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Thinkific Pricing (2024): Discover Which Plan is Right for You

thinkific pricing

Thinkific remains one of the best learning management system (LMS) platforms for gathering an engaged audience if you’re an online course creator.

This cloud LMS system does it all. It hosts course creators’ content and delivers it through the native course player.

For your ease of use, Thinkific offers integrations with payment solutions like Stripe and PayPal, automatically keeps track of student enrollments, a slight learning curve, and provides outstanding customer support via email.

Thinkific Pricing Plans

thinkific pricing plans
Thinkific Pricing Plans

Thinkific Pricing Plans:

  • Free Plan – $0 monthly
  • Basic Plan – $49 monthly or $39 per month when paid annually
  • Pro Plan – $99 monthly or $79 per month when paid annually
  • Premier Plan – $499 monthly or $399 per month when paid annually

Part of what makes the Thinkific platform so attractive is its multiple pricing plans, unlike many online LMS platforms, starting from a free plan.

The Core Features Thinkific Offers

It’s important to note that all the Thinkific pricing options, including the free plan, include the following core features:

  • Instant access to your funds
  • Student notifications
  • Content hosting (plus Wistia video hosting)
  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Upsells
  • Discussion forums
  • Website site theme design
  • Course building platform: an easy drag and drop course builder & page builder
  • Customer Service: phone support & email support
  • Secure cloud hosting (+ free SSL certificates)
  • Multiple instructor profiles & instructor payout reporting
  • No transaction fees!

Note: these are just Thinkific’s core features that come with any Thinkific plan.

Thinkific’s pricing plans meet course creators at every level, offering excellent opportunities for incremental and managed growth and expansion.

In this Thinkific pricing guide, we’ll delve deeper into the features of each Thinkific plan to help you pick the best one for your needs, budget, and future goals.

To get a deeper look into each of the Thinkific features and how they compare to other online course platforms, read our Thinkific review.

Thinkific’s Free Plan – Who Should Use It?

The Thinkific Free Plan offers only essential course creation features that allow you to host your content and deliver it professionally to your students.

With that said, you can have more than one Thinkific course with Thinkific’s free plan!

On this plan, you can:

  • Create courses (up to 3!)
  • Support an unlimited students
  • Use quizzes and surveys
  • Content Hosting
  • Get instant access to your funds

It is important to note that this pricing option does not include notable features like content locking, content dripping, and the ability to issue completion certificates.

Similarly, the Free Plan doesn’t have integrated sales and marketing tools apart from payment processing solutions. With this plan, you cannot pass student data to an email service provider for email marketing campaigns, create coupons, or create an affiliate program. You can only promote your courses by sharing your link manually.

Additionally, your school features a Thinkific subdomain instead of a custom domain. As such, the uptake of your course will be affected by users’ perceptions of Thinkific.

Still, the Free Plan does allow you to have unlimited student enrollments, even though you can only create up to three courses. Additionally, you can develop quizzes and surveys to assess your students’ progress and gain valuable insights into how they perceive your courses.

The Free Plan allows instant access to your funds, so you won’t have to wait for days to withdraw your cash after a student subscription. It’s the perfect vehicle for beginner course creators who don’t have money to invest online when launching a new course.

Thinkific’s Basic Plan – Who Should Use It?

The Basic Plan is the first paid plan on Thinkific that allows you to drive your course sales through powerful marketing tools.

This option goes for $49 monthly or $39 per month when you subscribe to the annual package.

Its main features include everything the free plan offers plus:

  • Unlimited number of courses and students
  • Ability to email students
  • Affiliate reporting
  • Bundles and memberships
  • Custom domains
  • Drip content
  • Email integrations
  • Manual student enrollments and exports
  • Scheduled classes
  • Zapier triggers

Unlike the Free Plan, this option comes with a custom domain that lets you customize your course website, establishing credibility with prospective and current students.

In addition, this plan offers unlimited course creation that enables you to create and upload any number of online courses. The content-dripping feature further allows you to schedule your content, ensuring that your students take the course in bits instead of one sitting.

With the Basic Plan, you also have the opportunity to market and promote your course. You can leverage numerous marketing tools that allow you to create coupons and affiliate marketing links and boost your courses through various email marketing solutions like Aweber, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, and MailChimp.

You can also share your student data using tools that enable you to process payments when using third-party carts and click funnels like Thrivecart and Clickfunnels.

However, this Thinkific plan does lack some key features, such as the ability to offer certificates of completion to students, host communities, or add admins to your page. Plus, you do not get to enjoy priority support.

The Basic Plan is a good option for those launching their first course and wanting to promote it on a shoestring budget. You can always scale up to the next level when the demand for your course goes up.

Thinkific’s Pro Plan – Who Should Use It?

If you seek a plan that offers the best value for money, then the Pro Plan is the right choice. This price point option goes for $99 monthly or $79 per month if you opt for the annual payment option.

