Kajabi Promo Deals – RoundUp of the Current and Previous Offers

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Kajabi is one of the leading platforms in the e-learning industry. It is famous for online course creators, membership site owners, and content marketers.

Kajabi has a lot to offer its users, including promotional deals that can save you money.

What are the Ongoing Kajabi Promotions

kajabi homepage flexible pricing plans

With Build Mode, you have a free 45-day trial to create content and get ready to launch without paying anything upfront.

This will give you access to limited features of Kajabi and allow you to be familiar with the platform and its features.

For example, you can draft your digital products and websites and set up your email marketing campaign.

However, if you wish to publish this content and send emails, you must upgrade to a paid account.

20% Annual Subscription Discount

kajabi annual pricing table

If you choose to pay for your subscription annually, you’ll get a 20% off the total cost. That massive saving can help you reduce costs if you use Kajabi in the long run.

Unlike most on this list, this promo deal is open for new and existing Kajabi users. And you can get 20% off regardless of the plan.

30-day Free Trial Kajabi Partner

kajabi homepage monitize your knowledge

Kajabi Partner is the official name of the platform’s affiliate marketing program.

We are part of this program and can offer our readers an extended free trial.

What makes this great is that it’s longer than the regular Kajabi free trial, 14 days, and won’t cost you anything.

You may click here to get a 30-day free trial.

Kajabi Income to Kickstart Program

kajabi income kickstart program

This is one of the special deals that Kajabi offer.

Besides a free trial, you also get step-by-step guidance on how to create your offer, build a sales campaign, and promote it to your audience.

On top of that, Kajabi offers dedicated support where you can ask questions.

All these resources are free when you sign up for this 14-day free trial.

What are the Previous Kajabi Promotions

These promotions are currently not available. But we’re still sharing it because the platform brings them back from time to time.

Kajabi Three Months for $99 (August 2022)

kajabi limited time offer

This serves as an introductory price for new Kajabi users.

You’ll be charged $99 for the first three months and automatically switch to your chosen monthly payment plan at the end of that period.

This 3-month deal is a great way to try the platform without committing to a high upfront cost.

Kajabi 5/5/5 (May 2022 – June 2022)

kajabi 555

The Kajabi 5/5/5 promotion is an exclusive offer of a discounted rate of $5 for a full 35-day trial on the Kajabi platform.

You’d receive daily email assistance as you use the platform and gain access to Kajabi’s product and marketing tools for just five dollars.

Kajabi 60-Day Free Trial (February 2022)

kajabi 60 day trial

Among all the promo deals on this list, this Kajabi free trial has the shortest offer period. It was available to new customers for one day only on February 22, 2022.

But if you could seize this deal, it would allow you to try any Kajabi plans for 60 days before switching to an automatic monthly subscription.

That’s two months free for the plan of your choice.

Idea to Income Challenge (January 2022)

kajabi income challenge

The 2022 Idea to Income Challenge version is similar to the Kickstart Program.

You get the same features as training videos, support, exclusive content from Kajabi experts, and community support.

However, instead of 14 days, you get a 45-day free trial.

That’s a pretty generous deal. You can explore the platform and increase your chances of launching a successful business because of the extra support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kajabi Provide Promo Codes?

No, it doesn’t. Instead, it offers promotional deals and discounts on its page. You might see some websites offering codes, but these are usually not working.

Are The Deals Only For New Customers?

Most of them are for new customers, but sometimes Kajabi offers promotions for existing members, like the 20% annual subscription on Kajabi plans and the $99 for three months.

What’s The Best Offer I Can Get Right Now?

The best deal, for now, is the 30-day free trial from our partner link. The Idea to Kickstart Program is also great because it includes a 14-day free trial and bonus resources.

When Does Kajabi Give a Promo Deal?

Kajabi doesn’t provide an exact date on when they release their promotional deals, but they usually appear at least once a year. They have an ongoing 14-day free trial on their website if you want to try it out.


Besides being an excellent course software, Kajabi provides an ongoing free trial and yearly promotional deals.

Bookmark this post if you want updates on the current Kajabi deal.


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