GoHighLevel Email Marketing 2024 – What You Need to Know

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Are you having second thoughts about subscribing to GoHighLevel?

Maybe you already know how great its CRM and automation tools are. But how about its email marketing capabilities? 

Let me walk you through this solid tool. Before punching in your credit card info, I’ll share what you can expect and how you can get started. 

Editor’s Notes: LeadConnector = LC throughout this article.

Overview of GoHighLevel’s Email Marketing 

email builder

GoHighLevel isn’t a subpar copycat. It offers capabilities that rival other leading platforms like ActiveCampaign and MailChimp. 

With its features, you can create well-designed emails, incorporate advanced automation, and send personalized content to nurture suitable leads and increase conversions. 

But there’s more to it than those cliché qualities. Since GoHighLevel is an all-in-one tool, you can integrate your campaign smoothly with other digital strategies. Think of social media, website outreach, and sales funnels.

In addition, it provides cost-effective plans for marketing agencies and growing businesses. 

While other platforms tweak their fees based on user seats, contacts, or extra tools, GoHighLevel offers a fixed monthly fee. Its Agency Unlimited Plan offers unlimited users, contacts, and sub-accounts, without hidden costs. 

However, note that there’s a limit on the emails you can send. You also need to connect with an email service provider. More on this later.

Who is GoHighLevel’s Email Marketing For

This tool can deliver – from email blasts, cold emailing, and invoicing to sending individual messages to your lists. That’s why GoHighLevel email marketing is essentially for agency owners. 

If you want a powerhouse tool for your and your clients’ email campaigns and to oversee all your marketing strategies under one roof, this cohesive platform remains unmatched.

But it’s also an excellent option for small businesses and freelancers. GoHighLevel has a more affordable plan that offers email capabilities and other core features at a price that won’t ruin your budget. 

It’s a little pricier than the starting plans on other leading platforms. But if you consider what you’d be getting, it’s worth it. 

Why Should You Use GoHighLevel for Email Marketing

Let me show you the good (and the not-so-good) things about this feature. 


  • You can add unlimited contacts and team members 
  • Responsive drag-and-drop interface
  • It offers an AI writing assistant 
  • It has a great variation of email templates 
  • Allows you to import your email templates 
  • Integrates with common SMTP providers like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc. 


  • A/B testing is only available on the highest plan
  • Pricier plans than other software if you’re only looking for email service
  • Limited options for design elements

GoHighLevel’s Email Marketing Features 

User-Friendly Editor 

first email sample for client

The drag-and-drop function has become a must-have for most software. And GoHighLevel applies this to its visual email builder. 

It lets you drag elements or layouts to your primary canvass from the sidebar. It’s easy to use, and you can see your email’s appearance in real-time. 

The only downside is it offers basic customization. But it’s enough to create an engaging and effective email campaign. For instance, you can add images, videos, CTA buttons, and shopping carts. 

Customizable Templates

gohighlevel template library

GoHighLevel provides over 400 email templates categorized by industries and tags. 

Whether running an accounting agency, offering insurance, selling beauty products, or providing services, it has an email template for you. 

In addition, it has designs for special events like birthdays, Black Friday, New Year, etc. I love how professional-looking and responsive they were.

Trust me. You won’t be disappointed. 

And besides visual template preview, they also add a detailed description for each. This is not the typical “minimalistic, modern-looking, and user-friendly theme.” More of a full-blown copy, as if they’re selling you the template. 

Modifiable Custom Values and Trigger Links

custom values

GoHighLevel lets you add and edit custom values. But what are they? Custom values, or merge fields, allow you to customize email blasts by auto-filling data in your templates. 

For instance, you’re sending a promotional message. By adding “{{custom_values.offer_name}}” in your GoHighLevel email, it will automatically replace the Offer Name based on the product.

They ensure you don’t send generic emails to your subscribers and save time from manually editing each content. 

Besides custom values, another feature worth discussing is trigger links.

