Kajabi Coaching Templates to Grow Your Business in 2024

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Running an online coaching business isn’t a walk in the park. You need a system to streamline your processes to make sure you’re going to succeed.

That’s why it’s essential to have templates at hand – so you can effectively manage all your routine tasks. Having templates can also help you focus on your core strengths so you can provide better coaching services to your clients.

In this blog post, we’ll look at five crucial coaching templates you should have and how you can use Kajabi features for some of them.

Why Choose the Kajabi Coaching Feature?

kajabi coaching page

Kajabi provides you with everything you need to create, launch, and manage a successful coaching program – all within one platform.

You can use Kajabi to build a website, automate emails, design sales pages, accept payments, and host coaching sessions.

Partner it with the templates I will introduce to you below, and you can create an entire business that generates leads, onboards clients, and grows your revenue.

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What Are Kajabi Coaching Templates?

These are pre-made documents that you can easily customize and use in your online business.

They cover the most critical yet tedious and repetitive tasks. Using Kajabi coaching templates can save you time and help you focus on the actual coaching instead of administrative work.

Five Must-Have Kajabi Coaching Templates

Now that we know the importance of having coaching templates let’s look at the five most important ones.

The Coaching Program Overview and Pricing Template 

This template is essential for setting expectations with your potential clients and laying out the framework of your coaching business.

With this template, you can build your website or sales page and provide details about your services.

Here are the things you should include in this template.

  • About – Introduce yourself, show your credentials, share your mission and vision, and the backstory of your online coaching business. This will help your clients understand why they should choose you.[Please insert your own Kajabi “About” page, if it’s possible]
kajabi coaching about page sample
  • Program scope – Describe the coaching services you’re offering, such as the topics covered, the number of sessions, and your target audience.
  • Benefits and objectives – Enumerate what your audience will get from your program or the possible results and the overall goals of your coaching session.
  • Social proofs – Add testimonials or reviews from your past clients to show the effectiveness of your coaching program. It can be in a video, audio, or written format.
  • Clear call-to-action (CTA) – Encourage your prospects to take action. Choose a single CTA button, such as “Enroll Now,” “Join the Free Course,” or “Book a Call.”
  • Pricing & Payment Structure – Provide at least two coaching packages, and make sure all the information is clear and easy to understand. List down the inclusions and exclusions of the program, payment terms, and options (e.g., one-time payment or recurring subscription).
  • Additional resources – Include case studies, FAQs, lead magnets, or blog posts to help them get familiar with your coaching program.

Once the content is ready, you can create a sales page or website using the Kajabi themes and drag-and-drop builder.

kajabi template

Additionally, Kajabi allows you to add sections for additional resources, coaching packages, testimonials, and call-to-action buttons.

You can also link your payment gateway, so prospects can easily enroll in your coaching programs.

Kajabi Payment Integration

The Welcome Template

Once you get a signup, the next step is onboarding your new clients. This template will help you start the coaching engagement on the right foot.

The goal of this template is to give a warm welcome and ensure that your client has all the necessary information before starting their coaching session.

[Please insert your own welcome email sample using Kajabi if possible]

welcome template

Here are the basic elements you should include.

  • Welcome email – Show them that you appreciate their decision to enroll in your coaching program.
  • Program overview – Restate the main objectives, the scope of services, and coaching duration.
  • Detailed instructions – Provide clear guides on what they should do next. You can also explain the session schedules, expectations, and how they should prepare for the coaching.
  • Communication channels – Inform them where they can reach out for technical help or other questions. Provide contact details and exact hours of availability.
  • Additional resources – Share other learning materials such as a mini-course, blog posts, ebooks, videos, and audio recordings to supplement their coaching program.

You can use Kajabi’s email automation feature for the welcome email and follow-up instructions. It allows you to send customized emails and track the performance of each. 

coaching program email sequence

Kajabi also lets you create mini-courses, blogs, and downloadable resources, so you can easily host and share these materials with your clients.

The Coaching Feedback Template 

Feedback is an essential part of coaching programs. It helps to strengthen the connection between you and your clients, measure their progress, and identify areas where they need more help.

Additionally, you can also use the feedback form to get insights on how to improve your services or online business.

The elements of this template should include the following.

  • Rating scale – Ask them to rate your program on a scale of 1 to 5. 
  • Open-ended questions – Provide a space for your clients to write their thoughts and feelings about the coaching sessions. You can ask them what valuable knowledge they have learned, what challenges they encountered, and areas where you could have provided better support.
  • Suggestions & recommendations – Encourage your clients to comment on how you can improve the program.
  • Follow-up actions – Ask them what they plan to do next or if there is anything else you can do to help.

