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BuilderAll Review (2020): Is the Latest 3.0 Update Any Good?

Builderall Review

Builderall is an online marketing platform that lets you create sales funnels, websites, and other helpful tools. It's branded as being one of the most affordable platforms when compared to others. Read our Builderall review to get the full story!

As an online marketer, wouldn’t it be great if there was a marketing tool that provided all the tools you need to sell your products and services effectively?

To run an online business, at the absolute minimum, you need a drag and drop sales funnel builder (or site builder), web hosting, and an email marketing service.

If your products start converting, you might want to have affiliates on promote your product and/or begin funneling people through webinars. Yet, these two business ideas add on two more pieces of software: an affiliate system and a webinar tool.

You might decide to get fancy and want to add a chatbot on Facebook – yet another tool! What about a membership site? Another one!

The real nightmare scenario for most online business owners is getting all these marketing tools to talk to each other and just work. The cherry on top is that these tools cost a small fortune every month.

However, emerging platforms have decided to include all these tools under one roof and at an affordable price.

Enter Builderall – a company that brands itself as being the solution to all your digital marketing problems. In this review, we'll see if they're able to offer so many tools in their software and still keep up with the quality of other competitors in the marketplace.

Also, in this Builderall review, we’re going to cover:

  • What exactly is Builderall?
  • An overview of the Builderall marketing tools
  • The Builderall Pros & Cons
  • Builderall pricing
  • My final thoughts and ratings
  • And more
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    What is Builderall?

    Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform launched and created by Erick Salgado in 2017. The goal of Builderall is to provide all the tools you need to run a successful online business in one cloud-based software.

    Builderall provides a lot of tools. Here are just a few of the tools Builderall offers:

    • Sales funnels
    • Landing pages and sales pages
    • Website builders
    • An e-commerce solution
    • Heat maps
    • An email autoresponder
    • Animated videos
    • And more.

    Since its initial launch, there have been updates, big and small, and we’re now on Builderall 3.0.

    Let’s cover the updated builder tools that rolled out in the 3.0 Builderall release.

    Builderall Feature Highlights

    Office Dashboard

    The dashboard you see above is the “back office,” and it hosts your collection of installed apps.

    The recent update gives users the ability to add only the applications they want to their dashboard instead of having them all in a side-menu like in the previous release. 

    This is a good change and lets the user focus on only the applications they want to use (I like how they have high quality training videos and descriptions of how the app works for each installation).

    From the menu, you can also choose to customize your “office” with other applications offered:

    extended menu

    Back to the dashboard, from here, you’ll be able to launch any given application and get to work.

    Let’s cover the core tools Builderalls offers.

    Pixel Perfect Builder

    pixel perfect launch

    In past versions of Builderall, there were multiple website builders, but it seems in 3.0, they’re focusing on improving the Pixel Perfect Builder as its the one most people use for web design and sales funnel purposes (no coding skills required)

    The site builder still comes with its multiple template designs. You can preview the templates or choose it and see it in the builder.

    Website Templates

    The editor is a full drag and drop experience, which can be useful for some and not so good for other users.

    Landing Page Demo

    It’s hard to explain if you haven’t used the editor, but mostly, Builderall gives you the liberty to drag-and-drop elements anywhere on the page that you’d like which can lead to a more tedious experience when it comes time to aligning different elements on a page (vertically or horizontally).

    What makes it worse is there are no helpful dotted vertical/horizontal lines to make sure your elements are stacked well and aligned correctly. I think this is what’s lacking in this website builder.

    Hopefully, they improve this soon, as it can get messy “eye-balling” element alignments.

    Being able to manage elements (such as the spacing, positioning, alignment, padding, etc.) to the “pixel” is important to me when it comes to page builders – you may be different.

    Aside from my minor complaint above, the sidebar and top-nav-bar options appear to be much better.

    add elements

    In the sidebar, you can 

    • configure page settings for search engines (SEO information such as page titles, descriptions, sitemaps, etc.),
    • add new elements,
    • add a blog posts section to your site for content marketing,
    • configure what information you’ll request from leads,
    • and configure payment options if you’re selling a product or service.

    And like most page builders, the Pixel Perfect builder is mobile responsive builder. This was a significant improvement because, in the previous version of Builderall, this tool would create two separate versions of the page(s) you were making (one for desktop and one for mobile). 

