Keywords Everywhere Alternative (FREE) – What Happened to Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere is no longer free at the time of writing this article (sad face). People will remember the good old days when we’d see search volume in the Google SERPs, along with CPC data, related searches, and more.

What Happened to Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere SERP Features

Keywords Everywhere used to display search volume and more when you did a Google Search!

Initially, I thought here’s another tool that was free for a long time that finally wanted to make money, so they discontinued their free Chrome extension.

However, after doing some further digging on their blog, I discovered that this wasn’t the case, and what happened to our favorite extension was necessary. It was either shut down the browser extension or no longer offer it free.

The team at Keywords Everywhere started seeing shady bot activity. According to their blog, they started “noticing bot activity where automated scripts were querying our API to get data for keywords.” Long story short, they had to do manual upkeep of their hardware to continue running their software or close it down.

You’d think their new pricing structure would be monthly recurring, but it’s not. Instead, it’s a “pay as you go” pricing model. $1 gets you ten thousand keyword data. They claim that most users won’t need anything more than $2 per month worth of data.

Anyway enough with the past, you want to know a free Keywords Everywhere alternative.

A Free Alternative to Keywords Everywhere

Keyword Surfer (KS) is a free keyword tool alternative to Keywords Everywhere that shows search volume, keyword ideas, and more in the SERP. It was released shortly after it became a paid Chrome extension.

KS is part of the suite of tools Surfer SEO offers (an on-page SEO software) which includes their SERP Analyzer, Surfer Content Editor, and more. Learn more about Surfer’s search engine optimization tools in our Surfer SEO review.

Their extension couldn’t have come at a better time as people were scrambling for an alternative to Keywords Everywhere.

Here’s a quick demo by Surfer on how the tool looks like:

How Similar Is Keyword Surfer to Keywords Everywhere?

Keyword Surfer Search and Global Volume Per Month

KS brings a unique approach to what Keywords Everywhere brought to the table minus the average cost per click (CPC) near the search bar. You can adjust the country settings in their Chrome settings if you’re not in the USA.

And similar to what Keywords Everywhere did, KS also provides Similar Keywords and a Related Searches section on the right-hand sidebar of the search engine results page (SERP).

Keyword Surfer Side-Bar

As you can see, they added something a couple of SEO graphs as well. One that displays quality backlinks and estimated traffic of the websites showing up on the first page of the SERPs.

My two cents on the two graphs, as an SEO, is that I wish the graphs were based on page URL data instead of the entire domain. That would be a lot more useful and would put Surfer ahead of the game for years to come.

Additionally, the search volume is not nearly as accurate (in my humble opinion) as Keywords Everywhere’s tool is. The same can be said for Surfer’s latest Keyword Research tool.

But, hey, they’re still a very young company and have massive room for improvement.

How to Install Surfer’s Keyword Extension

To install Surfer’s extension, you can search for Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension on Google or click on the following link to get started:

Once you have it on your Chrome browser, make sure to configure your settings to the right geo you want data for (i.e., UK, USA, AUD, etc.).


Keyword Surfer is an excellent alternative to Keywords Everywhere now that it’s a paid tool. It does most of what it Keywords Everywhere used to do when it was free, but with less search volume quality – for now.

Other Free SEO Tools

  • Google Ad’s Keyword Planner (Free if you have active campaigns in your ads account)
  • Google Trends
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