Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Review

Is What Seth Teaches Really In Demand?​

Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Review

Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Review Summary

Seth Hymes has created one of the most successful courses for people looking to start a career in digital marketing. Taught by an expert in the field, Digital Marketing Career Blueprint teaches: fundamental online skills, how to get experience, how to start applying for jobs, and resources for you to land your first job in digital marketing.


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Whether it's learning Google Ads, SEO, or social media, Seth's course has helped students start their careers.


There has never been a time where I couldn't get my question(s) answered.

Are you interested in a digital marketing career and wondering if Seth Hymes’ digital marketing course is worth it?

At one point, so did I, but there were no reviews about Seth’s brand new career course – just a few testimonials from YouTube. Perhaps you heard about Seth’s course in a similar fashion?

Anyway, I took Seth’s course over a year ago, now intending to land my first digital marketing job.

After going through the course, applying it, and practicing Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) and SEO on my own, I landed my first online marketing job as an in-house digital marketer working on PPC and SEO.

So, the course does work, but there are a few things you should know before investing in Seth’s course.

In this review, we’re going to cover:

  • What the course teaches.
  • Whether the jobs are truly in demand.
  • If you need a university degree to start a career in this field.
  • The Pros and Cons of Seth Hymes’ course.
  • Answer this question: Can you really make $60+ per year after one year in this industry?

If you have any questions about my review as you read them, please note them down and ask them in the comment section towards the end of this article!

Prefer to sit back and watch a review of Seth Hymes’ course? Watch below!

What Is the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint?

Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Members Dashboard

In short, Seth’s course is a step-by-step course that teaches you the skills needed to start a digital marketing career without a college degree – even if you’re not online marketing savvy to start.

If you want a full story of Seth’s course, and how he went from unemployed college graduate to six-figures in 3 years, make sure to check out his mini-course about digital marketing careers.

So, what kind of jobs does Digital Marketing Career Blueprint prepare you for?

From the first module of the course, Seth Jared Hymes tells you that the primary skill you’re going to learn is Paid Search (aka. Google Ads Pay-Per-Click skills).

Paid search skills are the most in-demand skills you can have in the digital marketing workforce, and luckily they pay well.

The secondary skills you’ll learn in Seth’s course are SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.

SEO on its own is an in-demand skill, and I’d argue more challenging than Google paid advertising. It’s basically understanding how Google’s algorithm works in order to rank websites for keywords organically (meaning you’re not paying per click like with Google Ads).

Seth has a series of videos for SEO. Is it enough to master SEO? No, Seth’s course exists to get your online marketing career started.

Social media and email marketing are also covered in the course, but not as much as PPC and SEO. Social media is simpler than SEO/PPC; thus, the social course content is shorter than the other modules. However, there has recently been a new Facebook Ads training to the course, which wasn’t there the first time I took this course.

Learning Facebook ads is also a great skill to have. When you start searching for PPC digital marketing jobs, you’ll encounter some job descriptions that want you to know both Google and Facebook advertising.

Career Job Titles You Can Expect to Apply For After You’ve Completed This Course

Google Ads Job Titles

SEO Job Titles

Social Media Job Titles

Another job title you’ll see now and then is called Search Engine Marketing. This type of position expects you to know both SEO and Google PPC. Both SEO and PPC deal with paid and free search engine algorithms, after all.

Seth’s course also teaches email marketing as a digital marketing skill set in Digital Marketing Blueprint. But, there are fewer email marketing positions than there are the three categories I just listed above.

Now that you know a few of the job titles you’ll be applying for after this course, feel free to go to browse your opportunities on LinkedIn or (I recommend searching with the Entry Level positions filtered).

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The Benefits of Starting a Career in Digital Marketing

Check out Seth’s YouTube channel for more student interviews!

The Odds Are In Your Favor

So, why should you be excited about a career in digital marketing?

Well, if you haven’t figured it out by now, digital marketing skills, like PPC and SEO, are highly in demand.

Have you seen Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, or Digital Advertising offered as university degrees? Not really. If there are, they’re very few and far between, and most likely, they’re certificates. Certificates that cost a small fortune.

This puts the supply of qualified employees low for employers in the digital marketing industry.

I’m not saying that the supply is so low that they’ll hire someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing, but the demand is definitely there, which is great news for anyone new and interested in this industry.

A Lucrative Career Choice

Although you won’t start off making $60,000 per year, it’s possible to get there after one year in your career.

In Seth’s course, you’ll learn a term called “poaching.” Poaching in this industry is when recruiters start reaching out to you via LinkedIn and asking you if you’re interested in digital marketing positions at other companies.

I was shocked when I first learned this, but it’s true… These digital marketing positions have a low supply of qualified workers who know and have experience with PPC, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

Seth goes on to explain that after one year of experience, you should start leveling up to a $60,000+/year job in digital marketing. You can start looking for a new job at the 1-year mark or have fun being poached 🙂

You Gain Priceless Skills You Can Use for a Career Or Business

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy digital marketing, or even the thought of it (if you have no experience yet), you’re in luck! Online advertising and ranking websites for small and big business is here to stay!

These are skills you’ll be using to be a rock star at your next online marketing position.

And before I forget, did I mention you can use these skills for your own projects? Projects like creating affiliate marketing niche websites or becoming a freelance digital marketing specialist that gets paid monthly by doing client work?

Seth’s course has a module dedicated to getting experience with client freelance.