    It was confusing, and some people put up with it – it was a necessary upgrade.

    Canvas Funnel Builder

    canvas launch

    Next up is Builderall’s newest addition, the Builderall Canvas. Marketing platforms such as Kartra and Clickfunnels don’t provide this type of tool (even in their premium package).

    The Canvas allows you to map sales funnels from beginning to end on a drag and drop canvas (similar to a whiteboard). 

    When you’ve mapped out your funnel workflow, you’re one click away from Builderall, creating each page via their Pixel Perfect website builder.

    Note: Before design tools like this one got introduced to funnel marketers, they’d have to resort to a whiteboard or map out their workflow on paper to get a birds-eye view of their strategy.

    What’s useful about Canvas, is it provides multiple funnel map template options (you can also start on a blank page too).

    Canvas Funnel Templates

    Canvas is a useful add-on to have as a beginner or a seasoned marketer. It can help your strategize better or be used as a presentation builder like it to present to clients. 

    As a beginner, it’ll help you understand how sales funnels work (they’re just a series of unique landing pages that string leads on to a conversion destination).

    To a more experienced marketer, this tool allows you to explain and review your vision for a product launch or how you can improve a client's business with a lead generation funnel if they sign up for your paid advertising services.

    Here are some of the sales funnel templates: lead generation, sales, ebooks, free trial, invisible, tripwire, webinar, e-learning, membership funnels, and more.

    And here’s an example of one of the most common funnels used by online businesses in Builderall.

    canvas demo
    Squeeze Page Funnel (Used to Collect Leads)

    The builder is drag-&-drop and intuitive. You can move landing pages around, add or remove pages, disconnect and reconnect the branches, etc.

    Before you can edit the pages built in Canvas, you have to deploy the funnel by clicking the “Create the Website” button on the top right of the screen.

    Overall this addition to Builderall improved the value that the Builderall platform brings to the marketplace. It is an efficient way of brainstorming a marketing funnel and automatically building out the pages without having to create each page one by one manually.

    Mailing Boss


    MailingBoss is Builderall’s built-in email marketing software. It’s their “equivalent” to ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, etc.

    Let’s start with the dashboard interface.

    Mailingboss Dashboard

    Aside from the brightness of this dashboard, I like the simplicity MailingBoss provides.

    For instance, to create an email subscribers list, you just have to configure your list settings:

    MailingBoss Email List Settings

    Configuring these settings is straightforward. You’ll need to create a list to start an email campaign (you can have multiple campaigns and lists). Starting a campaign is just as simple as setting a list.

    For this Builderall review, I’ve created a demo campaign so you can see what MailingBoss its email editor and autoresponder are like.

    The email editor has been updated in Builderall 3.0, and its now made up of block elements.

    Email Editor

    If you are using MailingBoss as your ESP, you’ll be in using the email builder a lot since it’s used for both campaigns and autoresponders.

    Next up is the MailingBoss autoresponder.

    Mailingboss Workflow Automation

    Although the image above seems like the automation workflow elements are intuitive, unfortunately, they’re not. It’s not simple to drag and drop block elements and connecting the elements is a tad challenging.

    That said, I personally don’t use Builderall for email marketing (keep in mind Builderall allows for integrations to third party email service providers), so I don’t want to put MailingBoss in a negative light.

    I do like that they have an autoresponder that allows for tagging and instant messaging. Having worked with a few email services, I know most have tagging features in their automation, but few have the capability of setting up an Instant Message via SMS.

    To me, Mailing Boss is a decent starter email, but it’s not top quality enough to replace established service providers who’ve been in the industry for years.

    Facebook ChatBot

    Professional Messenger Chatbot

    Builderall also has a Facebook chatbot, which is similar to setting up email campaigns. 

    In their Facebook chatbot, a type of automation (they have multiple) is called “flows.” And similar to one-off emails, single Facebook messages are called Broadcasting messages.

    For this part of my Builderall review, I’ll cover how Flows work.

    Your chatbot begins in the Steps List of the Flows section. Here you’ll be able to start your message in text format or an option to include a text message, images, and buttons.

