55 Best Gifts for Writers – Gift Ideas for Pro and Aspiring Writers

If you know someone who writes, sooner or later you’ll be looking for gift ideas to support their word-crafting pursuits. 

Ready for a secret? The best gifts for writers aren’t always about writing!

Sure, you can never go wrong with a well-chosen style-guide or a snazzy new pen. But I’m here to tell you as a writer, sometimes the best gifts for writers are really comfortable socks.

Sometimes the difference between a dreary writing day and a delightful one is the perfect cup of hot coffee … or yes,  I’ll stand up and admit it, novelty trousers.

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Gift Ideas for the Writers In Your Life

Whether your writer friend is a pro or just starting out, the same rule applies. The best gifts for writers sometimes come in unusual and unexpected packages.

So with the element of surprise in mind, let’s take a look at the quirky, the practical, and the sometimes outright bizarre gift ideas that may just make your writer’s day.

#1. Kindle Unlimited Subscription

The Patron Saint of Writers, Doctor Seuss, once said: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” If the writer in your life is eager to go places, get them reading with a Kindle Unlimited subscription

  • Choose from over a cool million titles and a growing number of audiobooks. 
  • A flat monthly fee for all the reading your writer’s brain can manage.

#2.Publisher Rocket

This software is one of the best gifts for aspiring writers who self-publish through Amazon. Publisher Rocket gives writers real-time data on what search terms Amazon book buyers are using to find books.

Within minutes, they can:

  • Capture the keywords most frequently used to find books in their chosen genre.
  • Gain valuable insight into setting a competitive price.
  • See how readers navigate the Amazon marketplace.  

If self-marketing is an Everest a writer needs to climb, Publisher Rocket will give them a much-needed boost. Learn more about Publisher Rocket here.

#3. An Adjustable Portable Workstation

Give your writer the gift of being able to write in bed while eating corn chips. Or carrots … I guess with an adjustable and portable workstation.

#4. The Hero’s Journal

Sometimes the best gift for writers comes as a fresh burst of motivation. The hero’s journal will be a hit with any writer familiar with the addictive joys of role-playing games. This logbook/adventure hybrid gives your writer a fun way to “level up” throughout their writing adventure.

#5. The Cadillac of Reading Technology – The Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite offers the convenience of a reading screen, but with none of the eye-strain causing blue light you get from a conventional monitor. It’s perfect for avid-readers (which most writers are) and offers:

  • Support for PDF and Word docs, as well as Kindle books, of course!
  • Shockproof durability and water resistance.
  • Over 8GB of storage — enough for thousands of books. Literally.

#6. Sony Digital Voice Recorder

For writers who do a ton of interview work, this compact tech can make the process much easier. This one combines a pocket-slim profile with surprising clarity of footage. You get:

  • A built-in stereo microphone that can record in a wide, focused, or normal field.
  • A Micro-SD memory card slot.
  • Quick charge capability. Get an hour of recording time on a 3-minute charge.

Check out this digital voice recorder.

#7. Get Their Feet Involved

Oh, and this optional foot control accessory means you don’t have to move your fingers away from the keyboard as you transcribe.

#8. A Chest Brimming With Delicious Teas

“Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” – Henry James

Tea is good for you, but that’s hardly the point. Tea is the soothing ying to coffee’s raging yang, and indispensable for wrestling the dreaded late afternoon slump. Get this tea gift on Amazon here.

#9. Learn From The Best: A MasterClass Writing Course

Here’s one of the best gifts for aspiring writers. MasterClass production values are impeccable, but as importantly, their whole library of content draws from people at the pinnacle of their field. 

The writing series includes:

  • R.L Stine — Writing for young audiences
  • Malcolm Gladwell — How to see the world as a writer
  • Dan Brown — The art of writing a thriller

These MasterClass courses give aspiring writers an opportunity to learn from the best.

