What Is KDSpy? (What Is Kindle Spy?)

What Is KdSpy

Are you an author considering publishing your novel on Amazon? Chances are that during your research on finding the best self-publishing tool, you’ve come across a software called KDSpy.

Many self publishers use KDSpy. The world of self-publishing on Amazon can be complicated and intimidating. It isn’t enough to simply write your book and submit it. You have to conduct a great deal of work and research that needs to go into publishing. The gathering of all this research can be its own full-time job.

What keywords should you use? Under which category should you list your book? How do you stand out from all of the other books published through Amazon? Luckily, KDSpy answers all those questions and more.

How Does It Work?

Essentially, KDSpy is a Firefox/Chrome extension used by Amazon authors and self publishers. It’s designed to conduct deep niche and keyword searches so you can make the most out of listing your book. Our KDSpy review speaks for itself; authors find it to be an invaluable tool when navigating the world of publishing.

KDSpy runs in your browser 24/7, gathering information on books published through Amazon while you’re browsing the site. All you have to do is click on the KDSpy extension from your browser, and you’re provided with a detailed breakdown of all the Kindle or book categories on Amazon.

What Does It Do?

By gathering this data, KDSpy allows you access to invaluable metrics for books published through Kindle and Amazon. Within a few seconds, you can learn what the competition within your category looks like, as well as an estimate of a profit you could be making with a first-page listing.

The best way to ensure your publication is successful is by modeling yourself after successful authors and publications. KDSpy provides lists of top keywords and popular trends that top sellers have used; there’s even a word cloud feature to help you write a compelling title.

You can also use KDSpy to track your own progress after you publish. Your first publication can be a jumping off point. Once you have your foot in the door, you can use KDSpy to analyze current trends, terms, and keywords to inform on any future book ideas that you have.

If you already have a specific idea in mind, you can also use KDSpy to search existing terms. For example, let’s say you wanted to publish a book about a new, popular diet called “keto.” You’re unsure of how to categorize this – will “keto” work, or should you use more specific terms such as “ketosis” or “ketogenic”? KDSpy allows you to search each of these terms to show which one is searched the most, therefore ensuring you the most activity possible and increasing the likelihood of a profit.

Final Thoughts

All in all, KDSpy, designed by Wesley A., maximizes your potential by providing the essential tools you need to publish on Amazon successfully. You can now focus your efforts on where they will be most useful, right down to specific niche markets.

Best of all, KDSpy makes the whole process quick and simple. You can install KDSpy in your browser with one click, and it’s immediately ready to do your research for you.

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