GoHighLevel Snapshots – What They Are & How You Can Use Them in 2024

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GoHighLevel lets you manage several clients and marketing tasks with ease. Snapshots in GoHighLevel simplify this even more.

These tools help you duplicate your GoHighLevel setups to new sub-accounts or share them with other agencies and users. Whether new or experienced with this platform, GoHighLevel Snapshots can greatly help.

Let’s talk more about it, its benefits, and how you can use them effectively in this post.

What Are GoHighLevel Snapshots?

GoHighLevel Snapshots are pre-made templates. They remove the need to build everything from the ground up for each new client account.

As a marketing agency owner, let’s say you deal primarily with yoga studios. You’ve developed a successful marketing strategy for one studio and want to apply it to others.

With GoHighLevel Snapshots, you can easily replicate this strategy. This process saves significant time and ensures consistency on your part.

There are three ways to obtain an account snapshot. You can create your own, import one already available within GoHighLevel, or purchase a new snapshot from a marketplace. Each option offers a convenient way to adapt to your client’s needs quickly.

Why Use a GoHighLevel Snapshot?

We all know how time-consuming it can be to set up a CRM, campaigns, create funnels, and implement automation for each new client. 

These processes often involve repeating the same steps for marketers and agency owners, which can delay business growth. 

Rather than getting caught up in this cycle, you can create or import a GoHighLevel Snapshot. 

You can duplicate the following items with this feature: 

  • Campaigns (duplicates in “published” mode and don’t include user configuration)
  • Funnels, Landing Pages, Websites
  • Pipelines
  • Workflows (except third-party integrations, i.e., Google Analytics, Google AdWords, or Facebook API) 
  • Teams
  • Surveys and Forms
  • SMS and Email Templates (for reputation management)
  • Trigger and Trigger Links (starts in “draft” mode) 
  • Custom Values and Custom Fields
  • Custom Communication Settings
  • Courses and Communities
  • Products and Offers 
  • Calendar Settings
  • Tags and Folders

However, there are some parts that your snapshots can’t copy.

These include contacts, conversations, tracking codes, third-party integrations, users, reporting data, feedback, chat widget customizations, integrated domains, company settings, and existing tasks or manual actions.

While the structure and tools get copied, specific client data and customizations do not.

How to Make a GoHighLevel Snapshot? 

Creating your own GoHighLevel Snapshot is a great way to capture and replicate the most effective strategies and setups you’ve developed.

Here’s what you can do to create a new snapshot to use for a client account:

From Your Sub-Account

First, go to “Settings” in the Agency View.

HighLevel Agency Dashboard

Then, choose “Snapshot.”

gohighlevel snapshot account

Next, click on “Create New Snapshot.”

gohighlevel account snapshot dashboard

Name your snapshot in the field provided. Pick the client account you want to use from the dropdown menu.

HighLevel account snapshot

Click “Save.”

HighLevel snapshot

From GoHighLevel Snapshots

If you’re starting with GoHighLevel and don’t have any custom setups yet, don’t worry. The platform offers free, ready-to-use templates. These are available within the platform and cater to various industries.

Some GoHighLevel snapshot templates are CrossFit, Day Spas, Auto Dealers, Attorneys, Hair Salons, and Marketing Agencies.

You may follow these steps to apply these templates:

In the Agency view, select the “Account Snapshots” tab.

gohighlevel agency view

Then, look through the “Vertical Snapshots.” Here, you can pick from over 15 templates offered by GoHighLevel.

Gohighlevel Snapshot Templates

If you want more information on a template, click “Know More.” This gives you an overview of the snapshot and a detailed setup guide.

Gohighlevel example snapshot overview and more

Once you’re okay with the template, choose “Select and Create New Account.”

Gohighlevel Snapshot Template Create New Account

That’s it. You can customize the snapshot and start working on the new client account.

How to Add A GoHighLevel Snapshot to an Existing Account

It’s not just new client accounts that can benefit from GoHighLevel Snapshots. You can also add them to existing linked accounts. Here’s how:

  • In the Agency View, click on “Sub-Accounts.”
gohighlevel sub accounts
  • Find the account you want to update, then click the ellipsis on the right side. You can see it next to “Switch to Sub-Account.”
gohighlevel switch to sub account
  • Click “Manage Clients.”
  • From the “Actions” dropdown menu, select “Load Snapshot.”
  • In the Snapshot field dropdown, pick the snapshot you want to use and select “Proceed.”
  • Choose all the items or assets you want to add to your sub-account.
gohighlevel items to add
  • Select “Okay” once everything is good and there’s no conflict with all the assets you added.
gohighlevel account snapshot okay

How Do You Share GoHighLevel Snapshots

GoHighLevel also allows you to sell or share snapshots with other users.