Trigger links act on a user’s click within an email or SMS. A click on this link can initiate a pre-set action in your workflow.

Let’s say a subscriber clicks on a trigger link highlighting a new product launch. This action can automatically categorize them into your system’s ‘Interested in New Products’ segment.

Email Blasts Drip Mode

gohighlevel email blast send

I consider this feature something you never knew you needed, but you do. 

We already know that sending multiple emails at once makes us more efficient. But doing it without an established reputation will bring you problems instead of sales. 

GoHighLevel’s email drip mode helps you avoid ending up in the spam folder. It allows you to send emails in batches and set a delay. For instance, you can send out 20 emails first and put an interval of a few minutes or hours. 

After that, the platform will send another 20. Then again, wait for a few minutes or hours. It will repeat the process until all your contacts receive the email. 

Basic Segmentation 

Segmentation helps you in so many ways.

  • It lets you tailor content to each group’s unique desires,
  • enhance email personalization, 
  • and ensure you deliver the right information to the right people. 

It lets you create more effective campaigns, resulting in better sales.

GoHighLevel lets you do this on your email campaigns with the help of smart lists and automation tools. 

Do-Not-Disturb Button

There are times when your contacts would rather receive SMS than emails. This feature lets you take note of that and prevents you from getting hard bounces. 

Moreover, it saves you from a high unsubscribe rate as you respect your leads’ preferences. 

Advanced Marketing Automation

Imagine having a solid tool only to discover that you can’t integrate it with other business processes or strategies. Quite disappointing, right? 

Fortunately, this won’t be an issue with GoHighLevel. 

Besides sending segmented and personalized emails, GoHighLevel allows you to build complex systems for nurturing your leads and growing your business. 

I’ll show you some examples later. 

Content AI

gohighlevel generate content ai

If you hate dealing with writer’s block when drafting your email (as most of us are), this writing assistant can be helpful. 

It lets you create copy perfect for particular situations, whether a welcome email, promo or discounts, testimonials, etc. All you have to do is click it on the sidebar, fill out some important data, and click the “Generate” button. 

Although this isn’t free, it’s quite affordable. GoHighLevel offers it with usage-based pricing.


Here’s another crucial tool in running an online business. You need comprehensive data at your fingertips to see whether your email campaigns are hitting the mark or falling flat.

The GoHighLevel email marketing tool provides detailed metrics for every campaign you launch. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect.

GoHighLevel Email Statistics
  • Delivery Rate. The percentage of emails successfully delivered to your recipients.
  • Opened. The count and percentage of recipients who opened the email.
  • Clicked. This refers to how many clicks you get on any link within the email.
  • Soft Bounced. Emails are temporarily undeliverable due to issues like a full mailbox.
  • Hard Bounced. Emails are permanently undeliverable, usually because of invalid addresses.
  • Unsubscribed. Contacts who opted out of your emails.
  • Failed. Any emails not sent due to technical issues.
  • Spam. Contacts who marked your email as spam.

But besides giving you these percentages, the tool offers granular insights by listing each contact under these categories. 

For instance, if you want to know who clicked on a particular promotion link in your campaign, you can pull up the ‘Clicked’ list and see every individual who showed interest. 

This enables you to tailor follow-ups or adjust future email campaigns based on real-time feedback and specific user behavior.

Split Testing

This fantastic tool is only available in the SaaS Pro plan but is worth mentioning. 

You can test up to six email variations and then send them to different groups. GoHighLevel lets you choose whether the criteria for the “winner” version is which gets the most open or the most clicks.

After seeing which works best, GoHighLevel sends that top-performing email to the rest of your subscribers. This allows you to save time by choosing the most effective design or content based on facts.

Email Importing 

import email templates

The last feature worth mentioning is the ability to import campaigns from MailChimp or ActiveCampaign. 

GoHighLevel lets you use existing templates from the two other software by simply copying and pasting the URL. 

What’s more, is that the platform provides a clear step-by-step guide. Template import is convenient for those who’ve invested time creating previous email campaigns and want a seamless transition without starting from scratch.

