GoHighLevel Review (2024) – Features, Pros, Cons, & Is It Worth It?

gohighlevel review

Juggling multiple tools to deliver the best marketing service? We’ve all been there. 

From managing leads to crafting irresistible sales funnels, creating dazzling websites, nurturing relationships, and sealing deals – we do a lot! 

And I don’t know about you, but I’m worn out of having a disintegrated tech stack and coughing up big bucks. 

Luckily, after trying various platforms, I found GoHighLevel. 

My agency has never been the same ever since I switched. GoHighLevel has become our ultimate tool. It streamlined everything we needed under one roof.

I want to share everything I know so you don’t have to go through what I did. I’ve been using this platform for months, and I can confidently share the best features and expose the not-so-good ones. 

There’s no shortage of GoHighLevel reviews out there. But this will be a detailed and honest one. In addition, I’ll throw in a few worthy alternatives if GoHighLevel isn’t your cup of tea. 

Ready? Scroll down to see a comprehensive GoHighLevel review.

GoHighLevel Review – Everything You Need to Know

go high level

What Is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel, HighLevel, or GHL, is a unified online marketing automation platform for agencies and freelancers. 

“But John, hundreds of marketing tools claim they are “all-in-one.” So what’s so special about this one?”

Well, GoHighLevel is your ultimate consolidation buddy. It streamlines all your fragmented tools into a single, user-friendly platform. And it offers a whole lot more.

You can imagine it as a combination of these popular tools:

  • ActiveCampaign’s email marketing,
  • ClickFunnels’ funnel builder,
  • Kajabi’s membership and course creation tools,
  • Hootsuite’s social media planner,
  • and Hubspot’s CRM capabilities. 

Who Is GoHighLevel For? 

GoHighLevel is actually created for marketing agencies and freelancers. But it can be a great tool for anyone who wants to grow online and wants one solid app to help them achieve that.

That includes e-commerce or online business owners aiming to increase customer acquisition and retention. Even real estate, SaaS, health, and wellness sectors can find their sweet spot with GoHighLevel. 

Additionally, this platform can deliver for those looking to offer white-label services or SaaS.

The best part is it doesn’t matter whether you’re a wide-eyed beginner or intermediate user. You can use GoHighLevel at any stage.

Why I Chose GoHighLevel for My Agency? 

go highlevel marketing platform

We launched our agency back in 2019, and trust me. It’s been no picnic. 

When you’re committed to serving top-notch marketing campaigns, most single platforms just don’t cut it. So I invested in multiple tools. And you know what? It felt like juggling houses of different sizes. 

One typical scenario for my team is crafting email marketing campaigns on ActiveCampaign, funneling those leads through internal WordPress non-index pages, then hopping over to Hootsuite to schedule the social media blitz.

It was exhausting, pricey, and inefficient. 

Making the switch to GoHighLevel was like finding an oasis. It’s made managing my agency and my clients’ needs not just doable but fun. 

Now, I won’t sugarcoat it – the platform isn’t flawless, and I’ve hit a few bumps. But I’m in a better situation now compared to before.

Pros of Using GoHighLevel

Here are some things I like about the tool.

  • Smooth Onboarding Process. Right off the bat, they offer me a kickoff call and welcome course. The team behind GoHighLevel even sends me reminders via SMS and email to attend the call so I can get started.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Tool. It’s like having all the tools in one box with GoHighLevel. I don’t need to bleed money paying for multiple platforms because everything I need is right here.
  • User-Friendly Platform. I noticed that the dashboard is easy to use and navigate, even for newbies.
  • 14-Day Free Trial. You get a feel for it before you commit without spending a dime.
  • White-Label and SaaS Feature. Knowing that I could white-label the desktop app with the plan I got is what sealed the deal. Plus, I can also build a more passive income in the future if I decide to get the SaaS Pro plan.
  • Consistent Updates and New Tools. The team behind GoHighLevel works hard to provide a better and more comprehensive tool for its users.
  • Affiliate Program. For someone who does affiliate marketing like me, it provides a pretty decent commission. Additionally, I can also use it to build and manage my own affiliates.

Cons of Using GoHighLevel

I also noticed that GoHighLevel still has a lot to improve. Here are some of them.