    Additionally, you’ll be able to make your chat interactions seem more “authentic” by adding a delayed response and display typing symbol (usually 3 waving dots) during the reply delay.

    builder all chat bot flow

    Essentially, what Flows do is let you start chatbot automation like ones you’ve most likely seen before:

    Facebook Chat Example

    You can direct your leads to external landing pages, add links to your blog, even a call-to-action button that gets them on the phone.

    Your flow automation can be as long as you’d like. Each step the lead takes opens up the next step you create.

    Furthermore, you can create your sequences with their Interactive Flow Builder, instead of their Classic Builder if that’s more your style. Either editor works with conditional logic.

    Flow Builder

    Once you have your first flow setup, you’ll be able to trigger how your chatbot interactions work with either the “Growth tools” or “Automation” parts of the tool. 

    The Automation settings allow you to trigger chatbot sequences with one-word interactions and more options.

    The fact that Builderall offers this software on its platform is excellent if you want to increase the communication channels for your online business. At the same time, it saves you another monthly recurring bill.


    webinar launch

    Builderall has improved its webinar builder in its 3.0 release and has made the setup process as streamlined and easy to use as possible.

    Like dedicated solutions (WebinarJam, WebinarNinja, Demio, etc.), setting up an evergreen webinar to work with your email and chatbot sequences can be a hassle.

    You’ll have to fetch API keys, create rules, create references (for both chat and email) to hook up your webinar to your communication channel software.

    Aside from this, though, the webinar builder is what you’d expect. 

    You can configure advanced settings, scheduling, webinar forms, upload videos (or use Youtube URLs), and even create a ghost audience to attend your webinars and make them look “live.”

    Webinar Settings

    Aside from their standard scheduled webinar, Builderall also has two other options called “Streaming to YouTube/Facebook OR meeting room” and “Live/On-Demand room chat and login.” that might be of interest to some users.

    Builderall Pricing

    Builderall New Pricing Table

    Builderall 3.0 has the following new pricing options:

    • $19.90/month for the Builder Plan
    • $29.90/month for the Marketer Plan
    • $49.90/month for the Essential Plan
    • $69.90/month for the Premium Plan

    The two price point options worth considering are the Essential or Premium plan; otherwise, you’ll be quite limited.

    The Essential plan is a good starting point for a seller who needs to make a website (or funnel), an email provider (you get a limited version of MailingBoss), checkout pages, and software to have your own affiliates.

    The Premium plan unlocks the remaining dozens of tools and removes the limitations the Essential plan has. Additionally, you get the option to participate in Builderall’s affiliate program.

    We discuss all the Builderall pricing plans in this article.

    Builderall Pros

    As an internet and affiliate marketer, I attempted to find as many advantages as Builderall provides. The following pros are what I found.

    It's Affordable!

    As you can see from our pricing section above, Builderall is one of the most affordable alternatives to investing in a traditional “marketing stack.”

    A marketing stack usually requires a sales funnel builder (~$99+/month starting), an email marketing platform to build an email list ($~15/month starting), and hosting (~$100+/year starting).

    Getting fancy with membership sites, social media bots (and other social media tools for images and videos), social proof software that goes on your sales pages, heat map analytics, and more can push your monthly marketing budget over $200/month.

    Platforms like Builderall exist as a solution to this affordability issue for small business owners. However, this is a double-edged sword, as you’ll see in the “cons” section.

    Consistently Evolving

    You’ll be happy to know that Builderall is always improving its product and adding new add-on applications. 

    The Builderall team, led by Erick Salgado, is always looking for ways to make the product better by enhancing customer relations and adding additional tools in the Builderall back office.

    Tools like the blog builder, the app creator, their video tool, and the Canvas Funnel Builder have been introduced in the most recent Builderall updates.

    Canvas Funnel Builder

    The Canvas Funnel Builder was introduced in Builderall 3.0, and it’s a unique add-on, namely because this type of software can cost $50/month on average.

    This tool allows you to create an overview to track your funnels on a drag and drop builder type canvas. It’s a good way of planning your sales funnel from A-Z because you can see the workflow on one screen.

    Just like the other builders in the dashboard, you can design your funnel map from scratch or use one of the pre-designed templates.

    When you are satisfied with your workflow, with a click of a button, Builderall will build out the all the landing pages, sales letters, and other web pages you added in your account. You’re able to edit each of these pages using the Pixel Perfect page builder.