Setting Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns with GoHighLevel 

Now that you know what you can do with GoHighLevel, I’ll show you how to start. 

Choosing Your Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

Pick a sub-account before anything else. After that, click the “Settings” tab on the sidebar and select “Email Services.” 

GoHighLevel partners with Lead Connector (LC) in delivering and receiving your emails.

gohighlevel email services

The platform used to recommend a Mailgun setup, but LC is easier to navigate and much cheaper. For instance, LC only charges $0.675 for 1000 emails for all the plans. This is in comparison to the $0.80 for 1000 of MailGun. 

I suggest you use LC, but if you want to integrate other email software, you can click 
“+ Add Service” to check other options. Please note that additional fees will apply when selecting your SMTP.

gohighlevel add services

Adding a Domain

GoHighLevel allows you to add a domain later using its default one. But I encourage you to do this immediately so your email won’t land in the “Spam” folder. 

Select the “Dedicated Domain” and then click “+Add Domain.” Since GoHighLevel doesn’t host its own, you’ll need to use one from third-party platforms like GoDaddy. 

add new domain

Click “Add & Verify.” 

Creating and Sending Emails with GoHighLevel 

Proceed by clicking the “Marketing” tab on the sidebar. The steps below will happen under the “Emails” tab. 

Creating Emails

Starting from Scratch

The first option to create emails is using the blank template. This allows you to use the drag-and-drop interface or edit code for full customization. It’s up to you to choose from these two. 

design editor code

Using Email Template 

If you want to skip creating your own, you can pick an email template from GoHighLevel. 

Find what you need using filters, choosing a category, or searching the search bar. Click “Select” then “Continue.”

logo here happy birthday continue

Applying Existing Campaign

Your last option is to use an existing email template from your old email service. Choose whether it’s from Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign using the dropdown menu.

Then open your existing content, copy the URL, and paste it on GoHighLevel. 

Going for this option will automatically direct you to an HTML editor instead of the visual one. 

html code

Customizing Content 

After choosing the best method for you, it’s time to personalize that email. 

You can edit texts or drag and drop the elements inside the editor. This is also the best time to add custom values to your content. 

customize content appearance

To do that, select a text and click “Custom Values.” You can then choose from the default and your own from the list. 

The email editor also lets you access more actions inside the vertical ellipsis. For example, you can do a test email before scheduling it, view it on different devices, and access version history to restore the old design.


Click “Campaigns” under “Emails” to select which content you want to schedule. Once inside the editor, choose “Send or Schedule.” 

welcome emails for new clients

GoHighLevel lets you pick from the following options.

gohighlevel options send batch schedule
  • Send Now. Ideal for urgent communications or time-sensitive promotions. If you’ve got a flash sale or an important announcement that can’t wait, this option ensures your audience receives the message immediately.
  • Schedule. If you have content ready but want it to go out at a specific time, say during peak engagement hours or a predetermined launch date, this option is your go-to.
  • Batch Schedule. Best suited for large email lists where sending all at once could strain server resources or risk being flagged as spam. By breaking down your send-outs into smaller batches, you can ensure smoother delivery and better inbox placement.
  • RSS Schedule. Ideal for marketing agencies and freelancers who regularly publish content on their sites. This automatically sends out an email to subscribers every time there’s a new post, ensuring they’re kept in the loop without you having to send notifications manually.

After setting up your delivery option, fill out the form on the side and choose your contacts. Ensure all details and elements are correct before hitting the “Schedule” or “Send” button.

Editor’s Note: You’ll need to move the templates you created to the campaigns before you can see the “send” option. So, if you choose a pre-made template, you must customize and save it. Then go to “Templates,” click “Actions,” then “Create Campaign.”

Monitoring Your Email Campaigns 

This is an unskippable step. After a few hours or days of sending your email marketing campaigns, it’s best to check whether they performed well. 