#10. Scrivener – A Writer’s Word Processor

Scrivener is a word processor crafted specifically for writers, and quite honestly, is to Microsoft Word what filet mignon is to an airport cheeseburger. Scrivener comes complete with all the tools a writer needs to organize large volumes of copy:

  • Intuitively sort writing projects into sortable folders
  • Synch your work on Dropbox so that you can work on any device
  • Output your work directly to Word, PDF or even Kindle Store ready ebook format

#11. Scrivener Companion

The perfect companion to the software, this manual will give your writer all the basics they need to hit the ground running.

#12. There’s Always a Starbucks Gift Card

A steaming cup of the magical beany goodness lifts a writer’s spirits and generally gets their neurotransmitters and adenosine receptors firing on all cylinders. A Starbucks Gift Card is a never-not-useful addition to a writer’s back pocket. 

#13. Get Their Name on the Map With a Domain Name

Here’s a sneaky question to sneak into your next conversation with a writer friend: Do you have your own website? If they don’t, they probably should! Squarespace is a great place to start. It has a simple drag and drop interface, and no coding knowledge is required.  

#14. Business Cards

While you’re thinking about a domain name, you might also want to consider another classic building business block. Business cards won’t just help a writer build their client base. They’ll also tell them in a practical way that you know they’ll make it.

Vistaprint.com always has good deals on business cards.

#15. An Audible Subscription

This gift is perfect for writers who lead busy lives, especially those who regularly commute or drive. Instantly convert that travel time to productive listening time with an Audible account.

#16. On Writing: One of the Best Writing Guides Around

Oh, and it’s probably worth mentioning that Stephen King’s wonderfully instructive writing guide, “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” is available through Audible and narrated by King himself.

#17. You Can’t Beat Good Editing Software

“Writing without revising is the literary equivalent of waltzing gaily out of the house in your underwear.” Patricia Fuller

Don’t let them experience the indignity of an embarrassingly misplaced comma! Grammarly editing software works on almost every platform and provides instant feedback on a wide range of grammatical pitfalls — from basic black and white errors through to more nuanced feedback on tone, readability, and overall clarity.

Anyone can get started with Grammarly free!

#18. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

According to the American Optometric Association, prolonged exposure to the blue light of a monitor can cause eye strain and insomnia.

These glasses selectively filter out harmful blue light without affecting image clarity. They’re perfect for any writer who works into the evening hours. And they’re surprisingly stylish.

#19. Writerly T-shirts

A good writer’s T isn’t just comfy. It’s a statement — to the mirror and to the universe — that its wearer is serious about the business of turning words into delicately spiced awesome sauce. But which to choose?

For the grumpy writer, this one may fit the bill:

#20. For the Snacker

A writer who snacks obsessively (pretty much 99 percent of writers, truthfully) might prefer this little number:

#21. For the Straight-talker

For the more literal wordsmith:

#22. For the Writer With a Forgiving Grandma

And finally, the pièce de résistance (but don’t tell grandma):

#23. Send Them On a Treasure Hunt with a Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Sure, you could just buy them an ebook, but a Barnes & Noble Gift Card gives them the whole experience of finding the perfect book.

#24. Dragon Dictation Software

Typing is physically tiring. Also, many writers find it easier to work with words in a free flowing way when they speak out loud.

Dragon software is a fast and accurate way to convert voice to text: 

  • Personalized voice recognition for greater accuracy.
  • Dictate directly to popular writing applications.
  • Intuitively designed and supported with a library of useful tutorials. 

#25. (Almost) All Writers Love Board Games 

While this might just sound like a massive excuse for procrastination, the right board game is a fantastic way to loosen the mind and overcome writer’s block. 

Check out Dixit, a board game where you construct stories from cards.

#26. Scrabble Meets Monopoly

And another one! Letter Tycoon is all about forming words while investing wisely in buying “patents” for the use of certain letters. Great for capitalists and Capital-ists alike.