    A Good Affiliate Program

    With any marketing tool I use, I always check if there’s an affiliate program (especially for ones that cost a monthly charge) because its promotion can potentially make the tool free of charge. Thankfully, this is one of Builderall’s strong suits. Plus you can make an affiliate website with their website creator.

    Unlike other affiliate programs, the Builderall affiliate program is more complicated. Here are a few of the program’s highlights:

    • 100% affiliate commissions on your referral’s first monthly payment
    • $8 or $20 (dependent on plan) recurring affiliate commissions
    • $8 or $15 (dependent on plan) bonus payouts every 3 months that referrals’ remain on the Builderall platform
    • 4 tier levels of affiliate earnings

    Not too shabby, for a business opportunity, huh? It does get better, though. Like some of its competitors, Builderall also has a “dream car” incentive for its affiliates.

    You see, Builderall has a points system that they established in their last update. The more referrals you get and the longer they stay, the more points you get. For every 690 points you earn, you get a $50 car bonus (not capped).

    Builderall Cons

    Fair warning, I’m going to be brutally honest in this section as I really tried to give Builderall a fair shot when compared to other tools I’ve used in the past (or am currently using) to make funnels and websites.

    Keep in mind that these are the cons that I spotted and may not apply to you.

    Poor User Experience

    As I’ve used Builderall over the years, I could always tell that their user experience (aka. UX) could use some work. Even with the latest releases.

    My complaints with Builderall’s current UX are as follows:

    With so many applications Builderall office, the backend dashboard continues to be sluggish (i.e., load times), making for a poor user experience.

    There doesn’t seem to be a universal “look” to all the Builderall apps (i.e., using their original site builder tool has a different feel and look to their latest Cheetah Builder).

    At times, I’ve found myself having to go through two clicks (pages) to get to the page I was looking for (all opened in a new tab).

    Aside from having to go through training videos for each of the Builderall apps provided, the above are my Builderall complaints.

    Jack of All Trades & Master of None

    Using Builderall comes with a unique advantage: it has useful internet marketing tools under one roof. But, it’s not all it's cracked up to be.

    For instance, their website builder is somewhat easy to use, but it pales in comparison to landing page builder like LeadPages.

    MailingBoss, their email marketing tool, is not on the same level as the ConvertKit or the Getresponses of the world.

    Their chatbot software is not up to par with tools like Manychat.

    The fact that Builderall can’t at least be at the same level as these counterpart competitors is a con in my book. But, there’s an underlying problem to it, and that’s wanting to be the solution to everything in the online marketing world. It’s a big challenge.

    The Challenge of Being Everything to Everybody

    Don’t get me wrong; Builderall isn’t the first company that wanted multiple tools under one platform.

    For instance, Clickfunnels has 3 core tools on its platform: its funnel builder, their email tool, and its affiliate software. 

    But that’s where it stopped. They focused on improving these three tools for years and continue to do so (which is why I think they’ve been so successful).

    Builderall, on the other hand, took things to another level by adding WAY more tools than it seems anyone was asking for. 

    It’s like they wanted to take on the entire digital marketing industry as a whole and not niche down and focus on making a few of their tools the best they could be.

    If they were to focus on just a few tools instead of dozens of them, I think more people would sign up with Builderall. 

    If I had one piece of advice for the Builderall leadership, it would be to focus on their ONE Thing (a good book by Gary Keller) instead of fighting the never-ending uphill battle of being everything to everybody – it usually never works.

    Is Builderall Right For You?

    So, is Builderall the right platform for you? You know my thoughts so far, but in this section, I’m going to take a step back and think of two instances in when I would and wouldn’t recommend Builderall.

    Recommended IF:

    • You’re just getting started with online selling

    If you’re a new marketer, I know money can be tight, and if Builderall can provide a platform to make sales funnels, a website, and an email service provider, then one of the Builderall plans is a decent option. That said, it’s worth considering other options when you can afford it.

    Note Recommended IF:

    • You’re impatient with multiple learning curves

    Builderall has a lot of useful, granted, not top-shelf, marketing tools. Each one has a learning curve. 

    If you were planning to use Builderall for all the tools it provides, keep in mind that you’ll have to learn how to use each one by watching, at times, multiple tutorials. And from my experience, the user interface of Builderall as a whole isn’t the most pleasant one, so do expect to learn a lot.

