Builderall Tutorials: How to Easily Create Landing Pages and Pitfalls to Avoid

Builderall Landing Page Takeaways

  • Avoid using the Drag and Drop Responsive Builder
  • Instead, use either the Drag and Drop Pixel Perfect or Mobile First Drag and Drop Builder
  • Avoid using the Drag and Drop Responsive Builder
  • Instead, use either the Drag and Drop Pixel Perfect or Mobile First Drag and Drop Builder

Bonuses to Make Things Easier

The trouble people who “try out” Builderall have is they’re novices at using the software. It’s not the most user-friendly platform around, but there’s no arguing with the price.

Builderall Tutorial

Hey, what’s up, guys, it’s John here, and in this article, I’m going to show you how to create a high converting landing page on Builderall. Now you might already have this you might not depending on your situation, either way, you’re going to learn how to create a nice sales page or lead capture page. So let’s get started without further ado here what you’re looking at is the builder all dashboard and what we’re going to do is go here to the top left or left-hand side. And as you can see, there are quite a few sales or landing page builders, but the one I like to use and the ones I recommend you use is the drag and drop pixel perfect editor or the mobile first drag and drop builder. Now I don’t recommend going with the drag and drop responsive builder when I first got builder all that’s what I used. And that’s what I see where I see a lot of mistakes happening and where a lot of people get frustrated with builder all. So do yourself a favor and use one of these two. Now I might go into a separate article and talk about why that is and show you specifically what each one of these does. But for this tutorial article, I’m going to go with my number one recommendation and use pixel perfect. Let’s click on that. And as you can see, we have to choose one of these three options. I’m going to go with a new website, that’s what I like to do. If you click on sales funnels, you’re not really going to get a lot of templates. So let’s click on this.Okay, so once you get here, what you want to do is pick one of these categories, whichever one fits your niche really. But the one that I like going to is the sales funnel category just because I find that it has more templates or better templates, at least for my niche, right. But let’s take a look at these and pick one for this tutorial article.I think I’m going to go with a simple opt-in funnel. As you can see they have free book plus shipping funnels webinar funnels.This seems pretty standard. So let’s choose this one. And of course, you can preview it before clicking the Edit button.Alright, so now that we’re actually in the pixel perfect editor, let’s talk about a few things. Let’s cover our bases. Here.Everything is drag and drop, you can really like this system here. But to get things started, let’s talk about the grid lines. This is just a quick feature can turn on or off. Let’s talk about the desktop view. This is what you see right now.If you make changes here, they’re not going to reflect 100% on the mobile, and you’ll see what I mean. But they will be basically if you add something new to the desktop part. Like if I add, for example, a text element, it’s going to be added to mobile but not exactly on the screen is going to be added in this gray work areato where you can add that element in the mobile screen. Now let’s get to work here.Oh, and one last thing, this part right here, this drop down. These are basically the funnel stepsand you can choose what to edit here. So for example, what we’re working on right now is opt-in but there’s also the download page or the confirmationpage. So let’s take a look at that right now. Okay, so thisthis is the demo thank you page or download page.Okay, let me check real quick with this confirmation email if you just need to confirm your registration. Okay, so you can use either one of those it really depends if you want somebody to just download your freebie or not. Okay, now that we got that out of the way those funnel steps let’s get to work let’s pretend we are giving away a free book on SEO like you have an SEO course and you have an audience that you’re building and you’re giving away such a course let’s say I don’t want this logo or you if you do you can quickly update it here by clicking double clicking and adding stuff your own images basically from your screen but for now let me just delete that and this is not a section actually but you can just right clickGo to Appearancego to – this is the header sectionand let’s go click this cog here let’s say I don’t want anything I like it better like thatand this is where the headline startsbring my keyboard closerThis is the number one guide on forexample of course this is all justneither here nor thereand as it’s as easy as this guysWe’re just going to move stuff up most of these elements your you can it’s all drag and drop right but if you want to start like editing things a little bit more in detail what you’re going to have to do a lot of the times is right click on an element and that will bring up a lot of different optionsfor you so for example change image now let me show you a handy feature that you’re going to be using for example let’s say I put this I accidentally have this title towards the left accidentally as you can see there’s not really center a line in this page builder we can do is right click and click center element. Pretty cool right?let’s make this a little smallerand right now it’s got a tiltas you can seeit was at seven now to five that’s okay alright so let’s connect this to our autoresponder and make sure or we’re not going to do it but this is this is how you would do it you right click on your button from here go click on configureit’s asking me to save my work first so that’s good let’s click Save hereyep oh okay so be aopt-in tutorialhe’s you know let’s click thatsaveall right greatnow let’s try this configureand this is where you would choosewhat service you have so what