It comes with additional features beyond those provided on the Basic Plan. These include:

  • Unlimited courses and students
  • 2 site admin accounts
  • 5 course admins or authors
  • Ability to edit the HTML/CSS
  • Bundles & memberships
  • Certificates
  • Advanced course pricing options
  • Subscription pricing and payment plans
  • Private and hidden courses
  • Host Storyline, Captivate & more
  • 1 Community section
  • Priority support section
  • Live lessons with Zoom

The first feature to note is the two admin accounts that allow you to share access to the site with a core admin. Also, this option will enable you to add up to five-course admins, allowing you to collaborate with other content creators.

You may wish to upsell your courses by offering them as a bundle. If so, the Pro Plan comes with membership and bundle features that enable you to set up paid memberships that guarantee recurring revenue generation. 

You can also offer flexible pricing for certain courses, giving students the option to pay for your courses in a one-time payment or installments.

The Pro Plan also offers the ability to provide students with certificates of completion, valuable proof that they took your course. You can also create a community where the students can interact and seek help from one another.

This plan has several advanced customization functions that enable you to add custom themes, edit the HTML/CSS, and customize the user experience. You can also create a members-only page that initiates your membership subscription program, enable content locking, and enjoy priority support.

This Thinkific pricing option is suitable if you’re a solopreneur who wishes to offer online courses individually. The features also boost the management and marketing of your course site while enhancing the students’ experience.

The good thing is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which gives you a chance to test the plan before committing to it.

Thinkific’s Premier Plan & Growth Package – Who Should Use Them?

Thinkific’s Premier plan is available for $499 monthly or $399 per month when you opt to pay annually. The Growth package is similar to the Premier plan, but we’ll get to that in a second.

The Premier pricing plan has advanced features over those available in the Pro Plan, including:

  • Unlimited courses and students
  • Advanced integrations
  • 5 site admin accounts
  • 15 group analysts
  • 50 course admins or authors
  • Bulk student emailer
  • Brillium exams integration
  • Groups
  • Onboarding package & onboarding call
  • Single sign-on
  • Unlimited growth packages
  • White-labeling
  • “Plus” API
  • Unlimited communities

The bulk emailing option enables you to communicate with your students effectively by sending bulk messages to multiple learners at once on the Dashboard.

Next, white-labeling lets you do away with the Thinkific branding on both the course player and your website, further cementing your brand in your students’ minds.

This plan comes with advanced integration opportunities that enable you to connect upscaling marketing tools, like ActiveCampaign and Infusion.

The Premier and Growth Plan also has the Groups feature, crucial to student enrollment and communication. It enables you to mass-enroll students, communicate with them, and report their progress.

It is the ideal option for training organizational teams. You can add up to 5 site admins and 50-course admins, which is helpful if you want to share access with multiple admins or course instructors.

Onboarding packages are the next vital feature of the Premier and Growth Plan. They enable live training, receiving onboarding calls with a dedicated onboarding specialist, and running a preparedness review when launching your courses.

Another notable feature is the single sign-on that allows users to sign into their Thinkific School and an external website in one action.

With the Premier and Growth Plan, you can once again integrate Zapier for easier payment processing when using third-party carts such as Thrivecart and Clickfunnels.

This feature is especially crucial if you wish to grow the uptake of your courses, as the Thinkific checkout process is not optimized for conversions.

About the Growth Package

Thinkific Growth Package Calculator
Thinkific Growth Package Calculator

In particular, the Growth package helps you to scale your online course business on an as-you-grow basis.

In addition to the base cost of $99 per month, you can add unlimited advanced features at a rate of $0.10 per user, free for the first 100 users, capped at $499 per month.

As a further testament to Thinkific’s flexibility, you can decide to go with the Premier Plan alone or the Premier Plan with the Growth package included. Always pay attention to the costs involved before upgrading to the Premier Plan.

All in all, this pricing model is the best option for established solopreneurs or businesses aiming to grow an educational brand online.

Learn more about the Growth package here.

About Thinkific Plus

Thinkific introduced a new plan called Thinkific Plus, which focuses on providing infrastructure to manage more students. This plan focuses on fast-growing courses and targets enterprise-level businesses.

This Thinkific pricing model includes everything the Premier plan includes, plus features like:

  • 3 Thinkific Instances
  • Course-specific branding
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Custom migration planning
  • A dedicated success manager
  • A sandbox site
  • reCaptcha traffic protection
  • Course duplication
  • Robus launch preparedness review

Thinkific Plus assigns users an Account Manager, offers enhanced hosting infrastructure and features advanced integration and customization options.

This plan enables you to scale up your business by targeting the right customers. For instance, you can sell or upsell pre-packaged courses to colleges, universities, and B2B organizations or create custom marketplaces with guest instructors and contributors.

As you scale up, security and customer experience become essential considerations. Thinkific Plus prioritizes boosting your site security, allowing you to secure your course through Rechapta, sophisticated and advanced passwords, Master Service Agreement (MSA), and Service Level Agreement (SLA), which protect your site from hackers.