#27. A Subscription to Writer’s Digest

A subscription to Writer’s Digest is perfect for any writer working their way to getting published and without doubt one of the best gifts for aspiring writers.

The periodical delivers a constant flow of industry-relevant content, including:

  • Strategies for finding a publisher.
  • Writing advice for fiction and non-fiction genres.
  • Networking opportunities with other writers.

#28. White Noise Machine

Nothing can pull a writer out of the zone quicker than a roaring motorbike, construction noise, or a neighbor going through an awkward death metal phase. 

White noise is the silver bullet to these kinds of distractions. The steady lull drowns out ambient sound and makes concentrated focus much easier. Check out this white noise machine on Amazon.

#29. The Writer Emergency Pack 

This cute product seems a fun gimmick, but it’s a genuinely useful tool for breaking out of writer’s block.

This pack does two things:

  • It presents you with broad and compelling “idea cards” that are designed to spark ideas and start conversations.
  • The kit offers supporting resources describing some simple yet powerful techniques for better writing.

Learn more about the Writer Emergency Pack here.

#30. Up the Ante With Storymatic 

If you want to take that idea to the next level, take a look at Storymatic.

The beauty of this gift is that it’ll force their mind to go in new directions. Is every combination literary gold? Nope. But even the bad card combinations beg the question, why?

#31. A set of writing block hourglasses

Help a writer visualize time. These hourglasses are great for breaking time into productive blocks followed by short time-capped breaks.

The visual of sand softly slipping by is both soothing and motivational. If you know a writer who’s prone to procrastination, these handy little doodads may be the antidote.

#32. Perfect Temperature Coffee Is a Magical Thing

Most writers have a symbiotic relationship with caffeine. Any old mug can work as a caffeine delivery device, but The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug keeps the valuable liquid toasty warm and delicious. 

  • Up to 90 minutes of beverage hotness away from the charger.
  • Infinite beverage perfection using the charging coaster.

#33. Keyboard Cleanser

Writers spend a lot of time at a keyboard — often, it must be said, with less than hygienic typing habits. A clean keyboard is like giving your writer pal a facial, only for their fingers.

Just knead the stuff into a ball, press it into a grubby keyboard, and years of gunge miraculously vanish. Check out this cleaning gel on Amazon.com.

#34. Writers Can Never Have Too Many Fans

If you’re looking to double down on the clean factor, complete their desk with this bladeless table fan. The CONBOLA Desk Fan shifts enough air to keep even the most overwrought writer cool and collected, and it’s super-easy to keep clean.

#35. Blue Light Blocking Lamp

This diminutive but oomphy lamp is ideal for traveling writers. It casts a warm, yellow light — ideal for writers working late into the night — and it’s compact enough to stash away in a suitcase.

The lamp is over 99 percent free of blue spectrum light and works with a rechargeable battery.

#36. Go Nuclear On Distractions With Noise Cancelling Headphones

For going nuclear on invasive sound, these Bose headphones are your weapon of choice. 

  • Full sound immersion, with three levels of noise cancellation that adapt to the wearer’s environment.
  • Works with Alexa and other smart speakers.

#37. The Associated Press Stylebook

Let’s get back to one of the best gifts for aspiring writers, particularly if you’re looking for something practical. The Associated Press Stylebook is indispensable for any writer shifting to professional journalistic or copywriting work.

#38. Strunk and White’s Classic Book on Style

Conventions are one thing. Style is another. Elements of Style is a masterwork in how to pen concise and engaging copy. The book is filled with wit and old-world charm, and you can read it cover-to-cover in a couple of hours.

#39. Erasable Pens

“You want to be a writer, don’t know how or when? Find a quiet place, use a humble pen” – Paul Simon

These colorful pens use erasable gel ink. You can write, remove, and rewrite without damaging the original. Great for annotation or just powering out a quick psychedelic brainstorm.

#40. Perfect Writing Socks

Cold feet are kryptonite to creativity. These socks will thermally optimize a writer’s extremities while gracing their nether-digits with a bold and charming literary theme. Verily, they occupy the very apex of writerly foot ensheathment.