  • Limited Integrations. GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform, which is fantastic. But the downside is it can be a bit tricky to integrate with other tools. So, if you’ve got a favorite software you’re not ready to let go of, this might be an issue.
  • Occasional Sluggishness. Some features are sluggish every once in a while. It’s not a deal-breaker for me, but it can be bothersome.
  • Overwhelming at First. With so many features, GoHighLevel can feel like a crowded room when you first step in. There is a learning curve, no doubt. So bring a lot of patience.
  • New Features Need More Polish. I appreciate that we get new tools without a price increase. But sometimes, I feel like they are half-baked. I’d love to see them more polished and bug-free before release.

Ultimately, the pros still outweigh the cons of using this platform.

GoHighLevel Pricing

gohighlevel pricing

Pricing is always subjective. What’s a bargain to one might seem steep to another. However, GoHighLevel offers excellent pricing plans.

You can get more than what you invest, especially if you master the features it offers. Now, let’s talk numbers.

GoHighLevel 14-Day Free Trial

GoHighLevel provides a free trial for new users on Starter and Unlimited plans. You get to play with the core features and study how they work during this time. Think of these two weeks with the platform as your ‘get to know you’ period.

You can try each tool, see which can boost your business, and determine how to maximize GoHighLevel for your agency or freelance gig.

But here’s one thing to note. You’ll have to provide your credit card info upfront. Once 14 days are up and you haven’t canceled, they’ll charge you the full price of your chosen plan.


Agency Starter Account ($97/month)

This GoHighLevel plan generously serves all the core features your agency needs to rock. So compared to its rivals online, you get a good deal.

Think of it this way. ClickFunnels limits the sales funnels you can create to 20 for its Basic plan. Meanwhile, Kajabi restricts you to three courses on its lowest plan.

With GoHighLevel’s Agency Starter Account? You can enjoy most tools with no usage restrictions.

All in all, it gives you access to marketing automation, workflow capabilities, a nifty website editor, landing pages, and a sales funnel builder. You’ll also get 2-way SMS via Twilio and send emails through LeadConnector.

It’s ideal for starters. However, the limitation is that these features are bound to three accounts. It can work well for a starting operation but is a bit restrictive for handling multiple clients.

Agency Unlimited/ Freelancer Account ($297/month)

This is where the magic happens for most marketing agencies. I recently upgraded to this plan, one of my best decisions.

You should get the Unlimited plan if you want to handle more clients and scale your digital marketing agency with HighLevel.

Now, why is this so great? Well, it’s not just about having unlimited subaccounts to accommodate all your clients. It’s also about the ability to white-label the desktop app.

In simpler terms, you can jazz up the app with your brand, making it yours when clients and customers drop by.

If you’re truly passionate about being a digital marketing agency, I’d recommend bypassing the Starter Account and leaping straight into the Unlimited Agency Account.

GoHighLevel Agency Pro SaaS Plan ($497/month)

gohighlevel agency pro account

The Agency Pro SaaS is a hidden gem; you won’t spot it on the pricing page. It’s only available for those who register for the free trial. 

You might be thinking, “The Unlimited Plan already offers great value. Why should I upgrade to the Agency Pro SaaS Plan?

Because this plan allows you to resell GoHighLevel’s software as your own. With no limits on the price you set. You get all the profit and only need to pay the subscription fee.

For example, you’re selling the software under your agency’s name, providing your clients access to tools like social media and automation.

The Agency Unlimited does allow white labeling, but you need to add clients manually. Meanwhile, this plan lets you automate that.

You’re not just changing the logo – you’re selling the software as your own product. Every penny of profit is yours to keep. Fancy selling it for $500/month, $1000/month? You call the shots.

In addition, you can also enjoy handy features like split testing, AI Chat Bot, and rebilling.

Overall, this plan is perfect if you want a more passive way to earn more for your agency.

GoHighLevel White Label Option, An Additional $497/Month or $1491/Quarter

white label mobile app

First, this subscription isn’t the same as the Unlimited or the Pro SaaS Plan. You can include a premium add-on on top of the two mentioned plans.

GoHighLevel’s White Label Option lets you add your custom brand to the GoHighLevel mobile app called Lead Connector. It’s like tailoring a suit; you get the app dressed in your logo and colors.

This will give your clients access to your own version of an Android or iOS app.

Now, who would find this handy? While I haven’t tried it, I bet it’s a great asset for marketing agencies that want a customized mobile app experience for their clients without the hefty development costs.

GoHighLevel Annual Discount

annual plan

Like many other platforms, GoHighLevel offers an appealing annual discount.

