Webinarjam Kajabi Integration – How it Works in 2024

Webinars are a good marketing avenue. But to create leads more efficiently, you may need to integrate your Kajabi with your Webinarjam. Read this article to know how.

How To Integrate Kajabi With Webinarjam

You can integrate Kajabi with Webinarjam by connecting both platforms directly or through a third-party integration software.

Read on to learn how.

Connecting Both Platforms Directly

Create the Webinar in Webinarjam

  • Click NEW WEBINAR after logging in to your account.
  • Supply the requested details in the spaces provided, such as name, title, and a short description of your webinar. Select CONFIRM to proceed.
  • Select SCHEDULE IT. Select the date and time you want to host the webinar and click on CONFIRM.
  • Click CONFIRM on the registration page. There is no need to set up the registration because you use Kajabi for enrolling your students.
  • After deleting the reminder emails in the Notification Alerts, Select CONFIRM.
  • Check to see that the webinar is on your page. Click YOUR LINKS and choose INVITE PEOPLE TO YOUR WEBINAR. Click DIRECT LINK TO LIVE ROOM.
  • Click on the pencil icon to modify the link so you can change it to something appropriate for your webinar. Click the tick for confirmation and copy your new webinar link.

Add the Link to Your Kajabi Webinar Pipeline

zoom webinar ovo pipeline
  • Go to your Kajabi and select MARKETING.
  • Click in PIPELINES.
  • Select ZOOM Webinar OVO and click on CREATE PIPELINE.
  • Paste the link you copied from Webinarjam into the Zoom link box. and click on GENERATE PIPELINE.
  • Modify the details to match your website.


Discretionary: Repeat the Webinar

zoom webinar ovo event actions
  • Select the Event and click on the REPEAT THIS EVENT toggle switch to turn it on.
  • Set how frequently you want the event to be repeated.
  • Click SAVE.

Connect Kajabi and Webinarjam With Third Party Integration Apps

You can also integrate Webinarjam with the Kajabi platform using third-party integration software like the following:

  • Zapier
  • Integrately
  • LeadsBridge

You can use these integration apps to create automations that will make your workflow processes more efficient.

Connect Kajabi and Webinarjam With Third Party Integration Apps

Developed Specially for Webinars

You can reach up to 5000 people and allow up to 6 presenters on the platform.


Although Zoom can do the same more, Zoom is best for one-on-one communications with employees or clients than for hosting events.

Pre-Uploaded Content

Zoom does not offer this feature. But you can share your screen with students on Zoom.

However, screen sharing can be challenging when there is a problem with the network. At other times, spending valuable time searching for content can whittle down the quality of your presentation.

But with the pre-upload feature, you can upload videos, presentations, and other file types on the Webinarjam platform before starting your webinars.

This feature allows you to access them while hosting your webinars.

This feature also allows for smooth and uninterrupted webinars as students follow through and download the content after the webinars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Youtube Live for Webinars?

Although Youtube Live is a good option for hosting webinars on Kajabi, it offers limited services, unlike Zoom and Webinarjam. Startups can use it to create events when starting out.

Can I Automate Kajabi Form Submissions From Webinarjam With Zapier Integration?

You can automate your Kajabi workflows with Zapier integration. Some of the most popular zaps include:

  • Creating new registrations from Webinarjam as form submissions in Kajabi
  • Granting offer access to new live Webinarjam attendees in Kajabi
  • Granting new Webinarjam registrants access to Kajabi offers

Must I Use Webinarjam With Kajabi?

If you want pre-upload content and have your events on repeat, it would be best to do so. But You can also have your Kajabi integrated with Zoom or use Kajabi’s inbuilt webinar software.

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