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GetResponse Pricing (2024): How Much Each Plan Costs

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Email marketing is still one of the most effective and profitable forms of digital marketing. To take advantage of email campaigns, you need the right email service marketing software (EMS) like GetResponse.

GetResponse is an EMS tool with lots of positive reviews regarding its robustness and user-friendliness. GetResponse pricing plans also get lots of praise, but is it your best choice for reaching customers, spreading your message, and making money?

Our article will answer these questions and also reveal:

  • Which GetResponse plan offers the best value
  • If GetResponse has any hidden costs
  • How to save money when using GetResponse
  • If other EMS tools offer better features at a lower price

Let’s get started.

GetResponse Pricing Plans

GetResponse Pricing

The 2024 GetResponse pricing plans start at $15/month for the Basic Plan, $49/month for the Plus plan, and $99/month for the Professional plan.

There’s also the Enterprise Plan that lets you tailor services to suit your budget. But note that the above Basic, Plus, and Essential prices only apply if you choose a 1,000 contact list size. If you want a higher contact list size, the cost of each plan goes up from there. Visit their pricing page for more information.

For many, the GetResponse pricing plans are straightforward and fair, plus, you can pick a plan to fit your unique needs.

GetResponse Forever FREE Account

In 2021, GetResponse introduced their free forever plan! With their free plan, you can:

  • create a website
  • build a landing page
  • create forms
  • hold up to 500 subscribers
  • send unlimited emails and more!

GetResponse Basic

GetResponse might not be the cheapest EMS tool, but it can help you quickly reach thousands of customers.

The Basic Plan is its cheapest plan, charging just $15 per month for one thousand contacts. Some of the most impressive features of this plan:

  • Perfect Timing feature: It enables you to email subscribers during periods when they are more likely to read your messages.
  • Unlimited email sends: You can send as many emails as you want and also set up autoresponders and email newsletters.
  • RSS-to-email: It gives you the power to convert blog posts into emails by importing content from RSS feeds.
  • Unlimited landing pages: You can create as many landing pages as you want with their drag and drop landing page builder. Additionally, you can perform A/B split-tests for your landing pages (branded to your custom domain if needed).
  • Ecommerce tools: For setting up payment gateways, custom order forms, online stores, e-product deliveries, and more.
  • Drive traffic from social media: You can set up Facebook and Instagram ads to reach more customers.

Of all the Basic Plan features, the Perfect Timing feature is our favorite. It’s unique because many EMS providers, like AWeber and Constant Contact, don’t offer it. Mailchimp offers it, but you have to pay for a higher plan before you can use it.

Simply put, the GetResponse Basic Plan is a good value deal, especially if you are a beginner email marketer who wants a simple way to send thousands of emails. But if you’re going to spend less and get advanced email marketing optimization features, you may be better off with Mailchimp’s Standard Plan, which costs $14.99.

GetResponse Plus

The Plus Plan might cost more than the Basic Plan, but it’s GetResponse’s most popular plan. For $49 per month, you’ll have access to everything the Basic Plan offers, plus advanced features like:

  • Webinars: You can run as many live webinars as you like with 100 attendees. You also get three hours of storage space to store your webinar sessions.
  • Webinar funnels: You can set up five webinar funnels and unlimited lead funnels to generate more leads and sales
  • E-commerce features: PayPal, Etsy, Salesforce, and Stripe integration for receiving payments. You can also create custom order forms and perform digital product deliveries.
  • Lots of templates: 180 landing page templates, 40 funnel templates (decent for sales funnels), 700 web form templates, and more.
  • GetResponse CRM: It provides useful information for tailoring your digital marketing campaigns and achieving efficient contact management.

Of all the features, we believe the Webinar marketing tool is the most valuable.

If webinars are vital to the success of your digital marketing campaign, this plan is a cost-effective deal. That’s because unlike AWeber and other EMS providers that offer webinars as an optional integration, GetResponse’s webinar feature is a built-in mechanism.

GetResponse Professional

The Professional Plan costs $99 per month, but it can be a good investment for digital marketing professionals.


It offers everything the Basic and Plus Plan do, plus various other features for achieving higher email marketing goals. The biggest features are:

  • Improved on-demand webinar: You can invite 300 webinar attendees and access six hours of storage space for recording your session.
  • Better workflow management: It offers a visual editor and custom workflows for managing up to five teammates and scheduling emails.
  • Drag and drop condition blocks: With the proper setup, it’ll identify subscribers that fit specific criteria and select the best response for such subscribers.
  • E-commerce features: It can integrate with WooCommerce, Shopify, and other online store platforms. You can also send abandoned cart emails to remind customers to finish shopping.
  • Custom DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM): It’s an email authentication protocol that enhances security for email senders and receivers. Using it ensures your thousands of emails don’t end up in spam.

