GoHighLevel HIPAA Compliance – Essential Guide for 2024

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Businesses in the medical and dental fields must protect their patient’s information.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) was established in 1996 to set clear and strict guidelines for safeguarding sensitive patient data against fraud or theft. 

So, if you store medical and personal records, you must adhere to this act. 

GoHighLevel provides the necessary features to help you achieve HIPAA compliance and keep your patient information safe.

Editor’s Note – This information is meant to inform and not replace legal advice. Always speak with a compliance consultant to make sure your HIPAA practices meet your company’s legal and compliance requirements.

Is GoHighLevel HIPAA Compliant? 

GoHighLevel HIPAA Compliant

Yes. GoHighLevel has worked with The Compliancy Group to meet all HIPAA Privacy Rules and HIPAA Security Rules, allowing them to enter into HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with their customer agencies.

But, to ensure your business account with GoHighLevel is fully HIPAA compliant, you’ll need to purchase this feature as an add-on to your plan

It costs $297 per month or $2,970 per year.

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Who Needs to Be HIPAA Compliant

Everyone involved in healthcare or business associates must be HIPAA compliant. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Medical Practices. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers who handle patient information.
  • Dental Offices. Dentists and dental hygienists who manage patient records and treatment plans.
  • Healthcare Consultants. Professionals offering advisory services to medical and dental practices.
  • Medical Billing Services. Companies that manage billing for healthcare professionals and organizations. 
  • Health IT Providers. Firms offering software solutions for storing and managing patient data.
  • Agency Owners. Agencies working with healthcare clients need to ensure their services comply with HIPAA.

Benefits of GoHighLevel HIPAA Compliance

The GoHighLevel HIPAA Compliance Done-For-You (DFY) service offers several advantages for your business. 

Firstly, it helps you avoid hefty penalties associated with non-compliance, which can be financially devastating. 

Their service can also save you time and effort to set up HIPAA compliance (especially for HIPAA Title II—Administrative Simplification). 

Lastly, knowing that your patient data is secure and your account meets all necessary standards provides peace of mind.

How Can GoHighLevel Help with HIPAA Compliance?

Here’s what it offers. 

  • HIPAA Enabled for the Whole Agency. This feature ensures that every part of your agency’s operations meets HIPAA requirements. All your client interactions and data management practices are covered.
  • All Security Rules Enabled. GoHighLevel activates all necessary security protocols to protect all personal health record data that your agency is handling. 
  • BAA with the Agency. GoHighLevel provides a BAA, establishing a formal agreement that outlines how they will protect patient data for your agency.
  • Full Encryption. Full encryption ensures that any data stored or transmitted through GoHighLevel is converted into a secure format. 

Editor’s Note—This HIPAA compliance service will only cover your agency and sub-accounts on GoHighLevel. However, if you’re an agency owner, you must apply for HIPAA compliance as an organization to be fully compliant. If you need help, you can contact support@gohighlevel.com

How to Make Your GoHighLevel Account HIPAA Compliant? 

You can find this add-on option inside your agency account. 

Go over the “Marketplace” tab. 

gohighlevel marketplace

Scroll down and enable HIPAA compliance by selecting a monthly or yearly plan. Click “View more.” 

gohighlevel compliance hipaa

You’ll see all the inclusion and the FAQ section. I highly suggest going over everything before making a decision. Select “Buy Now” to proceed. 

gohighlevel hipaa compliance done for you

Choose how you’d like to pay (existing card vs a new one) and hit “Subscribe.”

gohighlevel hipaa compliance pay

Once you successfully register, you’ll receive a copy of the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement signed by you and GoHighLevel. You’ll also get an email from FreshDesk confirming your HIPAA compliance activation. 

Editor’s Note – You won’t be able to cancel or downgrade your HIPAA compliance subscription. 

How Much Does HIPAA Violation Cost? 

The fines for HIPAA violations vary significantly, ranging from $127 to up to $1.5 million per year. 

Factors influencing the penalty amount include whether the violation was unintentional, involved reasonable cause without willful neglect, or resulted from willful neglect with or without corrective actions. 


Do I Need to Pay Separately for GoHighLevel HIPAA Compliance Service for Each sub-account?

No, the additional $297/month covers all accounts within your agency account. 

What Plan Will Allow Me to Get the GoHighLevel HIPAA Compliance Service?

This DFY service is available on all plans. So you can select HIPAA compliance as an add-on for the $97/month, $297/month, or the $497/month plan.

What Will Happen If My Business Isn’t HIPAA-Compliant? 

Not being HIPAA compliant can result in penalties of up to $1.5 million and, although rare, up to one year of imprisonment.  


GoHighLevel can ease the burden of achieving HIPAA compliance for your agency and medical or dental business.

You can focus on growing your business without worrying about penalties, and you can also bring peace to your clients’ minds by showing that they can trust you to keep their data safe. 

However, it’s important to note that to achieve full compliance with HIPAA, you must consult with firms and professionals.

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