KDROI Review 2024 – Is This Software Gold or a Waste of Money?

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Being a successful self-published author is challenging. Choosing to self-publish instead of having your book published traditionally takes much more effort on your part, yet the potential for success is there.

However, without a significant online presence to promote your book, your work may go unnoticed.

Fortunately, there are book promotion websites on the market. These sites give authors a cost-effective way to promote their new Kindle books.

Most of these sites have submission requirements for authors to complete before their book is approved (a tedious form process)

This is where KDROI enters the picture. KDROI is a third-party Kindle promotion tool that automates the submission process so you can submit your book to multiple sites in only a few minutes.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about KDROI so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

What Is KDROI?

KDROI considers itself the ultimate Kindle eBook promotion tool. It can submit your book to more than 32 book promotion websites in under a minute.

Submitting your book to these sites manually can take up a lot of time. With KDROI, you have the option to run free, permafree, and 99 cent promotions.

KDROI does the heavy-lifting for you so you can reap the rewards from book promotion websites and reach a larger audience to increase sales.

The KDROI tool was created by Wesley Atkins, who also founded the book research tool called KDSPY (aka. Kindle Spy) years ago. Read our KDPSpy review to discover how it allows authors to reverse-engineer the bestselling books in any Kindle category.

How Exactly Does It Work?

KDROI is a paid Google Chrome browser extension (and Firefox).

Once the software is installed, you’ll see its icon in your browser’s toolbar.
KDROI Extension Button

Step 1: Choose the Type of Promotion That You Want to Run

Before you begin using KDROI, you should log in to your KDP account at kdp.amazon.com/.

From here, search for the book that you want to promote. Click “Promote and Advertise” and list the type of promotion that you want to run. You can choose permafree or 99 cents (you can also set up a countdown deal).

After you’ve selected the promotion type, you want to run, create it, and set a start/end date for the promotion.

Now that step 1, the promotion is successfully set up, we can use KDROI.

Step 2: Access Your Book Page and Start Using KDROI

Once you’re on your book sales page, click on the KDROI icon. For this example, we’re going to use the Think and Grow Rich book product page.

KDROI Extension Dashboard
Simple User Interface

Step 3: Fill Out the Required Details

KDROI will automatically fill out 99% of the information required. All you have to do is list whether your book is non-fiction or fiction, confirm your name, and provide an email address.

KDROI Extension Launch Settings
You need to enter your author bio & author email address to proceed to the next step.

In the following screen, you’ll see a book description, author bio, and cover image that was auto-populated by KDROI using your book sale’s page.

KDROI Fills In Meta Data from Amazon
You Can Update Book Description Section

Step 4: Choose the Websites You Want to Promote Your Book On

KDROI will give you a list of websites you can promote your book on.

KDROI Book Promotion Sites

Select the type of promotion you are running and select the sites that you want. KDROI will then submit your book on your behalf. Next step.

Step 5: Choose Your Promotion Date Range

On the final page, KDROI will allow you to set a start/end date for your promotion. Try and schedule your book promotion at least a week or two in advance. Most promo sites need a week’s notice to process any submissions.

KDROI Date Selection

After you’ve set your start/end date, you’re finished. KDROI will send you a confirmation email every time a submission is accepted.


KDROI can be purchased for $88 (one-time payment). This price package gives you lifetime access to the tool and unlimited updates and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You can purchase the KDROI tool by clicking here.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordability: You’ll receive lifetime access to this kindle product for only $88. While the price may seem steep, it’s quite a small price to pay, considering the amount of time and effort it will save you.
  • Ease-of-use: KDROI is a browser extension that is super easy to install and use. To get set up, you only need a few minutes, and we’ve already shown you how to do so right here on this post!
  • Frequent updates: When you purchase the KDROI program, you get access to regular updates with new features and improvements for Kindle books promotion.
  • Convenience: KDROI is selling convenience. Without a tool like this, submitting to book promotion sites would be too time-consuming.
  • Increased sales: Kindle book promotion sites are valuable because they give authors more avenues for promotion. But, many authors don’t take advantage of these sites because of time constraints.
  • Speed: Of all the eBook promotion tools on the market, this one is one of the fastest. And it uploads 99% of your book’s information in seconds.
  • Single-click installation: The program’s website says that the installation process is so simple that a child could do it. With one click, you can gain access to the program.
  • Rave reviews from users: On the company’s site, you can read all of the positive reviews that users of the program have left.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you run a free promotion, submit your book page, and the book promotions don’t perform better than usual, you can ask for a refund.


  • Submissions aren’t always successful: Although KDROI can help you submit to over 32 Kindle book directories, some website directories have submission requirements (some sites require a minimum star rating or count).
  • Not all major promo sites are covered: Some of the best promotion sites are paid. KDROI only submits your book to free promotion sites that connect with the software. Paid sites are a manual process.
  • Not supported on Safari: Currently, KDROI is only available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browser. Other browsers like Microsoft Edge and Safari aren’t compatible with the Kindle promotion tool.

Final Thoughts On This Browser Extension

Many self-publishers don’t use promotion sites because it can be a hassle submitting dozens of book submission forms. The self-publishing bottom line is your book won’t sell if you don’t focus on promoting it.

KDROI is a software that handles the submission to website directories process for you. Instead of taking hours to fill out forms, submit your book in minutes with KDROI.

KDROI is perfect for self-published authors who are looking for efficient ways to promote their book via promotion sites.

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