ClickMagick Pricing – How Much Each Plan Costs in 2024 & More!

clickmagick pricing

Now that you found a powerful conversion and link tracking software, ClickMagick, it’s time to choose a suitable plan for your budget and marketing campaign.

But, how much does Clickmagick cost? 

This article will provide the updated ClickMagick pricing plans, each plan limit, their free trial, link tracking tool features, and advanced features offered.

Additionally, at the end of this post, you’ll know how to get a discount of up to 30%. 

If you’re an online marketer, an online business owner interested in finding a suitable plan for you, or affiliate browsing affiliate marketing tools, read on.

ClickMagick Pricing Plans Overview in 2024

clickmagick features

ClickMagick currently offers 3 pricing plans – Starter, Standard, and Pro. There’s a slight change with the pricing plans in 2024, but the features provided in each plan remained the same. 

Each plan includes the core tracking tools to help boost your sales and online marketing campaign. So even if you get the cheapest plan, you can still get valuable tools in tracking and conversion.  

The differences between the plans are evident in the limitations and additional features. 

If you’d like to monitor more clicks per month, track multiple sales funnels (entire sales funnel tracking instead of just one click), or enjoy better customer support, you should go for the Standard or Pro plan. 

Don’t worry! That’s just a sneak peek. We will discuss each in detail below.

Please note this article will only revolve around ClickMagick Pricing Plans. For more information about features, read our ClickMagick review (coming soon). 

ClickMagick Starter Plan

Price: $37/mo.

The Starter plan is suitable for new business owners/online marketers who want basic tracking and are on a limited budget.

The core features available in this plan are really helpful. But you won’t have access to advanced features like audience optimization or PPC Click Shields.

That’s okay if they aren’t necessary for your current online marketing campaign and mainly need an advanced click tracking software. 

Some other great features you can get are custom tracking domains and good customer support. 

ClickMagick lets you set up custom domains or sub-domains for your Tracking Links and Rotators, whether existing or new. Through this feature, you can set up your link’s brand and style to get more clicks. 

Aside from that, there are numerous features you can expect from the Starter plan: 

  • Track and optimize up to 10,000 clicks per month.
  • Get unlimited conversion. 
  • Access all core features of ClickMagick such as: 
  • Sales funnels tracking
  • Click-fraud protection 
  • Limitless tracking of opt-ins, goals, and sales.
  • Mobile optimization and geotargeting.
  • Affiliate links tracking (their dynamic affiliate links sub-id feature is nice!).
  • Rotators and split testing.
  • Real-time stats.
  • Fast redirects and link-less tracking. 
  • Funnel tracking – 1 funnel.
  • Set up two custom tracking domains. 
  • 6-month data retention.
  • Basic online support. 

Here are some limitations you’ll encounter with this ClickMagick pricing plan:

  • One user seat only. You can’t add additional team members. 
  • No live chats and onboarding 1-on-1 calls. For the Starter plan, you can only send a ticket or query to their support. They’ll respond after 8-10 hours. 
  • Cross-device tracking isn’t available, which may result in some inaccurate data.

ClickMagick Standard Plan (Most Popular Seller)

Priced at $77/mo.

The most popular plan among the ClickMagick pricing plans. You’ll get all the tools inside the Starter plan, but with higher limitations and additional features! It’s perfect for growing businesses and online marketers who want to advertise several products. 

Aside from the core features, you can track more sales funnel and get more custom tracking domains. 

Here’s a summary of the improved limitations & support inside the Standard Plan:

  • Up to 100,000 clicks per month plus unlimited conversions.
  • Three user seats. You can add up to two team members with customizable permissions.
  • All core features.
  • Funnel Tracking – 5 Projects
  • 10 custom tracking domain
  • 1-year data retention

It also has better and faster customer support features:

  • Fanatical live chat support
  • 2-hour helpdesk support
  • 1-on-1 onboarding call

Other than the above upgrades, you can also enjoy these additional features from this link tracker:

Cross-Device Tracking

Allows you to track your potential customers even if they switch devices.

For example, a customer signed up on your email list using his mobile but purchased your product using his desktop at a different time and date.

If you’re using other tracking tools, they might flag this existing customer as a new user. 

This isn’t okay because you won’t get accurate stats, which is critical in optimizing and scaling your business.

Offline/Phone Sales Tracking

Aside from tracking links and sales online, Click Magick can monitor your offline sales, such as phone orders and wire transfers. Something that other tracking tools couldn’t do.

ClickMagick makes offline sales tracking effortless on your part. No need to worry about any learning curve as it’s easy to set up.

Audience Optimization

This feature lets you easily send the actual conversion data from ClickMagick Campaign to the platforms you use for your ad campaigns (i.e., Google and Facebook).

Since this conversion tracking tool works more accurately and doesn’t miss out on any of your conversions, Audience Optimization can help platforms create a better ad campaign to get you more customers at a minimum cost.

