GoHighLevel AI Features – Level Up Your Productivity and Conversion With These New Tools 2024

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Recent research predicted that most SaaS companies will integrate AI into their offers by 2025.

GoHighLevel is one of the early adopters and has recently introduced not just one but various AI tools designed to refine your sales and marketing strategies.

Let’s explore these tools, which can assist with your content, workflows, appointment booking, and more.

Why Use GoHighLevel AI Tools

Here are some reasons why GoHighLevel is the best choice among CRM and marketing platforms that offer access to AI-powered features.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions. The following AI tools are available in all GoHighLevel plans, and you get free words monthly. It also uses a simple pay-as-you-use system.
  • Regular Updates. The platform always adds new features. As a long-time digital marketing agency HighLevel user, I can attest to this. For instance, they mentioned about an upcoming AI CRM feature.
  • Reselling Opportunities. You can resell the AI tools for your clients, which lets you offer the AI services and add your margin. Every time your customer tops up, you get more profit.

1. GoHighLevel’s AI Content Generator

The GoHighLevel Content AI is a beginner-friendly yet powerful tool for combating writer’s block in copywriting and content writing.

You can find it inside the following features:

gohighlevel content ai

You might see different fields depending on the specific application, as GoHighLevel fits the requirements of each format. But overall, it can help you create catchy headlines, introductions, content sections, and more specific sales contexts.

gohighlevel generate content

Describe what you need in as much detail as possible, and the Content AI will respond with one to three variations from which you can choose.

The results still need your human intuition and editing for the final touches, but the quality isn’t bad.

gohighlevel content ai generate continue

Besides being user-friendly, these other factors sold this tool to me.

  • You can add multiple keywords for SEO.
  • It lets you select from the 14 writing tones to match your brand’s voice.
  • GoHighLevel content AI provides one to three variations from which you can choose. 

Content AI provides additional functions like headline improvement, grammar corrections, and length adjustments.

gohighlevel what customers say

2. GoHighLevel’s AI Image Generator

gohighlevel create image using ai

Next on the list is an excellent addition to making your content more visually appealing and engaging.

GoHighLevel’s AI image generator is accessible wherever Content AI is. You can use it on your website pages, funnels, social media posts, and email templates.

You can pick an art style and provide prompts to get the image you want or need.

gohighlevel generate image

I tried running some prompts to see whether the results were good. I’ll share one and let you judge the generated image.

gohighlevel select image

3. GoHighLevel Conversation AI Bot 

gohighlevel conversation ai

Managing and responding to all queries is one of the challenging aspects of customer service.

But with Conversation AI, you can answer your customers and leads 24/7 without hiring an extra team or straining your human agents or members.

There are many reasons why GHL Conversation AI is an excellent tool, but let me name a few.

  • Training your AI chatbot by adding data like Q&As and URLs to initiate more accurate and helpful replies is free.
  • The AI bot can handle multiple messages across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile, and web and live chats.
  • You can choose from Suggestive or Auto-Pilot mode, which allows you to adjust the AI’s level of autonomy in responding.

You can find and configure the Conversation AI inside your “Settings” tab.

gohighlevel arrow on conversation ai


4. GoHighLevel’s AI Appointment Booking

gohighlevel appointment booking

Conversation AI also simplifies appointment booking for you and your clients.

This feature integrates seamlessly with your CRM calendars. When you choose a specific calendar in the “Appointment Booking” section, the AI uses the associated scheduling link in bot replies.

Then, you can let the bot book appointments or provide the booking link to your contact.

GoHighLevel Conversation AI has its own preset or standard questions before it can respond and provide your calendar link. But you can customize them and create your own “Conversation Flow.”

gohighlevel conversation flow

5. GoHighLevel’s Workflow AI

gohighlevel chatgpt prompt workflow

GoHighLevel Workflow AI now includes a premium integration with ChatGPT. Other integrations can be handled with LeadConnector and Zapier.

With this, you’ll be able to create and use custom prompts to transform your engagement with your audience.

For instance, you can set up dynamic email and SMS responses that react to the intent of the incoming messages, assess whether they are positive or negative, and translate them into any language.

You can also adjust the “temperature value” to balance creativity and response precision and match your messages to your brand’s voice.

GoHighLevel provides example prompts from common use cases so you can save time and avoid crafting everything from scratch.

gohighlevel chatgpt generate content

GoHighLevel AI Pricing

For Content AI and image generator, all GoHighLevel users will receive 500 free words monthly. Once used up, the service charges approximately $0.09 for every additional 1,000 words. This amount will be deducted from the Agency Wallet for each usage across sub-accounts.

Editor’s Noteā€”If you want to charge your clients for the AI tools, you can set up a rebilling system. However, it’s only available on the SaaS mode plan ($497/month).

Be aware that GoHighLevel counts the prompt and all the outputs to the total word count.

Meanwhile, Conversation AI has a different pricing system. It deducts $.02 per response to appointment scheduling requests or inquiries.

That’s for the Basic plan. But if you want your AI chatbot to be able to respond freely without any constraints, you can opt for the Conversation AI Unlimited plan and pay $79/month.

gohighlevel conversation ai unlimited



How to Activate AI Tools Inside GoHighLevel?

Since the AI tools are now available to the public, they are enabled automatically. However, if that’s not the case, you can activate them inside Agency Settings -> Company.

How Can I Resell the AI Tools to My GoHighLevel Clients?

You can set this up inside the Agency dashboard -> Billing -> Reselling. Make sure that you’re subscribed to the SaaS Mode plan ($497/month) and have connected your Stripe account first.

Which GoHighLevel Plan Provides Access to the AI Tools?

They are accessible to all plans (Agency Starter, Unlimited, and SaaS Mode.) However, you’ll have to pay extra if you exceed the provided monthly word limit for Content AI and every conversation AI response.

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