What is Teachable? A 2024 Platform Overview

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Article Summary:

  • Teachable offers course creation tools so instructors can sell online learning materials based on their area of expertise.
  • Teachable is one of several online course platforms, and it works best for instructors and coaches who are new to the online course business.
  • The Teachable course creation platform has built-in payment services to sell your products, and it also offers free and paid plans depending on your needs as an instructor.

What Is Teachable and How Does It Work?

Teachable is an online learning platform that allows instructors to easily create and sell content using course design templates. The platform offers many valuable features for instructors that facilitate online course creation as well as ways students can access those courses.

Beyond static courses, instructors can also sell individual coaching and mentoring services to students on the platform. This provides a unique cross-selling service for instructors to fully monetize their knowledge and expertise and leverage teachable as a comprehensive learning management system.

Who Can Use Teachable?

Teachable is built for anyone with knowledge in a given subject area who wants to monetize their expertise in that field by being a course creator. Teachable is mainly geared toward those just beginning to sell course material online.

The online course creator makes it easier for first-timers to quickly build their first course.

More advanced course creators who build their own instructional courses may find the platform somewhat restrictive. However, it can still be used by instructors of all levels to reach new audiences and monetize their skill set.

Teachable Course Creation Process

Teachable offers many tools and features to help instructors create their first learning course.

Create Online Courses

The most prominent feature of Teachable is its course builder. This feature of Teachable walks you through the steps for creating a learning course and helps you organize your materials in a logical and easy-to-follow way. This feature is perfect for those new to creating courses based on their expertise.

After creating the course, there are also tools to create quizzes and tests for each section to confirm students have absorbed the materials presented. 

Once the course is completed, you can use Teachable’s student management tools to help monitor your student’s progress and view various analytics. This can help you fine-tune your course if you find certain areas are causing issues with students.

Upselling opportunities for Coaching and Digital Products

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Teachable allows you to further monetize your skills by offering tools for selling personalized coaching services or additional digital products.

Students who take your course and enjoy your teaching style can be offered one-on-one coaching sessions through the platform for an additional fee.

You can sell your coaching directly on the platform and use it to reach your existing audience. However, the platform does not have video conferencing or other utilities built-in. So, your coaching will need to take place on a third-party service.

Additionally, you can sell digital downloads or other learning materials to your existing students. This includes things like e-books or extra coursework to supplement your existing materials. 

Selling Courses And Accepting Payments

teachable payout details

When selling courses or coaching, you will need to collect payments securely. Teachable payments solves this issue with its integrated payment processing in addition to being an online course platform.

Teachable handles all of the sales tax and other complications when it comes to accepting payments, which many instructors find to be a helpful benefit when using the platform. There are transaction fees for this service, and they can vary depending on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Teachable Free to Use?

There is a free Teachable account plan that allows you to create one of each type of product they offer. You can upgrade from the free plan to the Basic Plan (paid plan), which allows up to 5 products as well as a few key differences in other areas. Additional paid Teachable plans, like the Professional Plan, are available beyond the free plans.

What Features Are Missing On Teachable?

Teachable is focused on course building and monetizing additional services. Course creators are expected to do their own marketing and build their audience. Teachable lacks any real marketing tools to help you build an audience.

Can You Make Money With Teachable Courses?

Yes. Courses that are properly targeted to the right audience can be very profitable. Teachable gives you the tools to create professional course materials even if you have no experience. However, you will need to market your course yourself.

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