Facebook Conversions API

ClickMagick is well-integrated with Facebook Conversions API. Through the Audience Optimization and ClickMagick Campaigns, you can monitor traffic quality and send conversion data to Facebook in real-time.

ClickMagick isn’t easily affected by the recent changes on Facebook Ads. So you can feel confident in using it to boost your Facebook Ads’ performance. 

PPC Click Shield

PPC Click Shield helps you block all unwanted bots and competitors messing with your ad spend by clicking them repeatedly. Of course, without the intention of buying but just to sabotage. 

As the name implies, it shields you from these nasty behaviors and automatically blocks abusers.

This feature guarantees low ad spend without affecting your conversions. PPC Click Shield can save you more than what you pay to use it.

“I’m Stuck!” Phone Support

This is a part of their upgraded support. In addition, you may schedule a Zoom call with ClickMagick’s team members whenever you feel stuck in the process of using the tool. 

for marketing efforts

ClickMagick provides traffic training inside their Experts Academy page. These free courses are available under the Standard and Pro plan. 

So if you want to level up your advertising and become a specialist at using paid traffic, you can receive and learn their best practices.

The paid traffic training they’ll provide is proven and tested by entrepreneurs and business owners, making 7 figures in advertising and traffic generation.

These online courses can guide you in maximizing the potential of your ads on social media platforms. ClickMagick provides bulletproof training on:

  • Facebook Ads
  • GDN Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Google Ads

For just being a link tracking software, they’re taking things one step further for their customers.

ClickMagick Pro Plan

It costs $197 a month.

This Plan is really a Pro on so many levels. First, it’s ideal for larger businesses and e-commerce sites that need to track numerous sales funnel.

Second, for $197/mo., you’ll get all the great stuff in the Standard Plan but with better limitations. Like getting unlimited custom domains, longer data retention, and more.

These unlimited features will make you confident that you’re not missing any conversions and essential data on your sites and platforms. 

The support team also steps us their customer service in the Pro Plan. So if you’re having trouble using the tool, they’ll do and resolve it for you. 

These are the powerful lineup of features inside the Pro Plan:

  • Up to 1,000,000 clicks per month
  • Unlimited conversions.
  • Unlimited user seats. Add as many team members as you want.
  • Unlimited conversions funnel tracking.
  • Get unlimited custom tracking domains.
  • “Done For You” Support.
  • 2-Year Data Retention.

So if you want to maximize the potential of all your sales funnel, clicks, track accurate data in real-time and increase your profit by optimizing your ads and business, go for the Pro Plan.

ClickMagick Discount (Not On Their Pricing Page)

clickmagick plans

Sadly, you won’t see any discount or promo code on the front-end ClickMagick website. But this doesn’t mean they don’t offer any.

The best way to get a discount on their plans is to opt for the yearly plan. You can enjoy up to 30% if you choose annual billing. 

However, this option isn’t available on the pricing page. It’ll only be shown once you sign up for ClickMagick’s 14-day free trial. To give you a heads up, they’ll ask for your credit card information. 

Getting the Discount After Signing Up

After signing up, you’ll be directed to the comprehensive dashboard of ClickMagick. Follow these steps to see this pricing plan option: 

1. Click the profile icon. 

login page

2. Select “Billing.”

actual usage

3. Click “Change” beside your current plan. 

clickmagick dashboard

4. Choose “Yearly,” then select your preferred subscription. 

online makreting experience

You can save up to 30% depending on the Plan you choose.

Here’s a calculation for the annual billing of each plan: 

  • Starter – $347/year ($28/mo)
  • Standard -$696/year ($58/mo)
  • Pro – $1797/year ($149.7/mo)

ClickMagick Pricing Plans: Which Is Best for Your Business?

ClickMagick is an excellent link tracking software for daily conversion and link tracking. But it’s crucial to choose the right plan as it may affect the result you’d get. 

Before choosing which should you go for, let’s have a quick recap of the three pricing plans in 2024:

  • Starter Plan (budget-friendly): $37 per month.
  • Standard Plan (best seller): $77 per month.
  • Pro Plan (most powerful): $197 per month.

You can get a 25-30% discount by paying annually.

Here’s a guide on choosing the best ClickMagick plan for your business:

  • For newbie online marketers, business owners, or if you’re an affiliate marketer, the Starter Plan is the best choice.
  • Go for Standard Plan if you’re ready to grow your business or you need to monitor more than one sale funnel.
  • The Pro Plan is the best if you’re running a solid online business. This plan can help you maximize the potential of your sales funnels and paid ads. So if you want to save time and monitor everything in one place, this is a worthy investment. 

So which ClickMagick pricing plan are you going to get? If you need more details before buying, check out our ClickMagick review for features, pros, cons, and more!

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