To get started with Thinkific Plus, get in touch with Thinkific’s sales team on their website for a custom quote.

Thinkific Pricing Wrap Up

So far, this in-depth guide has given you a clearer picture of the various Thinkific pricing plans, their essential features, and how they can fit your business needs.

If you’re thinking of getting started with Thinkific and want to figure out how this eLearning platform works, then the Free Plan is an excellent plan, to begin with.

Start Your Free Thinkific Plan here.

However, if you’re a course creator with a ready-made course that you want to launch and sell actively, you’ll be better off upgrading to one of Thinkific’s paid plans to sell online courses.

The Basic Plan is ideal if you’re on a shoestring budget; it doesn’t cost much but offers a whole host of features. Otherwise, we recommend the Pro Plan for beginner creators, which provides the best value for your money.

Additionally, if you need to create a membership site instead of an online course, you’ll need the Pro Plan at a minimum. This Thinkific pricing plan allows you to reliably scale your online course creation business by offering compliance documents and hard-to-beat security features.

For enterprise-level businesses, Thinkific offers the Premier Plan and Growth Package for the Pro Plan designed for established businesses.

Finally, suppose you’re a solopreneur with a large team or a large organization. In that case, the Thinkific Plus pricing plan is your best option to safely and reliably handle the large volume of students you’ll get, all on one learning platform.

We hope this guide has helped you to decide on which Thinkific pricing plan is best for you. Click the button below to get started for free on Thinkific today.

If you have any questions about Thinkfic pricing or wish to give us feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts by getting in touch with us.

Thinkific Pricing FAQs

There are several questions that we get asked that are related to signing up with Thinkific. 

Here, we answer some of these frequently asked questions, covering anything from signing up to the online course platform, Thinkific pricing structure, to course hosting.

Does Thinkific have a transaction fee?

There are currently no transaction fees on all Thinkific plans. Nonetheless, your payment processing solution, like PayPal or Stripe, will charge you a processing or transaction fee when transferring money from the PayPal/Stripe platform to your bank account (about 2.9% of the amount).

What is considered an active student in Thinkific?

On the Growth plan, an active student is every student currently enrolled on one or more of your courses with full access to the course or courses.

When using Thinkific Free, Basic, Pro, or Premier plan, the number of active students enrolled isn’t an essential feature, as you are allowed an unlimited number of active students on these plans.

Does Thinkific have a money-back guarantee?

Thinkific does have a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have 30 days to access the platform on your chosen plan, use all the features, start selling online courses, and determine if the online course platform is suitable for you. If the platform does not meet your requirements, you can request a full refund from Thinkific within 30 days of your initial payment.

Do I need to provide credit card details to start a Thinkific free trial?

You will need to provide credit card details to start a Thinkific free trial on all paid plans. However, if you opt for the Free Plan, you do not need to provide any credit or debit card details. If you need further assistance, contact Thinkific’s support team.

How many courses can you have on the Thinkific free plan and other Thinkifc pricing plans?

The Thinkific free plan allows you to host a maximum of three courses. If you’re on the Basic, Pro, Growth, or Premier pricing plans, you can host an unlimited number of courses. Also, you can use any course content format, so there are no limits on how many lessons or videos you can have in one course.

Is Thinkific Mobile Friendly?

Absolutely. Thinkific is 100% mobile responsive, and your students will be able to consume your course content and online education material on the go. There is currently no Thinkific app. However, as one of the leading online course platforms, it’s not out of the question in the near future.

How much should I charge for my online course?

According to Thinkific, you should not sell a course below the $50 mark to run a successful online course business. To maximize revenue, you should aim for a price point around the $199+ mark for selling online courses.

If you’re starting and are thinking about Thinkific, check out these 15 Thinkific Course Examples for inspiration!

Frequently Asked Questions About Thinkific:

Thinkific’s Pricing Compared to Its Main Competitors

Thinkific has stiff competition in the online course platforms arena, but it holds its own.

Teachable vs Thinkific Pricing

Teachable is one of Thinkific’s direct competitors. So much in fact, that Teachable at brought back their free plan to compete with Thinkific’s free plan!

For a more detailed breakdown of Teachable’s pricing plans, read: Teachable Pricing (2024): Which Plan Is Right for You?

Kajabi vs Thinkific Pricing

I like to call Kajabi — Thinkific on steroids. It’s one of the leading all-in-one platforms on the market. Their sales funnel builder, website builder, sales and marketing tools, and course creation features are ahead of Thinkific in our book. You can read more about their features in our review of Kajabi here.

As for pricing, Kajabi’s pricing is steep and priced accordingly to what their product has provided the industry for years.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific Pricing

LearnWorlds is a newer Thinkific competitor that’s driving attention away from the traditional two alternatives above.

It can do most of what Thinkific can do, plus has features that Thinkific doesn’t offer. Furthermore, LearnWorlds starting price is lower than Thinkific! Get all the details about LearnWorlds here (review link).

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