

You can present the report along with your suggestions on how to improve your prospects’ online marketing strategies. It also doesn’t take too much effort, as GoHighLevel will do the research and auditing for you. 

All you have to do is add a prospect and wait for the report to show. 

Another advantage of this feature is the conversion rate. It gives you an estimate of the chances of getting the client to work with you. 

gohighlevel conversion rate

GoHighLevel calculates this based on the availability of the GMB profile, online reviews, website, and chat widget

How Much Does GoHighLevel Prospecting Feature Cost? 

gohighlevel supercharge prospecting

All GoHighLevel plans, starting at $97/month, include the basic or free version of the tool. 

As a new user, you’ll get five free advanced reports to experience what the premium version offers. 

To continue getting detailed data, you must pay $29 per month. It will include: 

  • Website Performance Analysis
  • Local SEO Analysis
  • Point of Contact Details
  • Unlimited Premium Reports
  • Priority Support 

Who Should Use GoHighLevel Prospecting Tool

This feature is best for marketing agencies who want to find potential customers faster. 

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re serving. It can help you connect with the right prospects in real estate, plumbing, medical, SaaS, hospitality, etc. 

Besides agencies, it’s also an excellent tool for:

  • Content Marketers. Find businesses that need help with their website content or social media strategies.
  • SEO Specialists. Use the SEO analysis and website performance data to offer targeted services like local SEO optimization.
  • Website Designers. Identify clients who need a well-designed WordPress site with fast loading speeds and responsive design.
  • Sales Teams. Access detailed contact information and company insights to streamline the sales process and enhance outreach efforts.

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How to Use the GoHighLevel Prospecting Tool 

In your agency dashboard, go to the “Prospecting” tab. 

gohighlevel prospecting agency dashboard

Click “Add a Prospect.”

gohighlevel prospect accounts

Type in the business name of your prospect or location. You can also choose to “Add Prospect Manually” if you already have a potential customer in mind. 

gohighlevel add prospect manually

Click the “>” to proceed. 

gohighlevel seranking

Check whether the details are correct. Then, select “Save Prospect.”

gohighlevel save prospect

Wait a few minutes for the marketing audit report to finish. 

gohighlevel prospection report generation

Check the data provided by the GHL prospecting tool. See which areas you can improve, take notes, and click “Share Report” to get a link or “Export PDF” to download a copy. 

gohighlevel marketing audit report export pdf

Now, it’s time to find the right person to contact. Click “Back to Prospect Account.” 

gohighlevel back to prospect account

Select the “Point of Contacts” tab, and you’ll see the names of people connected to the business. You can choose one or two of them and save their information. 

gohighlevel point of contacts

Using Other GoHighLevel Features for Your Lead Generation Efforts

After finding potential clients with the prospecting tool, you can continue your efforts with GoHighLevel.

Start by adding the details you collected and saving them in its CRM. You can add notes and tags to organize your potential clients. 

Next, you can use GoHighLevel’s email and SMS marketing tools for cold outreach. It’s best to provide valuable insights on what they can improve along with the marketing audit report you got from the platform. 

Then, to increase your lead generation success, create automated follow-up sequences with GoHighLevel Workflow. Having a follow-up system in place will ensure that you stay connected with your prospects consistently and improve your client acquisition rate. 

The other tools that can help you are the Opportunities feature, which allows you to easily spot the most promising leads, and the Conversations feature, which improves lead engagement by enabling you to respond promptly to queries. 

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Can GoHighLevel Help You With Prospecting?

Yes. GoHighLevel has a unique tool to help you with your prospecting efforts. It also comes with a marketing audit report that you can use to start a conversation with a cold lead. 

How Many Prospects Can I Search For A Day With GoHighLevel? 

GoHighLevel only allows you to find 20 prospects a day with the tool. 

Where Can I Access the GoHighLevel Prospecting Tool?

You can see it only in the Agency dashboard and under the “Prospecting tab” on the sidebar. 


The GoHighLevel Prospecting tool allows agencies, businesses, and freelancers to implement better lead-generation processes. 

Besides helping find potential clients, it allows you to generate marketing audit reports and show them gaps and detailed insights about their businesses online marketing scores. 

Because of its user-friendly interface, You won’t have any issues learning how it works in one sitting. 

Click here to enjoy a free trial, get five premium reports, and start prospecting with GoHighLevel. 

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