SamCart Blog – Can You Create a Blog with SamCart in 2024?

SamCart does not have in-built blogging features or tools. It is a sales and checkout e-commerce software focusing on helping business owners sell their products.

But you can incorporate your SamCart checkout pages into your blog. 

Check out this article to learn how to get both platforms to function. 

Does SamCart Have A Blogging Feature?

Samcart is primarily a sales and checkout page builder. It does not have in-built blogging features. 

But you can integrate their blogs using third-party platforms like Blogger or WordPress to host the content and link them to their SamCart pages. 

You can link them by:

  • Adding a button in your SamCart sales page to direct your customers to your blog
  • Adding a SamCart checkout functionality to your blog with pop-ups

These two options can help you have your blog and checkout function in the same place. But they both require plan subscriptions to access both platforms.

Adding your SamCart product checkout to your existing blog is the most favored solution for creating a blog on SamCart. More on this below.

Creating a Blog on SamCart; How?

This example will feature a popular blogging platform, WordPress. This guide presupposes that you have already designed your Samcart product and checkout page and are at the point of incorporating it.

  • Select the PRODUCTS tab on your SamCart dashboard. 
  • Select the product you want to add to your blog.
  • Click on the SHARE THIS PRODUCT button.
  • Copy the checkout link in the first tab.
  • Open a new tab and open a free iFrame generator. You can open this on Google. 
  • Paste the link in the iFrame URL bar
  • Click on the GENERATE tab and copy the generated code.
  • Go to your WordPress blog to embed it. Choose the page where you want the checkout to feature.
  • Click on the + button to add a new block. Click CUSTOM HTML.
  • Paste the generated code from the iFrame code generator
  • Select PREVIEW to have a look and publish it when you are satisfied with how it features on your blog.

The checkout will be incorporated into your blog and connected to your SamCart.

Can I Create A Blog With Any SamCart Plan?

You can incorporate your SamCart into your blog with the guide above. The guide will work irrespective of the SamCart pricing plan you choose.

A checkout link is the SamCart platform’s nucleus because it is primarily designed to sell products. 

You can sign up for SamCart’s free trial with your blog to test this incorporation method.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get My Blog Visitors to Checkout on My Blog?

This is very simple. Follow the linking method discussed above. Get your checkout link from your SamCart dashboard for the product. Incorporate it into your blog, and you are good to go.

What SamCart Subscription Plan Will Work With My Blog?

The subscription plan you choose does not affect your ability to incorporate your SamCart into your blog. You can get your SamCart checkout links regardless of the plan you choose and embed them in your blog.

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