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Reports and analytics are crucial for understanding how your business is doing. They ensure you get an accurate view of your revenue, leads, and campaigns’ effectiveness.

In this article, we’ll look into the GoHighLevel Reporting tools. You’ll learn about the different statistics and insights accessible inside the platform.

GoHighLevel Attribution Reports

The Attribution Report tab shows where your contacts and leads originate and how many turn into sales. Knowing this, you can spot where to invest more. GoHighLevel divides this area into two – the Conversion and Source reports.

Editor’s Note – The Conversion and Source Report will no longer be available after March 31st, 2024. All related information will be available in the “Attribution Report New” section.

Conversion Report

gohighlevel conversion report

The Conversion Report provides a snapshot of your marketing efforts’ results, showing revenue earned, opportunities, contacts, and sessions created over time.

These insights will help you understand whether your investments are turning into real prospects income.

Source Report

gohighlevel source report

The Source Report goes hand-in-hand with Conversion, as this shows where your site visitors originate. It categorizes traffic into sources like paid search, social media, direct traffic, organic search, and referrals.

With these details, you can create better marketing strategies, distribute your budget wisely, and concentrate on the most fruitful channels.

Other Useful GoHighLevel Reporting Tools

More statistics are available under the Reporting tab of GoHighLevel. It includes native and third-party information that can help you measure other features like calls, appointments, and ads.

Call Reporting

gohighlevel call reporting

The Call Reporting feature in GoHighLevel is essential for tracking your interactions. This report records incoming and outgoing calls, including their source, duration, and device used. You can also see the outcome of these calls in the same dashboard.

By analyzing call and contact information, you can improve your approach, focus on the most promising leads, and enhance your marketing strategies and customer service.

Appointment Report

gohighlevel appointment report

Tracking appointments helps you view how your business is doing regarding customer engagement. The Appointment Report shows booked, confirmed, and attended appointments, alongside no-shows and cancellations.

This report is beneficial in some specific industries like healthcare, consulting, and service-based sectors.

gohighlevel reporting google ads

The HighLevel Google Ads Report allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. It helps you understand your campaign spending and whether the return justifies your investment.

It provides data beyond basic metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions. With it, you can also measure your average cost-per-click (CPC), cost per conversion, and overall conversion rate.

Facebook Ads Report

gohighlevel reporting facebook ads

Much like the Google Ads Reporting feature, this offers deep insights into your ad performance but on Facebook advertising.

This tool tracks impressions, clicks, and conversions, clearly showing how effectively your ads reach and engage your target audience.

GoHighLevel Agency Reporting Feature

You can access these additional reports if you’re on the Agency Pro plan ($497/month).

User/Agent Reporting

gohighlevel agent reporting

It offers a comprehensive overview of team status, including various metrics such as opportunities, conversions, SMS, email engagements, and calls in one view.

This feature tracks individual and group achievements and ranks agents, showing who has the most wins or closed sales through the Leaderboard. You can use this to motivate your team or provide rewards and bonuses to top performers.

Agency Rolled-Up Reporting

gohighlevel sub accounts columns

With this report, you can see all your sub-account results and information under one dashboard. This unified view gives you a peek into the overall performance and status and identifies areas for improvement across all accounts.

For example, if you want to measure the number of submissions you received, all you have to do is check the “Submissions” section of the “Columns” section. Gohighlevel will show you the total number of website forms, surveys, and Facebook forms (in percentage).

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Where Can I See the Reporting Feature of GoHighLevel?

Except for the Agency Reporting feature, you can find all the reports inside your sub-accounts “Reporting” section.

Which GoHighLevel Plan Is the Reporting Feature Available?

All the native and third-party reports mentioned above are available in all GoHighLevel plans. However, the Agency and Rolled-Up reports are only accessible to users subscribed to the Agency Pro plan, which is $497/month.


GoHighLevel presents its statistics in the easiest way possible. It uses graphs, charts, and detailed breakdowns, so it’s easy for users like you to analyze and make the right decision.

Whether you’re reviewing campaigns and ad results, tracking lead and contact sources, or evaluating team productivity, GoHighLevel reports are created to meet your needs.

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