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Today, many marketers are focusing on improving their sales funnels. Having the right tools is necessary if you want to keep up with them.

Luckily, GoHighLevel offers a robust funnel builder that can help streamline your process. 

Keep reading to learn about the unique features of the GoHighLevel funnel builder and how you can use it for your marketing agency or online business. 

What Can GoHighLevel Funnel Builder Do?

gohighlevel saas sales

The GoHighLevel funnel builder is your tool for guiding leads down a designed path, turning them into new customers.

If you’ve used tools like ClickFunnels or Systeme.io, transitioning to GoHighLevel’s interface will feel familiar.

One great advantage of GoHighLevel is its flexibility. It lets you build your site from scratch or choose from over 400 customizable templates. You can also easily add calendars, forms, surveys, and automation for better conversion. 

GoHighLevel aims for simplicity while maintaining effectiveness. It’s great for basic to mid-level funnel designs. 

Who Is This Tool For?

The funnel editor on this platform serves a wide range of users, making it a versatile tool for professionals in various fields. Here are some who can greatly benefit from it. 

  • Marketers. They can utilize it to craft targeted campaigns, boosting their results.
  • Agency Owners. It streamlines client campaigns and generates insightful reports.
  • Freelancers. They can provide impressive landing pages and campaigns as part of their service offerings.
  • Business Owners. It helps enhance sales, attract leads, and nurture customer loyalty.

Pros and Cons of Using GoHighLevel Funnel Builder


  • The platform provides an intuitive and straightforward user interface.
  • You can create unlimited sales funnels, providing scalability for your marketing efforts. 
  • Elements like a pop-up, two-step order form, and other conversion-boosting features are available.
  • The grid-style page builder offers flexibility in designing and customizing pages.
  • GoHighLevel seamlessly integrates with other native tools. 


  • Complete beginners may face a slight learning curve when creating sales funnels. 
  • The funnel editor may not be ideal for advanced users.

GoHighLevel Funnel Builder Features

Let’s talk about some of the core features of this funnel feature.

Visual Editor 

gohighlevel visual editor

In the world of funnel building, complex codes and daunting interfaces are common concerns.

However, GoHighLevel’s editor simplifies the process. You don’t have to use HTML codes. Just drag and drop elements from the sidebar onto your page.

Adjusting fonts, sizes, and content is also a breeze. You can type directly into designated boxes and witness real-time changes. The editor follows a “what you see is what you get” approach, ensuring no surprises upon publishing.

Split Testing

gohighlevel create variation funnel

Split test lets you compare two versions of your webpage or campaign to determine which performs better. 

Doing so allows you to refine strategies, improve conversion rates, and boost your bottom line.

GoHighLevel recognizes the weight of this tool and has integrated A/B Split Testing into its platform. But to unlock the full potential of A/B testing, you must subscribe to their highest tier offering – the SaaS Pro. 


gohighlevel building the agency engine

One of GoHighLevel’s standout features is undeniably its CRM features

Beyond building funnels, GoHighLevel lets you manage and nurture relationships with leads, prospects, and customers. 

For instance, you can monitor interactions, store critical data, and even automate follow-up emails, all from a single dashboard.

This cohesion saves you time and ensures that every touchpoint is tailored, driving better engagement and, ultimately, more sales.

How to Use GoHighLevel Funnel Builder

Step 1 – Create an Account

Getting started with the funnel editor is straightforward. First, visit GoHighLevel’s website and sign up for the free trial

gohighlevel software for agencies homepage

This step will involve filling out a simple form with some basic details. 

After your main account is set up, you must create a sub-account. This additional step ensures everything stays organized as you dive into the world of funnels. 

gohighlevel optimal content hub

Once your sub-account is ready, navigate to the Funnels dashboard and find the “Sites” tab. 

gohighlevel new funnels

This area is your gateway to building and managing funnels, where you’ll likely spend a good chunk of your time. 

With these steps completed, you’re all geared to explore and craft with GoHighLevel.

Step 2 – Choose a Template or Start From Scratch

You have three options in creating your first sales funnel – start from scratch, import a design from platforms like ClickFunnels, or choose from GoHighLevel’s templates.

When you’re ready, click the “+ New Funnel” button on the dashboard. 

gohighlevel new funnels button

If you feel creative and want to design a unique funnel, click “From blank.” You can see the import option here if you have an existing design from your ClickFunnels account.

gohighlevel create new funnel saas

But for inspiration or a head start, explore GoHighLevel’s extensive template library with over 400 options by clicking “From Templates.”

gohighlevel template library

You’ll likely find a template that matches your niche or brand. 

Step 3 – Add Funnel Steps

Before diving into page design, it’s wise to outline your funnel by adding the necessary pages. 