Can the Digital Marketing Blueprint Actually Get You A Career?

As with most things, knowledge isn’t power. Knowledge is power if applied.

Digital Marketing Career Blueprint does work if you apply what you learned in the course.

In other words, this course is not a magic bullet that will land you a job. You’ll have to work for it by “diving” into the pool of online marketing.

You might be asking: Where or how am I going to apply what I learned?

Seth has an entire section of the course dedicated to getting experience before you ever show up to a job interview called the Bootstrapping Your Experience.

Bootstrapping Your Experience Module

Here, Seth will teach you how getting Google Ads certified is one of the first steps you should take to gain experience. Plus, it helps your resume stand out when applying to an entry-level position.

Recommended Resource: Seth strongly recommends Perry Marshell’s Google AdWord’s book in his course. I bought it and found it helpful by my desk at my first digital marketing job.

Next up are Module 11 & 12, where you’ll be getting real-life experience with client accounts.

You’ll learn how to create a Google Ads manager account so that you can link client’s accounts to your account (with their permission). These clients can be friends or family, or you can get clients from freelancing platforms like Upwork.

You’ll be in good hands in this section of the course. Seth breaks down how to generate experience by:

  • Creating your own WordPress website
  • Showing you how to set up Google Analytics
  • Practicing Search Engine Optimization
  • Practicing Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Practicing Email Marketing

In this section, you’re going to get your hands dirty and will start to get familiar with the skills you’ll need for a career in digital marketing.

Will this give you ALL the experience you need to land your first job? Most likely.

Some applicants might need to continue gaining experience to better grasp the topics taught in the course.

Other students might digest the course information and not do the hardest part: following the blueprint Seth lays out in the course to get experience.

On experience, let’s remember that Seth’s course is a “training wheels” (excellent training wheels) course for starting a digital marketing career.

“You’ll learn a lot more from your first entry-level job than you ever will in an online course.” a quote by Seth himself (from one of his course videos).

Now let’s move onto a common question that gets asked about Seth’s course!

Do You Need a College Degree to Get An Online Marketing Job?

As I previously said, some schools offer certificate programs or degrees in digital marketing, but they’re expensive and get outdated quickly.

In the world of digital marketing, things change swiftly. What you once learned a year ago may no longer apply in SEO because Google updated their algorithm. What was once Google Ad’s familiar interface and/or rules can get updated.

Are universities quick enough to adapt to these changes? Possibly, but from the low number of college degrees offered in digital marketing, chances are: probably not.

So, do you NEED a college degree to start a career in this industry? Well, sometimes.

It depends on the employer.

When employers write their job descriptions, they’re describing what they want in their dream candidate – sometimes, a college degree is a qualification.

But you have to remember that the employees, at least in this industry, have the most leverage because there are not enough qualified employees to fill these job positions.

college degree email
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If that means they have to bypass the university degree to get a qualified person for an entry-level position (in this case, you), then most employers will do it.

Will This Course Teach Me How to Apply for These Kind of Jobs?

A lesser course would have skipped out on this section and only taught you digital marketing skills. Seth goes above and beyond with the ins and outs of applying for entry-level digital marketing jobs in this industry:

starting your career module

This section of the course is my favorite because it gives you an insight into how the industry works from a veteran like Seth. Additionally, Seth provides resume and cover letter templates you can use when you start applying for jobs.

If you ever have any questions about applying for jobs, you can post them in the course forum. Seth and other members of the course are active in the forum (this is a priceless resource).

course forum

Pros & Cons of Seth’s Course​



2024 Update: Seth has recently updated his Google Ads training and is now updated!

Seth’s Digital Marketing Course Review: Summary

So, is Seth’s Digital Marketing Career Blueprint course worth it?

I say it is. I’m a proud success story of Seth’s course, and I’m glad I found it a few years ago. However, I’ll also say the course will ONLY work for you if you put in the work of getting experience in digital marketing.

When I first took this course, I didn’t apply it as well as I should have to join the digital marketing workforce. I stagnated on getting PPC experience because I didn’t have friends or family businesses I could help.

I eventually created my own experience by running Google Ads to a lead generation funnel, in a health niche.

After collecting people’s email, leads would get fed into email automation that would eventually sell one of my self-published books on Amazon (this book doesn’t exist anymore). I ended up doing something similar with Facebook Ads and affiliate marketing.

This self-created experience communicated that I knew what I was doing during my first interviews. I brought a binder with printed out sheets of my Google Ads and Facebook Ads experience to the interview I got my entry-level job at.

I never asked, but I have a feeling I was hired because I was one of (if not the only) who brought experience to the table (literally).

My point is, if you can’t help friends or family with their Google Ads accounts, or work on their SEO, you may have to get creative to gain experience. This experience is necessary (in my opinion) as more people are finding out about the opportunities in digital marketing.

My best advice to take Seth’s course and focus on learning Google Ads PPC or SEO (both if you can) as these are the skills most in demand.

Check out Seth’s new course sales page – luckily for new students, he’s switched his course from monthly pricing of $99 to a lifetime price!

That’s it for my review of Digital Marketing Career Blueprint guys and gals. If I didn’t cover something you wanted to know about Seth’s digital marketing career course let me know in the comments below.



How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing (A Step-by-Step Guide)

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Instructor: Seth Jared Hymes

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A great course that delivers if you’re willing to put the effort into creating your own project experience. It helped me land my first digital marketing job!

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