Kajabi Currency Options in 2024

Multiple payment options are a great marketing conversion strategy. It gives the customer the ability to pay comfortably. But does Kajabi welcome the idea?

Read on to find out.

Does Kajabi Support Multiple Currencies?

Kajabi is a platform that serves a global audience. It supports notable currencies such as the:

  • United States Dollar,
  • Euros,
  • and the British Pound Sterling.

It also supports more than 130 different currencies from other countries.

The default currency of a Kajabi account is based on the location of its user. But users can change the default currency whenever they want. They can also change it for a specific offer or product.

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Changing Your Default Currency in Kajabi

After you create an account, Kajabi will require your business location to determine the default currency for your offers.

For instance, if the customer is based in a country that uses Euros, like Germany, France, or Estonia, Kajabi will automatically set that customer’s offers to Euros.

If you stay in the US, the default currency will be the United States Dollar. But you can change your default currency with the following steps;

Log into your account. Go to Settings. Find Site Details on top of the menu. Select it.

kajabi setting site details

Navigate to Default Currency. Choose the preferred currency for your offer details and hit the Save tab at the page’s end.

kajabi settings default currency

With this new setting, new offers will have the new currency as the standard option.

Ways To Create Multiple Currency Options in Kajabi?

checkoutjoy homepage

You cannot choose different currencies for the same offer on a checkout page. When you create an offer, you can only select a currency option for that offer.

If you wish to make the offer accessible in different currencies, you have to create replicas of the same offer and choose the currency for every one of them.

Another way you can create a multi-currency offer is to add the Checkoutjoy custom script to your Kajabi website. This free script effectively leads your customers to different sales pages depending on their locations.

You can create multi-currency offers with different pricing options and direct customers to the right checkout pages with the Checkoutjoy custom script. The script does not limit the number of countries supported or the number of offers you can have on your website.

You can include the script on your Kajabi website by attaching a code snippet to the Checkout Tracking Code section in your Checkout Setscript configuration. The script will require the URLs of the offers and the country codes for countries that can view the offer.

To make the multiple offers easy to add and configure, all sales pages are organized into Page Groups. For example, you can group Germany, France, and Spain for the euro offer page, while Canada and the US together for the dollar offer page.

See Checkoutjoy resources to learn how to find your Kajabi offer link. You can check here to find a country code for a multiple-currency offer.

You can have as many sales pages as you want. But all related pages must be grouped together and correctly. This will ensure that customers are taken to the right checkout pages.

Connecting Third-Party Payment Providers for Payment Options in Different Currencies

Kajabi has integrations for Stripe and Paypal.

Paypal and Stripe are global but only popular in some countries. Limiting your business to these two payment platforms can reduce sales since customers may not be willing to sign up with them.

If you want many customers from other countries to pay for your products, connect with more than one payment provider.

Connect the offering to a popular payment provider in the target country to allow each customer to purchase comfortably.

For example, you can connect with Klarna for European customers since it is popular in Europe. Another example is iDEAL, which is popular in the Netherlands.

But to use these providers, you need Zapier. Zapier allows Kajabi to connect with third-party applications like these payment providers to enable you to access customers’ payments.

NOTE: You need to sign up with these payment providers before you connect them to your Kajabi website. You must also compare their pricing to know which ones are best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kajabi Allow Multi-Currency Offers?

Kajabi does not allow its customers to create multi-currency offers. To create a multi-currency offer, replicate the sales page and manually choose a different currency for each page.

Does Kajabi’s Currency Choice Depend on a Customer’s Location?

Kajabi’s currency choice does not depend on the location of your customers. It depends on your location.

But you can duplicate the same offer on different sales pages and manually choose the currency for each target customer.

You can also utilize the Checkoutjoy script to lead customers to sales pages with a currency based on their countries.

Can I Switch My Default Currency in Kajabi?

You can change your default currency in Kajabi. Apart from changing your default currency, you can also choose a different currency for each new offer created.

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