This helps you create a feedback system so you can accurately measure your coaching programs.

There are two Kajabi tools that you can use for this template. Those are the Assessment and Form features.

coaching feedback

The Assessment feature allows you to create custom surveys and quizzes to share with your clients. You can also view the assessment results from within Kajabi’s dashboard.

Meanwhile, the Form is a much simpler option for collecting feedback. It’s usually used for event registration, but you can use it for collecting coaching feedback. 

Both tools allow you to review your client’s feedback and assess your program.

The Coaching Completion Template 

Once your coaching program ends, you must ensure that your client’s experience was positive and successful. The coaching completion template is the perfect way to do that.

This template is a combination of various elements. It should include the following.

  • Thank you message – Make this a personalized message to show them how thankful you are for their time and effort. Acknowledge their progress and hard work, and provide some words of encouragement. Also, remind them that they can keep in touch even after the program ends.
  • Progress review – Provide a summary of their journey throughout the coaching program. Include a few highlights and achievements that they’ve made. You can also add the challenges they’ve overcome and a few things they need to work on.
  • Realistic advice – Offer practical advice on how to maintain the progress they’ve made. Include any resources or additional materials that might be useful for them.
  • Self-assessment form – Ask them to evaluate their own progress and how they feel about the coaching program. This will help you understand whether or not they have achieved their goals.
  • Follow-up action – Provide questions that will help them plan the next steps they need to take. You can ask how they will apply the lessons they’ve learned and what strategies they will use to stay motivated.
  • Testimonial/Referral request – Ask them to provide a testimonial that you can use on your website or marketing materials. It’s better to get video testimonials because they are more persuasive. However, written testimonials are fine as well.
  • Permission to send updates – Ask them if they want to continue receiving updates or newsletters from you. Usually, your past clients are more likely to buy from you again if they have opted-in for your updates.
  • Freebies – Lastly, offer them something special, like a freebie or bonus material, as a reward for completing the program. Depending on your resources and budget, this could be anything from an ebook to a video tutorial.

You can use Kajabi for the bonus coaching materials and emails you’ll send your clients. If you want to thank them via video chat instead, you can use Kajabi’s built-in live video or integrate Calendly for scheduled chats.

Additionally, Kajabi allows you to add email lists and scheduled campaigns to ensure your clients get the updates they need.

The Business Coaching Protection Template 

Although this is the last one on the list, it’s definitely one of the most important.

This template helps protect you and your own business from any potential legal issues such as breach of contract, copyright infringement, etc.

Here are the following components you should include.

  • Privacy policy – This statement discloses how a company collects, uses, and shares information about its customers. It also lets customers know their privacy rights.
  • Refund/cancellation policies – Mention if it’s possible to refund or cancel coaching programs. Also, let your clients know when the refund/cancellation window period closes so they can’t use it as an excuse later on. If there are any cancellation fees, discuss them as well.
  • A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) – This coaching agreement ensures that all confidential information shared between you and your clients remains secure. It also protects them from any potential misuse of their personal data. 
  • Terms and conditions – This refers to the rules clients must follow when subscribing to your services. It should cover everything like rules for payment, delivery of goods or services, and other important information.
  • Copyright statement – Remind your clients that all content you create is copyrighted and shouldn’t be used without permission. This includes anything like audio files, video tutorials, and so on.

Kajabi provides a landing page template that you can use to indicate your privacy policy and terms and conditions.

You can also opt for the blank template and add customized content. This way, you can ensure that each client receives the same detailed information when signing up for a coaching program.

Wrapping This Up

With these five templates, you’ll be able to provide your coaching clients with the best support possible.

Not only will this make them feel more secure and satisfied, but it’ll also give you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re prepared and protected.

You can maximize the potential of your own templates with Kajabi’s features to build a thriving coaching business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What other templates do I need for my coaching business?

You can actually create templates for any aspect of your business, such as intake forms, questionnaires, and session contracts. This way, you can streamline your coaching process and provide clients with a better experience.

What should I take note of before creating templates?

Feel free to customize your templates to fit into the vision or needs of your business. However, be sure to double-check them thoroughly before using them.

Additionally, remember that the legal documents are subject to lawyer review and should be accurate and up to date with the laws in your country.

Are there any risks associated with using Kajabi for my coaching business?

No – Kajabi offers a secure platform that you can use to store your files and data.

How can Kajabi help with creating templates?

Kajabi offers several tools that you can use for creating templates, such as email campaigns, newsletters, and landing pages. This makes it easy to customize each template to look professional and meet your clients’ needs.

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