In summary: use the GetResponse Professional Plan if you intend to invite more attendees to your webinars. Its advanced workflow and e-commerce features also make it a decent tool for accomplishing more as an email marketer.

GetResponse Enterprise (Max)

The GetResponse Enterprise Plan gives you everything from the Plus and Professional plans and lets you tailor your marketing services to suit your business’s unique needs.

Each custom plan comes with a custom price, meaning you can get an email marketing service that fits right into your budget.

In addition to this, your Enterprise Plan will come with a dedicated account manager. That means you’ll have an account manager whose job is ensuring your email marketing campaign is a success. The manager will accomplish this by providing you with professional guidance regarding formulating and executing your email marketing campaigns.

Other exciting features:

  • Dedicated IP address and infrastructure: Having dedicated resources ensures nothing interferes with the performance of your campaigns.
  • Advanced webinars: You can host on-demand webinars with 500 participants and record ten-hour webinar sessions
  • Collaboration: You can work with a team of ten people to achieve your goals.
  • 100,000+ list size: Stay in contact with over a hundred thousand customers.
  • Premium Support: Dedicated customer service which includes phone support and email campaign consulting.

Who Should Get This Plan?

If you want an experienced manager guiding your campaigns and the power to tailor your email marketing services, the Enterprise Plan is worth the investment.

Note: Make sure this plan is a fit as it is more suited for bigger companies.

GetResponse Non-Profit Plan

If you have a non-profit organization, GetResponse also has a plan for you that can handle all your non-profit business needs. You can learn more about the application process here.

Does GetResponse Offer a Free Plan?

At this time, GetResponse does offer a free forever plan! Your first experience with GetResponse cost can be free. Learn more here.

Let’s take a look at GetResponse’s paid plans and see what each has to offer and we’ll circle back to price comparisons.

GetResponse Pricing Plans Compared to Top Competitors

To help you decide if the GetResponse pricing plan is right for you, let’s take a quick look at what other leading email marketing tools are offering:

  • AWeber: It offers five packages, and you have the option to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. The lowest monthly plan is $19 a month for 500 subscribers, while the highest is $149 a month for 25,000 subscribers. If you have 25,000+ subscribers, you can contact the provider for a customized quote.
  • ConvertKit: The smallest plan is a free and offers basic email marketing automation features and lets you manage 1,000 subscribers. The paid plan is $29 a month and offers everything the free plan has and more, such as automated email sequences and premium customer support. ConvertKit users describe it as the best experience for bloggers. Although they’ve recently introduced some ecommerce features.
  • Mailerlite: There’s a free accountthat covers 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month. For a paid plan and unlimited emails, you can get a custom quote based on your number of subscribers. That said, the lowest paid plan is $10 a month.
  • Mailchimp: Mailchimp comes in four packages – Free, Essential, Standard, and Premium. The Premium Plan is the biggest and costs $299 a month.
  • Constant Contact: Here, you get to choose between one of two plans – the $25 or $45 a month plan. The higher the plan, the higher your contact list can be.

Now that you know the prices of some of the biggest EMS providers and how GetResponse compares to them, make sure to snag a better deal if you feel these alternatives are a better fit for your business.

How Can You Save Money?

You can save 18% per month by paying for an annual GetResponse plan instead of a monthly plan. Better yet, save 30% a month by paying for two yearsNonprofit organizations also get 30-50% off on any plan they choose.

Constant Contact offers similar discounts with 30% off for nonprofit organizations and 15% off for advance payments. Meanwhile, Mailchimp offers 10% off for three months if you add two-factor authentication and 15% off to nonprofit organizations.

To avoid being left behind, AWeber offers three months free to nonprofits and 25% off for subsequent months. And if you choose a quarterly or annual plan, you can enjoy 14.9% off a month.

Does GetResponse Pricing Work for You?

Clearly, the GetResponse pricing plans are competitive.

Aside from its price, its Perfect Timing feature is an excellent tool for optimizing send times and the effectiveness of your email marketing…

Its webinar functionality and hosting features also surpass its competitors’ plans, making it the ideal choice for marketers that use webinars.

Let’s not forget its abandoned cart emails and workflow tools that make life easier for e-commerce site and business owners.

In 2024, GetResponse has become more than just an email marketing tool. It’s evolved into a powerful all-in-one tool.

If you like what GetResponse email service has to offer, visit their pricing page and start now.

If you are new and don’t have an email list yet, ConvertKit’s free plan may be the better choice for you.

Fortunately, you can try most of these email marketing software for free. Take advantage of GetResponse’s 30-day free trial today to identify which of its plans is most compatible with your goals.

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