How To Cancel GoHighLevel Account Easily in 2024

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Whether you run a sales marketing team or an agency account, GoHighLevel is a great marketing software with impressive tools, sales funnels, and other features your business needs. However, users may need to cancel their subscriptions for price or other crucial reasons.

Here’s a guide on how to cancel your GoHighLevel account.

How To Cancel GoHighLevel Account

Follow these easy steps below to cancel your GoHighLevel subscription:

Go to Your Account Billing Page

How to Cancel GoHighLevel Option

You need to first log in to your GoHighLevel account. Once logged in on the platform, ensure you are in Agency view.

Go to SETTINGS on the base of the GoHighLevel dashboard. Click on BILLING to pull up the billing page. This page will reveal your current plan. Notice the small text block beneath the plan, asking you to click a hyperlinked “click here” to modify or cancel your HighLevel subscription.

Click the hyperlinked text “click here.”

A small window will pop-up asking you to modify your GoHighLevel subscription. Click on “Show More Options” at the base of the pop-up to reveal the “Cancel” option.

Cancel Your GoHighLevel Account

Click on “Cancel” to cancel your subscription. This will open another page with more options. It will also feature a video with a feedback request.

The feedback request helps the platform understand your cancellation reason. Choose your reason. But you can choose “Others” if you cannot say why.

Selecting the reason will take you to the next page with more options. Find the option to cancel your subscription at the base of the page. Click this option to confirm cancellation.

But clicking it will not automatically cancel your GoHighLevel account. You must stand by for a confirmation of cancellation message from a GoHighLevel team member before your GoHighLevel account is closed entirely. This confirmation usually takes a day or more before it arrives in your inbox.

Tip: You can avoid being charged after the expiry date of your plan by making your cancellation request some days before the next payment due date.

Canceling a GoHighLevel SaaS Sub Account, How?

Some businesses sell GoHighLevel as Saas. If a client wishes to discontinue the service, use the following process to cancel the client’s sub account.

  1. Refund unused credits in the clients’ GoHighLevel wallets.
  2. Note: Complimentary cards are disqualified for refunds; only bought credits are refunded.
  3. Go to the Agency View. Select the Account tab. Click “View Details” and select “Disable SaaS.”
  4. Ensure to cancel the stripe subscription before you confirm the cancellation of the sub account.
  5. Remember to close the Twillo and Mailgun accounts and any other similar accounts associated with the client if the client quits your agency.
  6. Finally, go to Agency Settings. Select TEAM and take out the client’s name. This will allow you to keep the client’s data after removing the client. But you can delete the client’s data by deleting the client’s sub account. Head to SETTINGS and select VIEW DETAILS. Delete the subaccount from here to remove all data about the client.

Note: When you disable GoHighLevel SaaS Mode, transaction history is removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Alternatives to Cancelling My GoHighlevel Account?

Unlike other platforms, you can pause, downgrade, or upgrade your GoHighLevel account. You can also extend your free trial.

If your GoHighLevel account is on a paid plan, you can pause the account for a short duration. During this period, you will be neither charged nor able to access the platform’s features and marketing tools.

You can also upgrade your account. Upgrading takes immediate effect and will cost you a prorated sum for the remainder of the billing period.

If you are not on a free trial, the GoHghLevel platform allows you to choose a downgrade, but your existing plan will continue till the next billing period, when your account will be switched to a lower pricing plan.

You can also request a 14-day trial period extension on your free trial account instead of canceling your GoHighLevel account. This extension allows you to access the features on the platform for another 14 days.

Can I Get a Refund After I Cancel GoHighLevel on My Account Billing Page?

no refunds or credits

GoHighLevel has a no refund policy for their services except under specific circumstances, as stated in the platform’s terms of service. It also reserves the exclusive right to issue a refund and decide the appropriate amount to be refunded.

If an upgrade to the platform adversely affects you and you wish to cancel the service, you must contact them with details about your account and the service to be eligible for a refund.

Can I Cancel My HighLevel Account Anytime?

You can cancel your GoHighLevel account anytime. But you will be billed for subscription, used, partial or unused.

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