Who Designed KDSpy?

Who Designed KDSpy?

KDSpy or Kindle Spy is a comprehensive publishing tool designed by Kindle. This software helps authors find profitable keywords to use in their eBooks, hence boost traffic to their book. It also helps writers learn how other authors are selling their books and which category of books are trending.

Kindle Spy is available as a browser extension, instead of standalone software, and can be used on both Mac and Windows. This tool has helped authors from all over the world sell more books.

Who designed KDSpy? This software was designed by Wesley Atkins (he also designed the self-publishing tool KDROI). Wesley is a bestselling author, consultant, and entrepreneur. More recently, he has become famous for advising small to medium-sized enterprises.

He teaches them how to improve their online business earnings through proven to work methods like conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization. He’s worked with large companies including Casino.co.uk, Quidco.com, and Gambling.com.

How Was the KDSpy Idea Born?

The idea first came to Wesley during a dark time of his life. His wife had just been diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism – clotting of the lungs- while she was five months pregnant. This meant there was a huge possibility of the couple losing their child. Luckily, the treatment given to her was successful and she delivered the child safely a few months later.

This experience was somewhat life-changing for Wesley because he made it his mission to provide a better life for his family. This determination led to a huge change in his publishing business.

Two months later, Wesley Atkins launched the software product for self-published authors, KDSpy. He put in more work and developed the ‘5 Minute Publishing’ brand, which is now known as the Publishing Altitude product line.

Initially, Wesley had created the two platforms to benefit himself, but after he realized how powerful they were, he decided to share the benefits with other authors. He sold the brand in 2011 for a one-time fee.

KDSpy had grown to over 6,000 transactions in 2016 alone, making about $352,000. After paying the affiliates used and business expenses, he was still left with a great profit. Wesley quit his job and focused solely on running his business.

With such dedication and determination, he saw his business grow to about 12,000 customers in January 2017. A year later, Wesley decided to focus the majority of his working time on helping people start their self-publishing journey. Today, he has become a respectable figure with 32 titles to his name on Kindle.

Final Thoughts

Wesley has built over 120 websites in various industries and created several digital courses. He has made it his mission to pass down the knowledge he has to other authors. Thousands of people have benefited from this by learning how to effectively set up and market their websites to return maximum profits, conversions, and traffic. Learn more about how to use KDSpy in our tutorial.

KDSpy has been a winner too. We wrote a KDSpy review article explaining how authors use it to optimize their books. It’s an affordable tool for authors to use when it comes to getting relevant data in their market. Wesley’s contribution to the market has been life-changing.

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