What Is ThriveCart?

What Is ThriveCart

ThriveCart is a hosted shopping cart software that helps clients promote and take payments for physical products, digital products, subscriptions, and services from their customers.

Founded in 2016, creator of ThriveCart Josh Bartlett has seen growth over the last 3 years, making the company a sought after shopping cart solution.

So far, ThriveCart has been praised for its high-conversion of online sales pages, as well as its ability to integrate payment processors, email marketing systems, and third-party platforms.

What Are Its Main Features?

ThriveCart has created checkout pages that aim to convert clicks into sales. Our ThriveCart review shows its ability to help customers boost sales by using their up-sell, down-sell, and bump features.

  • Bump Offer. The bump offer is very easy to use. When a customer viewing the checkout page is ready to complete their order, a little box appears, which provides an option to add an upgrade to their purchase via a simple click.
  • A/B Split Tests. With this feature, users will have the ability to design and run A/B split tests. These tests will assess the relative performance of the checkouts and cart page configurations.
  • Simple Interface. ThriveCart has a simplified interface that is built to help novices get their pages up and running. Once in place, you can access ThriveCart across your devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
  • Integration System. ThriveCart offers a clever integration system that collaborates with email marketing software, payment processors, membership, and webinar platforms.

Who Is It Suited For?

This product is suited for a large range of audiences, including:

  • Online marketing agencies who manage campaigns for other businesses.
  • Subscription or membership-based businesses that offer recurrent products/programs.
  • Creatives who handle digital products like eBooks, online courses, or audio files.
  • Online sellers offering physical products that require shipping.
  • Online-based consultants.
  • E-commerce entrepreneurs.

How Does It Boost Sales?

ThriveCart checkout page aims to convert web visitors into customers. The platform offers a range of pre-designed templates to help clients with a simplified editing window.  It takes the whole process up a gear by providing tools for dynamic conversion. In other words, this software gives you the chance to capitalize on each sales opportunity.

Consider its upselling tool, for example. With it, you should be able to convince customers to spend more by purchasing other products. The trick is to offer additional items that complement the primary product a customer is interested in.

How Much Does It Cost?

ThriveCart is offering a monthly price of $97 per month. Users can subscribe to a lifetime license with a one-time fee of $495. They provide a Pro Account, which has added features, priced at a one-time fee again of $690. Both of these options are Lifetime Licenses, which means there are no recurring monthly payments.

Many clients could face higher price ranges of between $99-$299+ a month from other online carts; however, this software offers a more compatible rate.


ThriveCart is a perfect shopping cart software for customers. Because of its one-off pricing system, this service is made affordable, especially when compared with similar shopping cart solutions since most of them charge a monthly subscription rate.

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