This is beneficial for creating an additional revenue stream, especially if you’ve developed a highly effective marketing setup that could be valuable to others in your industry. Or you can offer them for free as lead magnets.

GoHighLevel provides this feature in all paid plans, and there are three main ways to share your snapshots:

  • Share Link. Creates a one-time use link. It becomes invalid after someone uses it to import the snapshot into an agency account. You’ll need to generate a new link for each share.
  • Email Share Link. You can send the share link directly via email. Enter the email addresses, and the recipients will receive a clickable link in their email to import the snapshot.
  • Provide Permanent Link. This link can be used multiple times. So it’s more suitable for broader sharing. 

For those on higher plans, like the $497 SaaS plan, additional sharing features are available:

  • Agency Restricted. This feature allows you to share snapshots securely with specific agencies. They provide unique relationship numbers, and a secure link is generated for their exclusive use.
  • Sub-account Restricted. You can share snapshots for specific sub-accounts only. It makes your sharing more personalized, as only those specific sub-accounts can use the snapshot.

Here’s how you can share GoHighLevel Snapshots from your agency tab:

Click the “Settings” tab. You’ll find it at the bottom left of the menu.

gohighlevel agency dashboard

Choose the “Snapshot” tab.

gohighlevel snapshot tab

Find the snapshot you want to share. Click the “Share” button on its right side.

gohighlevel find snapshot

A dropdown menu will appear. Here, select your preferred sharing method. You can choose a one-time link, email, or permanent link.

gohighlevel sharing method

Select “Get Link,” then copy and share it.

share snapshot

How Do You Import GoHighLevel Snapshots

If you’re on the receiving end of a GoHighLevel Snapshot, importing it into your account is super easy. You just need the Snapshot share link.

If the snapshot comes via email, click the link in the email. Make sure you are logged into your GoHighLevel account.

After securing the snapshot URL, you can follow these steps:

  • Log into GoHighLevel in your web browser.
  • Open a new tab.
  • Paste the snapshot share link into the address bar and press enter.
  • Click “Yes! Import Now.”

You can find the snapshot under the ‘Imported Snapshots’ tab. This is in your Agency View’s Settings under “Account Snapshot.”

Importing GoHighLevel Snapshots from Third-Party Providers

Buying snapshots from third-party providers can be a great option, especially if you can’t find the exact type of snapshot you need within GoHighLevel’s resources.

It’s as easy to import these snapshots as it is to sell them. Some third-party providers even offer free snapshots. This is helpful if you’re looking for various strategies or niche-specific setups.

If you’re interested in exploring third-party snapshots, an excellent place to start is the Facebook group HighLevel Snapshots.

It has over 8,000 members and solid rules. But remember, it’s a marketplace and not officially handled by GoHighLevel. Always use your best judgment when making purchases.

Another option is Extendly. They offer comprehensive GoHighLevel snapshots tailored for SaaS and business owners.

Moreover, they provide an onboarding 1-on-1 call and 1-year free updates. You can check out their offerings at Extendly’s HighLevel Snapshot Store.

Exploring these third-party options can significantly expand your GoHighLevel capabilities, giving you access to many proven strategies and tools.


Does My Shared Snapshots Update Automatically When I Make Changes On My Part?

The updates you make to a snapshot do not automatically reflect in snapshots that have already been shared. If you want others to see your updates, you must share the updated snapshot link again.

Are GoHighLevel Snapshots Customizable?

Yes. GoHighLevel Snapshots are editable. You can skip some items you don’t want to include in the template before loading it to the sub-account.

Where Can I Find Free GoHighLevel Snapshots?

GoHighLevel offers free snapshots right inside your agency dashboard. You can find it under “Account Snapshots.”


What do you think about GoHighLevel Snapshots?

These tools help you save time, keep your work consistent, and are easy to use. Applying it together with other features of GoHighLevel can streamline your marketing agency tasks.

Try using a snapshot today in your GoHighLevel account. It could change how you work and help your business grow. Learn more about their free trial below.

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