    • You’re in a competitive industry

    Although Builderall tries to be the king of all online business tools, it’s got a long way to go. 

    If you’re in a competitive space like weight loss as an affiliate marketer or you’re doing client SEO for a law firm, you’re most likely going to have a tough time competing with competitors who use dedicated solutions for each part of their digital marketing campaigns (i.e., WordPress for websites, ActiveCampaign for an ESP, Clickfunnels for sales funnels).

    I have experience in these competitive arenas in the United States, both affiliate and client, and in no circumstances do I see the Builderall platform triumphing over the competitors I’ve dealt with. Perhaps one day, but it is not this day.

    Builderall Review Conclusion

    Although Builderall continues to improve its product with yearly updates, I can honestly say I’m not going to be switching to it anytime soon.

    My biggest quarrel with Builderall is that it “tries too hard.” They want to be the best digital marketing platform so badly (as you've seen throughout this Builderall review).

    It tries to give you all the tools an internet marketer frankly doesn’t need. 

    The cool tools Builderall offers are nice-to-haves (i.e., their floating video, animated video features, the app builder, etc.), but frankly, they’re not needed by beginners (which seems to be their target market).

    And they don’t stop (with over 30 Builderall tools). They continue to add even more tools to the platform. Not good.

    The core tools they have are:

    • The Pixel Perfect Builder
    • MailingBoss
    • The Canvas Funnel Builder (new in 3.0)

    Unfortunately, none of these tools are the best when compared to their counterparts (i.e., Instapage, ConvertKit, Funnelytics, or Opesta).

    If only they would focus on improving their three core tools. They might be able to compete with the big boys in the industry, and their audience just might thank them for it.

    With that said, one of Builderall’s main strengths is their affordability. It’s a reasonable cost alternative to the Clickfunnels and Kartras of the world. Just be aware that you’ll have a fair amount of learning to do for each tool that’s offered.

    Sound good? Give Builderall a try today and get started with a free trial!

    That’s it for my Builderall review guys. I hope it was helpful. If you have questions about using Builderall or any of the alternatives, leave me a comment below.

    Builderall FAQs

    Builderall has a free plan that has a lot of limitations. Their first paid plan starts at $19.90 per month, and their most expensive Premium plan costs $69.90 per month. See our pricing section in this review for more details.

    Some would consider them to be an MLM because Builderall offers a two-tier affiliate program, but it’s not a scam, or a pyramid scheme, as there are thousands of Builderall business users on that have built their websites to establish a web presence.

    Yes! Whether you want to sell a product or a service to your target audience, BA gives you all the tools necessary to start making money.

    Like most online SaaS companies, BA has an affiliate program, which means if you refer someone to BA, you get a commission off the referral’s subscription fee. It's a decent program for affiliate marketers with a great support team.

    To make money online, regardless of what tool you’re using, you’ll need a business plan to generate revenue. BA hands you the chisel, but it’s up to you to understand and take action on the business model you choose to start making money.

    BA allows you to create: ebook covers, a click map, design elements, 3D images pop ups, sounds effects, the Builderall image spinner, and more. And has useful features and different tools for people who use/need: a design studio, an app store, an e-commerce store builder, video tools, a script generator tool, a Search Engine Optimization - SEO tool - mainly for on-page SEO, a streaming tool, a video editor, an eLearning platform, and lots of extras that you don't need to pay for additionally.


    Now that you’ve read my Builderall review, you might be interested in some alternatives.

    The following alternatives are similar to Builderall, with fewer applications, but their approach is more focused on being the best useful platform for online business.

    Platform Trial Starting Cost Checkout Process Email Marketing Learn More
    Clickfunnels Table Logo 14 Days $97/m Yes Yes Read Review
    Kartra Table Logo 14 Days $99/m Yes Yes Learn More
    leadpages table logo 14 Days $48/m Yes No Learn More

    The services above focus on being platforms that help people sell online. They each provide a landing page builder so you can collect leads and/or build sales pages, they have a drag and drop cart platform, and they provide email marketing automation.

    You might find that they have extra features, but they’re nowhere near the number of extras Builderall provides. These alternatives have been around for a while and know their limitations.

    builderall logo

    Our Rating:


    An advanced all-in-one digital marketing platform that's ever-improving.

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