If you can pay for a yearly plan, I highly recommend you take advantage of it. It’s like getting a two-month vacation from payments.

Let’s break it down.

  • The Stater plan will cost $81/month instead of $97/month. That’s a neat saving of $192 over the year.
  • Subscribing to the Agency Unlimited Plan will be $248/month instead of $297/month, which adds up to $2976—a solid savings of $588 annually.
  • For the SaaS Pro Plan, instead of $497/month, you’ll be paying around $414/month. That’s $4968/year. So you can get a whopping $996 over the year.

But this doesn’t apply to the additional $497/month for white labeling mobile apps. That bill keeps coming quarterly, with no annual discount included.

GoHighLevel Features

Now that you know how much each plan costs, it’s time to see what you’ll get when you subscribe to GoHighLevel.

Efficient Customer Management Tools

One feature that makes GoHighLevel stand out is its impressive suite of customer management tools.

These tools, designed to help you win new customers, nurture relationships, and quickly close deals, are available for you and your clients.

First, let’s talk about ‘Smart Lists.’ With Smart Lists, you can do much more than just the regular stuff you’d expect from any contact management tool.

all in one solution

For instance, it allows you to add columns filled with crucial information about your leads, like their recent activity, interests, or even whether they’ve opted for a Do Not Disturb status. 

It’s a perk for agency owners as it helps keep track of leads and their preferences more efficiently.

Moving past a simple search bar, Smart Lists includes a filter feature. This lets you narrow your lists, creating more targeted campaigns for specific groups. You can save these filtered lists for future reference, making segmentation a breeze.

Next up, we’ve got ‘Conversations.’ And this is one of my favorites. It has saved me countless hours of hopping between platforms. 

Conversations enable you to integrate your social media accounts (like Instagram, Facebook, and Google My Business), text messaging, calling, and even email apps – all in one place. That lets you view and reply to messages from those channels with a simple click.

marketing efforts

This all-in-one communication hub ensures no query or potential lead falls through the cracks. It’s like having a personal assistant managing all your customer interactions.

Dynamic Website and Sales Funnel Features

Next are two lead-generation tools you’re going to adore. They are the perfect plug-and-play replacement for ClickFunnels for your marketing agency.

The website and sales funnel editor are similar. So it’ll be easy for you to use the tools and elements when creating an entire website or a simple landing page.

The builder itself is great. It’s quick and responsive, even if it’s not a drag-and-drop one like most competitors. 

GoHighLevel’s library is jam-packed with website templates for various niches, like medical, coaching, legal, automotive, and more. 

To be honest, I find the templates good enough, but I hope they add more options. What I like, though, is how effortless it works.

funnel templates

You simply need to pick a template, edit it, and your site will be ready in minutes.

Moreover, GoHighLevel recently updated its funnel builder. I noticed two added features crucial for creating sales funnels fast.

The first one is the cloning. You can duplicate a funnel if you want to use it again for other marketing campaigns.

Another new tool is Content AI. It will be an excellent aid for those dealing with writer’s block. It’s a paid tool, but you can use it in other features like email, blog, or social media planner.

marketing automation tools

Additionally, GoHighLevel keeps different versions of your landing page, so you can backtrack if needed. This will be useful if you are editing with someone on your team. 

And if you want to ensure unified branding or apply a certain section across your landing pages, the platform allows this with the use of ‘Global Sections.’

Streamlined Workflows and Marketing Automation

Try to imagine a marketing automation tool but with advanced customization. That’s GoHighLevel for you. 

Automation opens a world of opportunities for an agency. 

For example, you can automate database retention – reconnecting with previous buyers, offering them enticing upsells to encourage repeat purchases. Streamlining welcome sequences or running a fully automated webinar sequence is also possible. 

GoHighLevel lets you mesh together various marketing channels with workflows – social media, SMS, and emails, and even schedule actions for a future date.

But that’s not all. You can also tweak and control the automation by adding conditions. 

Let me share a glimpse of the automation workflow I crafted for one of our marketing campaigns. You’ll see that I added conditions that will trigger different steps based on my lead’s action.

business automation

This tool is crucial for us agencies. It ensures we never miss a lead conversion and keeps the whole team on the same page about what steps to take next.