autoresponder service you have I personally use get response but builder all does have its own autoresponder system which is free with their pricing plan one of them does not have the mailing boss but you get 10,000 leads for free and it is an autoresponder I personally like using third-party system just because I’m more used to that system. But if you don’t already have one, then it’s a good system to have this is really easy to integrate and connect to your service. If your service is not on here, go ahead and click on other platforms.Alright, so let’s get rid of this. We don’t want thatyou can have these you can choose not to have these as you can see, these are the other pages that are hyperlinked to the other steps here. And you can decide to edit them if you want to or not. But for now, for this tutorial, I am going todelete that. And let’s say let’s say I don’t want this space, this background right here, what we can do is decrease that there. Yep. And drag that down further there.And now you can see it’s just a full page with the right color. Let’s go to mobile. See what happened here in mobile.Okay, so some things got out of moved out of place but we can justdrag things around. Let’s not do thatbecause you see if you get an error like thatyou don’t want you don’t want to do that because things cool get out of place here as you can seeif you read that message that’s basically what it’s telling you.So what I’m going to do insteadmake it thiswe go its background section you seethis little dot you get to click on that interest drag upandsince this is mobile, I want this a little smaller and mobile however I want the centeredand I want the centered as well.Oh but it looks like it’s aligned left right now so I actually have to center the text by double-clicking as you saw thereand let’s sayso I have to move this one by one, unfortunately, Builderall at this point does not have like a set element just forbulleted lists which is unfortunate if you ask me but that’s okay let’s move this up a little bit.Make sure it’s centered There we are. We hate spam we do what we’re not doing that, and all I’m doing here is dragons.don’t want sometimes you just got to play around with thingsand if we really wanted to, we canjust right click on this footer section this right here is just the footer section let’s click on the appearance hereclick the cog-like I said everything that you if you have a question about something like an element that you’re building within builder all just right click it and play around with things, and you’ll eventually find what to do.Let’s go to colorslet’s say no color this one hereand as you can see that looks a lot better.Alright, guys, so that was it for the tutorial for building an opt-in part of the funnel. Let’s check out just for good measure the confirmation email aka the thank you page.Okay, so this is what we’re we got to work with here. If you wanted to add more things like oh that’s not it. Let’s go here.This is good. We’re gonnastartlet’s add a paragraph text.Okay, so now we’re just adding elementsshow you how things work.If youhave any questionsreach me at my email here.Also if you didn’t get my emailcheck the spam box firstfor promotion folderif you’re using Gmailjust an example there guys let me split center this yearcenter element oh let’s center the actual textand this one too.Okay cool. Now let’s say I wanted to change the fontso use a new style because it’s using the default id style from this button here and you can mess around with that later on but for this let’s say I want to useAriellet’s change the font size hereto 25and that is remember we can center element hereand these are just little icons okay you need us okaynow let’s check out mobileoh this is I’m glad we did this because as you can see we added the text in desktopbut in mobile nothing really changed but it is out here in the workspace area good good goodThis seems like it needs to be a little bigger so let’sas you can see right clickis your Savior when using builder alland okay in the desktop version we place this heresolet’s do thatfix it so it looks good here’s what I’m trying to say customizationwe want the smaller look inhereso what you can do when you run out of space is grab this bottom part and just keep dragging keep dragging and now you can see we have space let’s centerline at here center elementsay I wanted to build somethingalright guys that is it for the confirmation and let’s click Savethere we go. Alright guys that was it for this article thank you for watching this and I hope it was helpful and you can really use it to start building good sales pages or good landing pages funnels all thatgood stuff with builder all now I do have a builder all beginners course that shows you the ins and outs of using builder all as a tool and that comes with you free it’s a free bonus that I do offer for anyone who’s trying to check out builder all and wants to sign up using my link I’ll leave it in the description below and there you can check out the builder all bonuses that I also offer I do also offer more training when it comes to how to promote builder all so it pays for itself basically and also I do have share funnels so I’ll be sharing funnels with different niches in mind so it’s not all just internet marketing but you can use it for clients in you can use for affiliate marketing if you want and different niches and all you have to do is religious switch up the headlines, the images and whatnot. Now if you like this article, go ahead and give it a like if you like this tutorial. If you have any questions about the tutorial or need any future articles that you would want me to make about builder. I’ll go ahead and include that in the comments section below. Anyways, that’s all for this article. If you liked this article, definitely hit that subscribe button. I will be making more tutorial articles about internet marketing, landing pages. software’s things of that nature. And anyway, I will talk to you soon.

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