41. Cat Bookends! 

Why? Because the only thing better than regular bookends is a set depicting a psychedelically magical, portal hopping feline.

#42. For The Traditionalist

Favor a more traditional approach to cat bookends? Sure, that can be arranged.

#43. For Everyone Else

You say your friend writer-friend isn’t into cat bookends? Are … you … sure? OK, well then there’s always the only valid alternative: Snazzy ampersand bookends!

#44. Book of Incredible Information

Sometimes the best gifts for writers are those that celebrate the joys of pointless trivia. 

As a reference work, this silly book is not going to get anyone very far. But this 704 omnibus of questionably relevant factoids is a gem for busting through writer’s block. Ponder just a few entries and a tired writer’s brain clunks miraculously into creative life.

#45. A Plotting Structure Companion

How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method

This simple little read can help an aspiring novelist get that all-important first draft laid out. The slim volume describes a method of story outlining that takes an incremental approach to building a classic three-act plot.

#46. The Classic: Magnetic Poetry Kit

Magnetic Poetry Original Kit

A classic for a reason. These magnetic word tiles are Disneyland to those who enjoy crafting “generative esoteric word art masterpieces.” Which is … everyone … right?

#47. Absinthe, Because Who Doesn’t Want To Dance With the Green Fairy?

Oscar Wilde might be the most famous of absinthe-sippers but the prize for best absinthe quote has to go to Hemingway:

“Got tight last night on absinthe and did knife tricks. Great success shooting the knife underhand into the piano.”

The chosen liquor of choice for artists and writers for at least a century or two, every writer should dance with the Green Fairy at least once.

#48. The Ultimate Practical Gift: A Copywriting Course

If the writer in your life is looking for solid ongoing marketing writing work, then steer them toward a dedicated copywriting course

  • Learn how to compel readers to action.
  • Develop practical techniques for starting a project with minimal hesitation or “stage fright.”
  • Draw from techniques crafted by world-leading copywriters to write copy that is persuasive without being pushy.

#49. Great Novels Scratch Off Poster

Encourage a writer to read some of the world’s greatest works of literature. As they finish each new book they get to scratch off a panel to reveal the novel’s cover art. It’s just a fun thing to slap on a wall.

#50. You Can’t Beat an Infographic 

Ridiculously elaborate in a good way, this poster encapsulates every corner of the fiction reading experience. Is it useful? Not particularly! But it’s a fun visual choose-your-own-adventure.

#51. Scribe Subscription Box

The subscription box idea is one of the best gifts for writers who struggle with confidence and motivation. Every month, they’ll receive an assortment of pens, notebooks, and scintillating little surprises. Learn more here.

#52. Emotion Thesaurus

There are a ton of specialized thesauruses out there, each offering a helpful way to introduce more variety to niche corners of vocabulary.

The emotion thesaurus stands out though as a near-universally on-point library addition. Emotions are notoriously difficult to capture, but well-expressed emotion can bring writing to life.

#53. Writer’s Bag

“Take, if you must, this little bag of dreams, Unloose the cord, and they will wrap you round.” – William Butler Yeats

While it’s unlikely Yeats was referring to a literal bag, he may as well have been. I mean look at this magnificent thing! Get this bag on Amazon!

#54. Hexagonal Cork Tiles

Computers are well ‘n good for the actual writing process, but when it gets down to blue-sky thinking, it can really help to get tactile with ideas. Sure, you can go with a boring rectangular corkboard, but these hex cork tiles let you brainstorm with a certain geometrical panache.

#55. Inspirational Writing Trousers

On a challenging writing day, regular pants just don’t cut it. What a writer needs is comfort, and if one can look down at one’s legs and see the immensity of the cosmos, then all the better.

Does such a wondrous garment exist? Why yes it does. Comfort and awe in one snappy pair of pants. That’s hard to beat.

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