Seamless Appointment Scheduling

Besides boasting robust CRM tools, GoHighLevel also doubles as a digital secretary. Think of TidyCal or Calendly, but integrated directly into your business operations.

appointment scheduling

Having an appointment scheduler makes setting up meetings with leads or team members and arranging onboarding calls effortless. GoHighLevel streamlines this in one sleek package. You can manually add appointments or let your clients book depending on availability.

What sold me this feature is the block-out time. I won’t have to worry about receiving a booking during my vacation.

Pretty cool, I know. But here’s where it gets even better. As an agency owner, I can resell this feature to my clients. I can make more without the extra work or the need to fork out a separate calendar tool.

A win-win, wouldn’t you say?

Convenient Payment Management

collect payments

Alright, here comes a feature we don’t talk about enough but is super crucial for business: Payment Management. Now, doesn’t a smooth payment system sound like music to your ears?

As an agency owner, keeping tabs on my financial transactions is necessary. And I bet it’s the same for you.

With GoHighLevel, we can create single-use invoices or even recurring templates for memberships or subscriptions.

And what about payment methods? GoHighLevel has got you covered. It integrates seamlessly with NMI, PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net. And with the Stripe integration, you can accept payments on well-known digital wallets – Google Pay and Apple Pay.

There’s a small caveat – digital wallet payments can be country-restricted. But hey, your clients have more payment options, making your services accessible and customer-friendly.

Strategic Social Media Planner

Are you looking for an alternative to social media planners for your marketing agency? GoHighLevel also has the tool for you.

Unlike Hootsuite, which charges $99/month for one user and limits you to ten accounts, GoHighLevel offers the Agency Unlimited plan at a price point but allows unlimited users and accounts.

With GoHighLevel, you can seamlessly integrate your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and TikTok. You can add captivating calls to action and links to your posts.

branded desktop app

That’s not all. GoHighLevel also provides features like post-tracking to ensure publication. You can easily edit posts using the calendar view and make real-time adjustments as needed.

If you want to save more time and schedule posts all at once, GoHighLevel allows you to upload CSV files for bulk posting. This makes it easy for agencies or content-heavy campaigns.

GoHighLevel’s schedule for approval feature is another great tool for collaboration within your team. Imagine your social media manager scheduling content while your team reviews. Approves it seamlessly.

The benefits don’t stop there. Not only does GoHighLevel empower your social media management efforts. You can also white-label it and offer it as a service to your clients.

Just keep in mind that one small limitation of GoHighLevel is its inability to schedule Instagram reels.

Considering that reels generate 22% engagement compared to videos, this could play a crucial role in your marketing approach.

So, while GoHighLevel is a strong contender, it’s always best to weigh all the pros and cons.

Pipeline Management and Opportunities

lead generation efforts

I haven’t fully used this feature yet, but the ‘Opportunities’ is ideal for bigger agencies with a dedicated sales team. It lets them monitor their leads and see which step they are in the pipeline.

Through this, your team members will know the following steps for a specific target and deliver a personalized experience.

For example, let’s say that one of your hot leads has asked for the booking link. But he hasn’t scheduled it yet. Through this feature, your team members will know the current status and take action.

Your team can either send a follow-up email or an SMS.

Effective Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, GoHighLevel offers a user-friendly experience similar to ActiveCampaign. 

You can create captivating emails using its drag-and-drop builder, whether you prefer starting from scratch or selecting from its pre-made templates. 

And here’s what’s exciting. You can import your existing templates from other service providers like MailChimp. It’s possible with a simple copy and paste of the HTML code.  

Additionally, GoHighLevel has introduced a new integration with Lead Connector. It’s much more affordable and easier to use than Mailgun. 

We know how personalization plays a role in boosting through rates (CTR) and email engagement. GoHighLevel allows you to achieve this through custom values.

I heavily rely on GoHighLevel’s email marketing tool for several purposes in my agency. This includes sending reports to clients and automating email sequences for onboarding, which has significantly streamlined our operations.

But besides that, I know I can leverage it for sending mass emails or scheduling email campaigns. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Engaging Memberships and Courses

Picture Kajabi-like capabilities for hosting your memberships and online courses, from digital marketing masterclasses to client or team onboarding sessions.

You can have your courses ready to roll out instantly or set up a drip lesson plan.

The ‘Magic Links’ feature is another must-try feature. Have you ever been stuck with a client or team member who’s lost their login details? Just one click on a Magic Link, and they’re in your course or membership area – no more password hassle.

