Is Kajabi SCORM Compliant?

Course development is one thing. But marketing courses across multiple platforms, including Kajabi, raise questions about Kajabi-SCORM compliance.

What Is SCORM?

SCORM is the acronym for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. It stands for the compilation of technical specifications that e-learning products must meet. Publishing your courses in the SCORM format ensures that any Learning Management System will recognize it.

So you can easily transfer your course content from one e-learning platform to another. SCORM is the de facto and most frequently used standard in the online learning industry.

Is Kajabi SCORM Compliant?

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No, Kajabi is not SCORM compliant. Apart from not being SCORM compliant, Kajabi has no plans to become SCORM compliant.

Kajabi does not work with other Learning Management Systems. Hence, there is no need to need for SCORM compliance. Apart from not being SCORM compliant, Kajabi does not also comply with Html 5 files.

Is SCORM Necessary To Create Online Courses?

If you are creating courses to sell online without changing the hosting platform, SCORM may be unnecessary. For instance, selling courses on Kajabi only makes SCORM unnecessary because Kajabi does not comply with SCORM and Html 5 files.

But if you plan to create courses for sale on multiple platforms with their Learning Management Systems, SCORM would be necessary. In this case, SCORM is required to ensure they are compatible with the Learning Management System of each SCORM-compliant platform your online business uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Add SCORM Files to Kajabi?

No, you cannot. Kajabi does not support Html 5 and SCORM files. Apart from not supporting SCORM and Html 5 files currently, Kajabi does not have plans to support these files any time soon.

Is SCORM Still Compulsory?

If you create courses to market on Kajabi only, SCORM is not compulsory. But if you plan to sell your courses on other platforms that comply with SCORM and Html 5 files, SCORM may be compulsory. The reason is that it is the de facto standard for the interoperability of the e-learning industry.

What Online Course Platforms Support SCORM Files?

New Zenler, Thinkific, and LearnWorlds are SCORM-compliant alternatives to the Kajabi platform. You can resort to these platforms if you plan to market your courses on various platforms. They provide the models and communication methods that ensure the compatibility of E-learning content with multiple LMSs.

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