What Is Kindlepreneur?

What is Kindlepreneur?

Kindlepreneur is a site that was created by Dave Chesson as a platform to help established, and aspiring writers sell more books and earn more money. As is evident, the name Kindlepreneur is coined from a combination of the words Kindle and Entrepreneur.

The site is dedicated to increasing book marketing strategies. Dave has recruited many dedicated entrepreneurs who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to the bookselling business. His platform teaches authors how to market their work, instead of marketing for them.

Who is Dave Chesson?

Dave is the author who penned the book about Amazon Kindle Rankings. The book talks about how writers can make their kindle books rank top on Amazon.

His career started as a nuclear engineer, which forced him to spend a lot of time away from his family. Dave didn’t enjoy being away from his family, so he took a step back to redefine his career. He learned new skills and values, which have been helpful tools in his life.

During this time, he realized that he enjoyed time with his family more than his previous work in the military. He also learned the importance of internet marketing and started gaining interest in it. He put in more hard work, and by the end of 3 ½ years, he had turned his side business into a great success.

The Start of Kindlepreneur

When Dave started his career in internet marketing, his main interest was building niche websites. He wanted to build a lot of niche websites and make them rank highly in Google, then use affiliate links to make money. However, he realized that he was doing too much work for very little income. Dave saw that the only way he could make more money was by building his own product. He realized he had put in a lot of content into his sites that were enough to make a book.

Dave, however, realized that the biggest problem authors faced was not writing books but rather marketing them. So, he applied the skill set he had learned while using Google and Amazon ranking to write his book- writing the pain points that the book can help people solve. He viewed it as the keywords people search on Google and Amazon to find what they are looking for.

Dave’s formula suggested that keywords in book writing should be present in the book title, subtitle, description, and reviews. When people search these keywords, the search results would definitely land them to the book’s site.

Later, Dave also started a book marketing software Publisher Rocket, which was initially called KDP Rocket. The platform has become popular today and is used to help authors find Kindle keywords, AMS keywords, optimize books and categories, improve ads, get more ideas, and sell more books.

We recently wrote more about Rocket in our Publisher Rocket review article. Click here to read it.

A quick side-note, Dave used to endorse KDSpy for a while until he started heavily promoting his book marketing software. You can find out more about this Rocket alternative in our KDSpy review.

Wrap Up

By understanding how all this works, authors can determine what works best in their field and write content that is likely to sell. Ultimately, Dave’s objective of helping authors to write great work that sells has been fulfilled. Not to mention he’s risen to become a multi best-selling author!

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