Your email metrics are super accessible inside GoHighLevel. You must choose the email campaign you sent, then click “Load More Statistics.” You can choose whether to view data by percentage or by numbers. 

  • Viewing by Percentage. This statistic is perfect for quickly gauging overall performance, such as the rate of opens or clicks relative to total sends. It helps you immediately identify trends and success rates.
  • Viewing by Numbers. Meanwhile, numbers are the best when you need specific figures. For instance, the exact count of people who engaged with the email. This is especially useful for comparing raw data or setting numerical goals for future campaigns.

In addition, you can download the data and export it an Excel. You can then share it with your clients. 

What makes this feature extra special is that you can click the name of your contacts and be directed to the GoHighLevel Conversation part. 

Why is this useful? Well, it lets you immediately take action and send a message to a specific contact. For example, let’s say that “A” replied to your email and asked a question regarding your product.

You can click “A” ‘s name and answer their query without leaving your dashboard.

How to Automate Your Email Marketing Campaign

Now for the fun part! You can do the following actions inside the “Workflows” tab under “Automation.” 

Create Multi-Channel Workflow

product launch workflow

Partnering email marketing campaigns with other channels like SMS or phone calls is best to maximize your efforts. 

Let’s say one of your clients is doing a product launch next week. Here’s what you can do with a GoHighLevel workflow.

You can start by sending an email teaser. If the email isn’t opened within a certain period, you can trigger an SMS saying, “Did you see our exciting news? Check your inbox now and get a huge discount!

Then let’s say someone opened your email but didn’t click on the product link. You can either send multiple SMS or emails at intervals. Another method is to initiate a phone call. 

You can add delays throughout this sequence to ensure you’re not bombarding your list. In addition, you can set up various conditions to shake things up and see which strategy works.

Setting Up Email Events 

email events welcome email

The Email Events trigger allows you to create automation depending on your contacts’ actions toward your email. 

Let’s say you have a welcome email, and inside that is a time-sensitive promo code. To ensure that your customer sees it, you can create a workflow for this. 

GoHighLevel workflow allows you to add delays to your follow-up emails to ensure you won’t spam your clients. In addition, you can set conditions and prepare different actions. 

For example, if your client opens the email, you can trigger another one by sending them the link to where to use the promo code. 

Meanwhile, if the client didn’t open it, you can send another email with a different subject line, offering the promo code again. 

You can add more actions based on how complex you want your automation to be. 

DND Email Trigger 

dnd trigger

It’s useful in avoiding the adverse effects of hard bounce on your or your client’s email reputation. 

Don’t worry because activating DND won’t delete your contacts. It will only stop you from sending emails to them. And you can choose a different channel or way to connect. 

Here’s how you can create this automation. You need to add an Email Event as a trigger. But instead of “clicked” or “opened” like the above, it’ll be for “unsubscribed” or “bounced.” 

After that, you can add an action “Enable/Disable DND.” You can choose “Enable DND for specific channels” and “Email.” 

That’s pretty much it. You don’t have to worry about losing leads because of unsolicited emails. 


That’s all! I hope you understand the GoHighLevel email marketing features better. I laid down everything you need to know, so feel free to bookmark this page and go back if you feel lost.

If you’re still contemplating whether you should ditch your old software and move to GoHighLevel, let me tell you one thing. You won’t regret switching as it this platform does way more than email marketing.

GoHighLevel has all the tools you need to grow your marketing agency or freelancing business. Sign up for GoHighLevel and its 14-day free trial if you still haven’t done so. 


Does GoHighLevel have email marketing?

Yes. GoHighLevel offers email marketing features that can replace other well-known platforms. It can help you build a great relationship with your lists and take advantage of it for higher conversion. 

Can I send unlimited emails with GoHighLevel? 

No. GoHighLevel only allows up to 150,000 emails/day for dedicated domains and 15,000 for shared ones. But if the sub-account is still new, it follows a “Ramp-Up Model” where the emails you can send from the first until the seventh day are much more limited (250 for the first day, up to 10,000 for the 7th day.)

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