It’s as simple as clicking “+ Add New Step” under your launch checklist. 

gohighlevel sample funnel add new step

Like before, you have options: use existing templates from the drop-down menu, import a design, or start with a blank page. 

gohighlevel sample funnel form

This flexibility means adding new steps and pages is a breeze as your funnel needs evolve. 

This way, you can ensure your funnel flows logically from one step to the next, creating a smooth journey for your audience.

Step 4 – Design Your Pages

Once your landing pages are set, use the visual editor for design. Click the funnel step you want to enhance to get started.

gohighlevel launch checklist

Here, you can adjust sections, drag and drop boxes, and edit things inside your pop-up or landing pages. The left sidebar holds all the tools to modify its appearance.

gohighlevel saas paragraph settings

To improve your conversion rate, consider adding elements like:

gohighlevel saas elements

For instance, you can use the two-step order form to collect essential information from potential customers without overwhelming them.

You can also add a pop-up form and offer a lead magnet that will

Some templates offer a ready-made copy for content inspiration. And if you need more help, Content AI can assist with wording.

There are more tools that I haven’t mentioned here, so explore them in the editor to discover your brand’s style.

Add SEO Meta Data

Before finalizing your design, the funnel editor prompts you to refine your SEO metadata. This step is crucial for increasing your sales funnel’s online visibility.

gohighlevel saas seo metadata

Ensure your primary keyword appears in the title, description, and image alt text, and include related keywords. 

Then, don’t forget to click “Save” to preserve these SEO enhancements. Now, your funnel is ready to capture the attention of potential clients! 

Step 5 – Explore the Main Funnel Dashboard

After creating your sales funnels, you can further explore what the dashboard offers. Understanding each feature lets you use them better and more effectively. 

First, you can organize your work within the dashboard with folders. This feature is helpful if you’re managing multiple campaigns or products. 

gohighlevel funnels create folder

Folders keep things tidy and easy to locate, offering an overview of all your sales funnels in that sub-account.

When you dive into a specific funnel, you’ll find these tabs:

gohighlevel saas sales settings
  • Steps. This is where you’ll find all the pages under that sales funnel.
  • Stats. Get insights into page views, opt-ins, sales, and earnings. These metrics are vital to assess your funnel’s performance.
  • Sales. Dive into buyer and transaction data to understand your customers better.
  • Settings. Customize your sales funnels with technical tweaks like URL, domain, tracking codes, and image optimization. These settings enhance your funnel’s functionality.

Step 6 – Test and Publish Your Funnel

Now, it’s time for a test drive! This step is vital as it lets you view your funnel from your customers’ perspective.

For a basic test, share the link with a small group or go through the funnel yourself.

For example, if your funnel promotes a new e-book, invite colleagues or friends to try it out. Ask for their feedback to identify any hiccups or areas where they encounter issues.

gohighlevel share funnel

For a more comprehensive examination, GoHighLevel offers A/B testing on the highest plan. This feature lets you compare two versions of a funnel page to determine which one performs better. 

Once you’re satisfied with your funnel’s performance and appearance, it’s time to share it with the world. 

Step 7 – Measure Your Sales Funnel Performance

To assess your funnel’s effectiveness, closely monitoring its performance is crucial. 

The funnel editor offers the ‘Stats’ section, providing essential data to refine your strategy or confirm its success.

But you can also consider integrating with Google Analytics (GA4) for a more in-depth analysis. 

Linking GoHighLevel with Google Analytics offers more than pageview counts. It allows you to delve into user behavior, understanding visitor sources, funnel engagement, and drop-off points. 

This detailed data helps you fine-tune your funnel, addressing pain points and optimizing what resonates with your audience.

Step 8 – Connect Your Funnel to a Workflow

Pairing GoHighLevel’s funnel-building capabilities with your workflow enhances marketing efficiency. 

With GoHighLevel, you can automate follow-up emails or nurturing sequences to provide a seamless, professional experience. 

For instance, you’ve added a survey form to your funnel. By automating it, your team is alerted, and your leads can receive a thank-you email in their inboxes right away once they submit it. This gesture keeps them engaged. 

gohighlevel saas sales funnel

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GoHighLevel funnel builder has proven to be a powerful and versatile tool. 

You can use it to improve your marketing campaigns through automation and design intuitive sales funnels for you and your business. 

There’s no denying that it can increase your conversion rate while simplifying the process for you. 

Register for the free trial and check the feature yourself. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GoHighLevel Funnel?

A GoHighLevel Funnel is a multi-step process that pushes your online visitors toward a desired goal. It makes capturing leads easier and enhances conversion rates for marketers.

How much does GoHighLevel charge for funnels?

GoHighLevel doesn’t charge extra for the funnels. It’s available in all GoHighLevel plans, and you can use it with other tools for as low as $97/month.  You can get a discount on HighLevel with annual payments.

How many funnels can I create with GoHighLevel?

You can craft unlimited sales funnels for yourself and your clients inside GoHighLevel

Additional FAQs:

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