ThriveCart and Kajabi Integration – How to Automate Your E-Commerce Processes

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Kajabi already has all you need to succeed online. From website hosting to email marketing and course creation. But with ThriveCart integration, you can add an extra dimension to your Kajabi setup by using powerful shopping cart software to sell your products.

If you want to know how to connect your ThriveCart to Kajabi, then read on. This guide will show you how to do it in just a few minutes.

Direct ThriveCart to Kajabi Integration

You might have heard that it’s possible to connect ThriveCart to Kajabi directly. However, there have been some changes at Kajabi, and its API is no longer available to 3rd party apps like ThriveCart.

This means that the only way to connect ThriveCart to Kajabi now is via Zapier.

Zapier is a tool that allows you to integrate different applications (known as ‘zaps’). It’s popular among entrepreneurs as it opens up a world of possibilities for expanding the functionality of your apps.

ThriveCart Kajabi Integration Using Zapier

thrivecart kajabi integrations

The good news is that setting up a ThriveCart to Kajabi integration is very easy. And once you’ve done it, it will work automatically in the background to keep your data synchronized.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to connecting ThriveCart and Kajabi via Zapier:

How to Connect ThriveCart to Kajabi

  1. Create an account on ThriveCart, Kajabi, and Zapier.
zapier create account
  1. On the Zapier dashboard, select ThriveCart and Kajabi to set up your zap.
zapier dashboard
  1. Choose your trigger and action. Then click “Try It.”
zapier workflow
  1. Sign in to your ThriveCart account and fill in the details. Then click “Continue.” Fill in the necessary data so you can set up the trigger.
zapier thrivecart
  1. Sign in to your Kajabi account using the API key and API secret. These two are located on the “Account Details” under the “Settings” tab.
zapier kajabi api
  1. Click “Continue” and provide all the information needed to set up your action.
  2. After that, select “Continue.”
kajabi grant access
  1. You can now test your zap to ensure everything is working correctly. Zapier will tell you whether there’s an error or not.
  2. After the first test, you can choose either “Retest & Review” if there are any changes or issues or “Retest & Continue” to finish setting up your zap. Once everything is working, you’re all set!
kajabi zapier customize offer

What Are the Available Triggers

ThriveCart allows you to create over 18 triggers, but the actions you can do inside Kajabi are pretty limited. You can only do three things: grant access, revoke access, or create a form submission.

Here are some of the popular zaps you can create:

  • When customers buy a product on ThriveCart, grant them access to an offer on Kajabi.
  • When someone cancels a recurring payment, revoke their access to an offer on Kajabi.
  • When a buyer abandons a cart on ThriveCart, create a form submission on Kajabi.
  • When a customer purchases an upsell, grant access to a product on Kajabi.
  • When someone asks for a refund, remove their access to your product on Kajabi.

Why Should You Connect Your ThriveCart with Kajabi

ThriveCart offers more advanced sales and eCommerce features than Kajabi. Integrating these two platforms allows you to take advantage of the best features. Here are some of the benefits:

1) ThriveCart has more payment options than Kajabi. With a ThriveCart account, you can allow your customers to pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Whereas Kajabi only supports PayPal and Stripe.

2) ThriveCart offers an A/B testing feature for your pages. With A/B testing, you can explore various headlines, images, and call-to-action buttons on your sales pages to see which converts better.

3) ThriveCart has a better affiliate system. With this platform, you can pay your affiliate automatically, which isn’t available on Kajabi. Moreover, you can also provide affiliate assets which are materials they can use to promote your products.


Some people might see these two platforms as competitors, but they’re actually complementary. Connecting them gives you a more solid eCommerce business.

With Kajabi and ThriveCart integration, you can easily create, sell, and deliver your products and services. 

So sign up with Kajabi’s free 30-day trial today (ThriveCart does not offer a trial), connect them using Zapier, and see how they can help grow your business!

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