In our agency, this feature is a lifesaver. We’ve set up courses like ‘Local SEO for Businesses’ for onboarding and have training materials ready for new team members.

digital products

It’s an on-demand, time-saving solution that frees us from the repetition of basic training tasks.

Interactive Chat Widgets and Forms

GoHighLevel offers powerful website widgets and forms that connect you with your audience.

The chat widget enables you to receive inquiries anytime, anywhere, empowering your business to be available round the clock. With the workflow builder, you can streamline responses and ensure your team never misses a beat.

What I like is the flexibility of assigning specific team members to attend to questions. This feature ensures efficient communication and timely resolutions, enhancing the customer experience.

Forms are another excellent tool. As agency owners, you can utilize GoHighLevel’s forms to gather essential information from potential clients, streamlining your lead generation process. Integrated with other GoHighLevel features, you can easily nurture these leads and turn them into loyal customers.

Proactive Reputation Management

customer relationship management

To be honest, my team and I haven’t fully explored this yet. But let me share why I think it’s a great tool for you as an agency owner or freelancer.

One of the main benefits is the ability to request reviews from your clients via email or SMS. Often, satisfied clients want to leave reviews, but they forget or don’t know where to do it. This tool guides them in the right direction so you can boost your online reputation.

Positive reviews can work wonders for your business. It can help build trust and attract new clients. Meanwhile, negative reviews can give insights into real issues your existing customers face.

Another fantastic feature is viewing and responding to Google My Business and Facebook reviews. Plus, US-based agencies can integrate with Yext to gather reviews from various sources, further strengthening your online presence.

Insightful Reporting

Knowing where you stand is the key to a booming agency, right? GoHighLevel offers a buffet of handy reports to help you measure your agency’s status. Let’s take a peek:

  • Source report. This shows you where your leads and clients are popping up from. It can be from an email campaign, a webinar, or a specific channel.
  • Conversion report. This report dishes out the hard numbers – deals closed, contacts made, and revenues generated.
  • Appointment report. This gives detailed data on your call status – booked, canceled, confirmed, and more.
  • Call report. Similar to an appointment report, this notes answered and missed calls, first-time callers, and average call duration.

What’s more, GoHighLevel lets you integrate and track the performance of your Facebook and Google Ads. It’s like your ad agency optimizing your marketing strategy.

All these insights help you make informed decisions and tailor your strategies for max impact. Because, in the end, knowledge isn’t just power – it’s profit.

Collaborative Team Management

Apart from the awesome CRM and marketing tools that GoHighLevel offers, what caught my attention is the unlimited users and user permissions.

Look around. Most competitors put a cap on users. (Check this example out.) 

go high level comparison

For newbies, that’s no biggie. But for growing marketing agencies? That can be a big no-no. 

GoHighLevel diffuses this with a sweet deal – unlimited user seats, even on the lowest plan. This is a game-changer for agencies. It’s like having an all-you-can-seat buffet without worrying about the bill.

And that’s not all. You get to control the user permissions too. This feature shines bright, especially if you’re on the Unlimited/Freelancer Plan or the SaaS Pro one. 

It lets you pick and choose who sees what’s in your CRM. In other words, your clients and team members can have their share of control only where you want them to. It’s an outstanding balance of power and privacy.

GoHighLevel Review Conclusion – Is It the Best CRM for Digital Marketing Agencies?

What can you say about GoHighLevel? Would it be a great tool for you? 

If I can only say one thing about this platform, it’s this – GoHighLevel can stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

It offers a more affordable solution, comprehensive features, and white-labeling opportunities. Top it off with its user-friendly interface, and you have a tool ideal for agencies of all sizes. 

Although there’s a learning curve, it will only take a few weeks to get used to it. You can also join a kickoff call or use their online resources to figure it out. 

In my case, GoHighLevel has streamlined my workflow and eliminated the need for multiple platforms and tabs. The CRM capabilities, website and sales funnel builder, automation workflows, and integrated email software have transformed how I engage with clients, run my marketing campaigns, and generate leads.

Most importantly, it saved me valuable time and resources. 

But don’t just take my word for it; sign up to GoHighLevel for free with their 14-day trial. Experience this all-in-one solution’s power and take your agency to new heights.

GoHighLevel FAQs

Who’s behind GoHighLevel’s creation?

Co-founders Shaun Clark, Robin Alex, and Varun Vairavan formed GoHighLevel in 2018. Shaun and Robin crossed paths thanks to a shared client. Shaun’s background in software development and Robin’s experience running an agency set the stage for them to tackle a common client issue – poor lead quality.

