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Did you know SMS marketing can be more powerful than email marketing?

People usually reply to texts within three minutes. That’s much faster than the typical hour and a half for an email. Plus, the open rate for SMS campaigns is at 98%.

However, it would help if you had good software to make the most of this opportunity. This is where the integration of GoHighLevel with Twilio comes into play.

While most people pick the LC (LeadConnector) Phone System, Twilio is still available and offers some advantages for those using it along their GoHighLevel platform.

In this article, we will discuss why Twilio might be a good choice and how to set it up.

Why Use Twilio for GoHighLevel

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Twilio has been around since 2008. It has become a top choice as a third-party phone provider. It offers many products to help with customer data management and communication. For this, we’ll only focus on the latter.

Before the LC Phone System became the go-to of GoHighLevel users, Twilio was the main software. And even though it’s not the primary driver anymore, there are several reasons why it could still be a good choice for your agency or business.

  • You can purchase phone numbers, send and receive WhatsApp or SMS messages, and handle calls worldwide.
  • It’s easy to use and helps you reach customers smoothly.
  • Twilio is an API. So, it’s possible to connect your phone system to different apps and services.
  • About safety, Twilio follows new rules called A2P 10DLC. These rules ensure that texts to US people are genuine and verified.
  • Twilio keeps its pricing simple and flexible. (We’ll look into that soon).

How Much Does Twilio Cost

Creating an account with Twilio is free. It also provides a free trial phone number that you can use to explore the dashboard, check how the phone system works, and send a test SMS.

Its pricing plans fall into either of these categories: Subscription and pay-as-you-go. 

Twilio Subscription Services

When you purchase phone numbers in Twilio, you pay a monthly fee. The rates are based on the number you get (local, national, toll-free), what it can do, and where it’s from (area/country). The starting price is $1.15/month.

twilio price

They charge you every three months if you want a Twilio Short Code special for quick SMS services.

Meanwhile, Twilio Short Codes and Calls Per Second (CPS) also come with their charges.

Twilio bills you every quarter for shortcodes. The price can change depending on whether the shortcode is chosen by you (vanity) or assigned by Twilio (random) and the location.

Meanwhile, you must pay for Calls Per Second (CPS) monthly. This is an excellent additional feature if you need to increase your capacity for sending out calls or SMS messages quickly.

Twilio Pay-As-You-Go Services

twilio sms whatsapp conversations

Twilio’s Pay-As-You-Go plan is simple. You pay based on what you use. For SMS, the cost starts at less than a cent for each message sent or received.

twilio sms mms pricing

Editor’s Note – The pricing above only applies to SMS and MMS delivered and received in the USA. If you want to check the price for your location, you may check it here.

If you use WhatsApp through Twilio, sending a template message starts at $0.0042, while session messages cost more.

If you’re managing chats across different channels like SMS, WhatsApp, Chat, and MMS, it starts at five cents per active user each month.

You must add money to your account to use Twilio for your business. It can be anywhere from $20 to $2000. This credit lets you start sending messages and making calls right away.

You can check Twilio’s pricing here for more details on what each service offers and what it might cost.

Setting Up a Twilio Account and Integration With GoHighLevel

All you need is one tab open for GoHighLevel and another for Twilio. That’s it. Once they’re ready, here’s what you have to do.

How to Activate Twilio Inside GoHighLevel

  • First, you need to create a Twilio account. Click “Start for Free” on Twilio’s website
  • Fill out the necessary information. Once you’re in, copy your Twilio Account SID and Auth Token. You can see this inside Twilio’s main dashboard.
  • Paste them inside the Phone Setting -> Twilio, under the “Settings” tab of your GoHighLevel’s Agency dashboard.
  • Click “Save.” 

How to Purchase Twilio Phone Numbers Inside GoHighLevel 

You can purchase a phone number directly without opening your Twilio account.

  • Open one of your sub-accounts on GoHighLevel. Under the “Settings” tab, click “Phone Numbers” then “+Add Number.” 
  • Select the country on the dropdown menu so the Twilio phone number options have the same area code. 
  • Choose one Twilio phone number and click “Save.” 

You can now use this number to send and receive SMS messages, calls, and WhatsApp.

How to Import Existing Twilio Numbers to GoHighLevel

  • Return to the “Phone System – Twilio” inside your Ageny dashboard. You’ll see a new button, “Move numbers.” Click that. 
  • Choose the following for each dropdown:
    • Step 1 – Twilio master account
    • Step 2 – The correct phone number you want to import from your Twilio account
    • Step 3 – GoHighLevel 

Repeat these steps until you add all the Twilio phone numbers you want to use in GoHighLevel.


Is There Any Alternative for Twilio on GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel’s preferred software is LC Phone System. They offer similar features, but the LC Phone System is more optimized for the platform and offers some discounts on selected services.

Which GoHighLevel Plan Allows This Integration? 

GoHighLevel-Twilio integration is possible in all plans.

How Can I Integrate Twilio to GoHighLevel? 

Once you create your Twilio account, copy and paste the Account SID and Auth Token to “Phone Systems-Twilio” under the “Settings” tab of the Agency dashboard. From there, you can buy phone numbers and send and receive SMS messages, calls, and WhatsApp.

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The GoHighLevel and Twilio integration can help your SMS marketing. Twilio gives you the chance to reach out globally.

GoHighLevel lets you manage it all smoothly. While many use LeadConnector, Twilio is still a solid choice if you want more control and options.

Try Twilio for free and see how it fits. Also, give GoHighLevel’s trial a go. They might just be what your business needs to communicate better with customers.

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