What Can I Use Instead of SamCart? Discover SamCart’s #1 Alternative

What Can I Use Instead of SamCart

There are a lot of steps between having a great product to sell and making great sales. That journey is made so much smoother when you have the best tools at your disposal every step of the way.

SamCart is a popular option; however, there are other platforms out there! What can I use instead of SamCart? It turns a lengthy, convoluted process into a matter of a few clicks.

With that taken care of and the word spreading fast, it’s time to find the best way to track and monitor your sales.

Checkouts Matter

The last and most important moment in the selling process is just that: the sale. This is where word becomes action, and it’s vital to have the best checkout interface for your needs because so many sales are lost by a confusing or clunky checkout.

What’s more, using a platform that has tools to help monitor and optimize your sales performance means that you can build and build from there, trimming what you don’t need, trying out new features, and therefore minimizing your bounce rate. So let’s consider some options, starting with SamCart.

SamCart is an immensely popular checkout platform for sellers. This is largely due to factors such as how easy it is to set up your checkout (around half an hour and you’re ready), flexible payment plans, and a wide range of sales conversion templates to suit users.

All of these, plus a nifty drag-and-drop option in the template builder and solid A/B testing, show why SamCart is at the top of its game; see our SamCart review for detailed information. The question is whether anyone else is offering something SamCart doesn’t?

Know Your Options

Enter ThriveCart, seen as the main competitor on the market. ThriveCart started up in late 2015, three years after SamCart, and at first glance, it has one huge advantage: the price.

While SamCart’s most basic pricing offering comes in at $49/month, ThriveCart has two pricing options (both lifetime) – the cheaper of which is a one-off $495 payment, with an option to upgrade to a Pro Account for an additional $195.

ThriveCart says that they will soon be switching to monthly payments of $97/month, but for now, that’s a huge price difference.

ThriveCart benefits from accepting a wider range of payment options; perhaps surprisingly, SamCart accepts only Stripe and PayPal. ThriveCart also accepts payments via authorize.net, Apple Pay and Google Pay, which could be a significant factor in reducing bounce rate, as potential buyers don’t appreciate having to put in extra work at the checkout phase.

ThriveCart is also especially friendly to those selling e-books and online courses. It’s easy to start selling books from your blog using ThriveCart and to collect information that will help you target your sales.


All sellers’ needs are different, and it’s crucial to consider exactly what you want from your checkout interface before making a decision.

Equally, though, it’s important to know that there are products on the market that may suit you better than the biggest name. And it’s always nice to have options!

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