What range of software can GoHighLevel substitute?

GoHighLevel can replace over 33+ widely-used applications that agency owners and freelancers typically juggle in their day-to-day operations. It spans a spectrum of functionalities such as CRM, landing pages, email and SMS marketing, white-label services, call tracking, website building, and blogging.

Is a GoHighLevel Lifetime Deal available?

GoHighLevel doesn’t offer a lifetime deal. Given its status as an already well-established and fast-growing platform, no such offer is currently available. They offer some promos on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, though. 

Do GoHighLevel plans include email, calls, and SMS expenses?

No, it doesn’t. You’ll need to pay separately for them. To use these services, you must integrate connections with services such as Twilio or Lead Connector for handling SMS and voice calls. An SMTP service like MailGun, Gmail, or Lead Connector is needed for email delivery.

Does GoHighLevel provide an Affiliate Program?

Yes, GoHighLevel offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions. With their affiliate program, you can earn two types of commissions. Firstly, as a “Tier 1” affiliate, you can receive a 40% recurring monthly commission for every customer you refer to the platform.

Additionally, as a “Tier 2” affiliate, you can earn an additional 5% commission for every agency that signs up under the agency you referred. This means you can earn passive income by bringing in new customers and helping others grow their agencies.

GoHighLevel Review – Software Alternatives

You’re probably considering whether GoHighLevel could be your agency’s new best friend. But it’s crucial to consider other players in the game, too.

Let’s check out some worthy alternatives.


ActiveCampaign is a strong player, particularly in email marketing. The team behind it knows their stuff, so crafting stunning emails feels effortless. Being a well-established name in the industry gives it quite the edge.

But it’s not all rosy. While it offers solid CRM capabilities, it doesn’t provide a website builder. That’s a biggie if you want to build or overhaul your site.

Additionally, you can’t host online courses inside ActiveCampaign. So, while it excels in email marketing, it might leave you hanging when setting up a polished and complete web presence. 

Check out our side-by-side comparison to find out how GoHighLevel and ActiveCampaign stack up against each other.


HubSpot is a renowned name known for its strong CRM and integrations. It caters mostly to businesses in various sectors like IT, software, marketing, and advertising. A key upside? They offer a free plan, ideal for dipping your toes in.

In addition, Hubspot plans are more customizable, as you can create your own bundle of tools. It’s ideal for small businesses or marketing agencies as its paid plan can start as low as $30/month. 

However, be ready to shell out as your business grows. HubSpot’s CRM suite can skyrocket to a whopping $5,000/month! And this hefty price tag doesn’t even guarantee unrestricted features. 


Our last contender is ClickFunnels. This platform is known for its excellence in helping craft high-converting sales funnels.

Among the alternatives I mentioned, ClickFunnels, particularly the 2.0 version, comes closest to GoHighLevel with its expanded suite of tools, including email marketing, workflows, courses, and more. Even though it’s still new, it’s promising.

ClickFunnels’ dashboard is tidier, and if you opt for ClickFunnels Classic, you get a less cluttered experience focusing on sales funnels.

But there’s a catch. Its two plans, equal in price to GoHighLevel’s Starter and Unlimited, limit the number of users and don’t offer GoHighLevel’s extensive features.

You can read our in-depth comparison of GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels if you want a better look at both tools.

GoHighLevel Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints Online

When it comes to online feedback, GoHighLevel has received mixed reactions. I also found a common theme by checking its ratings from G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot.

G2 Rating

On G2, it boasts a 4.4 rating from 87 reviews. Users highlighted the software’s versatility and potential to replace multiple other tools.

The cost-effective pricing model for agencies, as well as the active support, was another plus. Conversely, complaints ranged from occasional bugs to a dizzying influx of new features.

Capterra Rating

Capterra’s 4.4 rating from 48 reviews echoes similar sentiments. The system’s comprehensiveness was applauded. Some even mentioned that GoHighLevel had streamlined their businesses and customer relations management.

However, some pointed out issues with customer service and the software’s overwhelming nature.

Trustpilot Rating

Trustpilot’s impressive 4.9/5 stars from 753 reviews also confirm these experiences.

Customers praised the superior customer service and onboarding, though a few found the software intimidating and thought some tools still needed refining.

But overall, there are more good comments than bad ones.

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