What Is KDP Rocket?

What is KDP Rocket?

The world of self-publishing can be intimidating for prospective authors. There’s fierce competition for the top spots, and generating sales entirely independently can be a daunting task. Luckily, tools like KDP Rocket (now known as Publisher Rocket) make the process a whole lot simpler and can actively increase the number of people who view your book.

So, what is KDP Rocket? In short, it’s a tool created by Kindlepreneur (Dave Chesson) that allows you to compare and contrast how effective certain keywords are in bringing in new readers and increasing your readership. This means that you can see which words you need to be using in your book descriptions on sites like Amazon to show up in the most possible searches.

For instance, say you wrote an epic fantasy novel, KDP Rocket would show you which keywords other authors of epic fantasy novels have used in their postings and how many readers have searched for that specific keyword. If thousands of people have searched for ‘medieval fantasy adventure,’ then KDP Rocket is going to let you know.

KDP Rocket also shows you:

  • How many times per month a keyword is used
  • How many other authors are using that same keyword
  • How much money authors are making that use that particular keyword

In the world of self-publishing, it’s essential to keep an eye on what the competition is doing. As much as it’s nice to think that throwing your book up on Amazon will result in an immediate bestseller independent of market research because you’ve written your magnum opus (which I don’t doubt, for the record), the reality is a little different.

Market research isn’t a writer’s passion, but it makes a big difference

Market research isn’t particularly exciting and definitely wasn’t at the forefront of your mind when dreaming of becoming a bestselling author, but that’s exactly what makes KDP Rocket such a useful tool. You don’t have to waste hours researching other author’s book descriptions and figuring out which keywords you’re missing out on: it does it for you. There’s a reason why a lot of self-publishing courses endorse Rocket.

In addition to handy keywords, KDP Rocket also provides an extensive list of over 19,000 categories that your book may fall into, meaning you can find the most lucrative niche to angle your book marketing from. It also compares these categories and shows you which ones are providing the authors with the most success in terms of engagement and sales.

Comparison is a big part of KDP Rocket’s features and with good reason. Focusing on your own work is the key to success in writing, for sure, but once you have your book, you need to know how to market it as widely as possible. That’s where comparison becomes an absolute necessity. Comparison of keyword success, category success, and how you can use both to put yourself in the top 20 list on Amazon (which KDP Rocket also helps you figure out by presenting exact sale figures to aspire to).

KDP Rocket even grants you access to the amount of money particular authors are making through their marketing, all of which finds its foundation in the keywords used to build up their book descriptions. A keyword-heavy description will pull in more Google searches, more Amazon searches, and will bolster your book’s popularity.

Wrap Up

So, what is KDP Rocket? Well, it’s the newest way to help take your novel to the top of Amazon’s bestseller lists. KDP Rocket (now known as Publisher Rocket) has all the marketing information you need, provided in seconds. A software like this one gives you the confidence and information you need to find success in your book or novel.

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