Kajabi Invoices and Receipts 2024 Guide

Running a successful online business involves many factors. That includes effectively managing your invoices and receipts. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of sending Kajabi invoices and receipts to your customers. 

Can I Send Kajabi Invoices and Receipts From the Platform?

Yes and no. Like most online course platforms, Kajabi lets you promptly inform your customers about their purchases by providing automatic email receipts. 

This enhances your customer’s experience and gives a professional touch to your business operations.

Additionally, Kajabi makes it easy to stay organized with your finances. It allows you to view and select past invoices for your subscription. 

However, the platform lacks a built-in feature for sending invoices to your prospects. It’s still possible to provide one, but you’ll need Zapier and a third-party app. 

Don’t worry; I’ll show you how to send Kajabi invoices through this integration.

How to Send Kajabi Invoices Using Zapier

Zapier is a powerful tool that enables a seamless connection between over 5,000 apps. But to create a “Zap,” you must first create an account or subscribe to the platforms you’ll use. 

For the invoicing feature, I recommend you the following apps. 

  • InvoiceXpress
  • Invoiced
  • Zoho Invoice
  • Xero
  • Quickbooks
  • Quaderno

The basic subscription on these apps ranges from a free one to $39/month.

So feel free to explore them first before choosing.

But I suggest you use Zoho Invoice if you need nothing else than the invoicing feature. Besides being free, its interface is good and allows enough customization.

Sending Kajabi Invoices Using Zoho Invoice and Zapier

I’ll use Zoho Invoice for this step-by-step tutorial. But feel free to use any of the platforms mentioned above.

You don’t have to worry because the integration process between Kajabi and any invoicing platforms inside Zapier is similar. 

  • On your Zapier dashboard, click “+ Create Zap.” 
zapier create zap home
  • Choose Kajabi as your Trigger app. 
kajabi trigger
  • For the event field, select “New Form Submission.” Then click “Continue.” 

TIP: It’s better to create a form your customers can fill out to receive an invoice.

  • Select your Kajabi account. And select “Continue.”
kajabi new purchase

If you still need to connect your account, all you need is to provide the API Key and API Secret that you can find on your Kajabi account.

  • Choose your site and form from the dropdown menu.
kajabi new form submission
  • After pressing “Continue,” click “Test Trigger.”
test trigger
  • Now on the Action section, select “Zoho Invoice.”
zoho invoice
  • Select “Create New Invoice” for the event.
create new invoice kajabi
  • Sign in to your Zoho Invoice account.
create new invoice in zoho invoice
  • Fill out all the necessary information under the Action tab. Then continue.
kajabi payment gateway
  • Select “Test Action” to see if the automation is working correctly.
send invoice to zoho invoice

Once you’re sure everything is good, you can publish your Zap!

How to Send Receipts to Your Customers from Kajabi 

Emailing Kajabi receipts for all successful payments is easier because you can do it directly from the platform. Here’s what you need to do. 

  • Click the Settings tab on your Kajabi dashboard. 
  • Select “Customer Payments.” 
  • Under the “Email receipt for Offer purchases,” activate “Send for all successful transactions.”
  • Update your business address and add a message if necessary. 
  • Press “Save.” 
  • Click “Preview receipt email” to see the changes. 

Is It Possible to Send Receipts from Stripe or PayPal?

Yes. PayPal does this automatically. Once your customer uses PayPal to purchase your digital product, the platform will send them a receipt via email. 

paypal receipt

Meanwhile, you can toggle on the sending of email receipts on your Stripe dashboard. You also have the choice to send an invoice manually.


Both invoices and receipts are essential in running your Kajabi business. Receipts act as concrete proof of purchase. Meanwhile, invoices are multipurpose.

They allow you to streamline recurring transactions. And they also serve as handy tax documents. Invoices clearly lay out sales tax, so you won’t have any issues with tax offices.

Connect Kajabi with Zapier today and automatically send invoices to your prospects!

If you’re not a Kajabi user yet, try it out with an extended trial deal. On the fence? Read our honest Kajabi review, where we go over features and cover Kajabi examples.


What’s the Difference Between a Receipt and an Invoice?

An invoice details what a buyer owes you for goods or services. It’s sent before payment. Meanwhile, a receipt comes after payment. It serves as proof that the buyer has paid. Simply put – an invoice says, “You owe this,” while a receipt says, “You’ve paid this.”

Does Kajabi Allow Sending Invoices?

Kajabi doesn’t provide a built-in feature of automatic invoicing. It only allows you to view and select past invoices of your subscription records. However, you can provide invoices to your clients through Zapier.

Can I Send Receipts with Kajabi?

Yes. Kajabi allows you to send receipts automatically. All you need to do is activate it through your Settings tab -> Customer Payments -> Receipts -> Send for all successful transactions. 

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