17 Teachable Examples – Courses and Website Inspiration for 2024

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Teachable is one of the top online course platforms for beginner, intermediate, and expert online course creators.

It’s a particularly valuable platform for beginners looking to get started with selling courses online. Teachable handles hosting, design, and you can even create a sales page where you can share great course content.

If you want to create your first online course, don’t struggle alone. There’s a wealth of inspiration to be found from established and successful online course creators. Whatever you’re passionate about, Teachable makes it simple to create and sell your own courses.

To help you out, we compiled some of the best Teachable examples of 2024 and included 17 Teachable course examples ranging from Excel to the stand-up comedy niche.

Let’s get started!

1. Affiliate Lab

affiliate lab
An affiliate marketing course built on Teachable.

Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab is an affiliate marketing training course. The course’s curriculum focuses mostly on creating, optimizing, and making money from specialty affiliate marketing websites.

The Affiliate Lab offers in-depth training for novice and seasoned affiliate marketers using a proven blueprint based on actual test results on hundreds of websites.

Almost every aspect of creating a successful affiliate marketing business is covered in the comprehensive training, from creating your first WordPress website to learning advanced SEO techniques.

The course also includes over 24 hours of video tutorials covering topics from theme selection to the fundamentals of SEO to advanced SEO tactics.
Below are images of the Teachable course dashboard and template:

affiliate lab course curriculum
Course Curriculum Dashboard
affiliate lab welcome
Teachable Course Example.

Some online creators only use Teachable for courses as part of their “tech stack” and use other platforms for email marketing, sales funnels, and checkout pages.
Matt hosts his courses on Teachable and uses Clickfunnels for their sales page and checkout builder for his tech stack.

Note: the Teachable course example above is the standard course template all Teachable users get. Moving forward, we won’t include the dashboards of the remaining course creators.

2. Excel Exposure

excel exposure
URL: course.excelexposure.com

Excel Exposure is an excellent website offering insightful Excel-related content. It offers a premium course hosted on the Teachable platform.

Also available on the main website is a free course using YouTube videos and WordPress to deliver its content.
Five modules comprise the premium course, with the first module available for free.

Ben Currier, the developer, takes advantage of Teachable’s Free Preview feature to allow visitors access to all courses in the first module.

He also utilizes Teachable’s ability to include several categories of information in a single course. As a result, users will discover classes in various text, video, and graphic formats.

Ben also enables comments for the lessons, allowing students to ask questions and provide feedback.

3. Music Radio Creative

music radio creative
URL: courses.musicradiocreative.com

Music Radio Creative is known for creating radio ads and custom voiceovers for DJs, RJs, and companies.

You can find their primary website on Shopify, but they also have a blog, a Discourse forum, and Teachable courses.

If you want to use Teachable to host online courses and use other platforms for your own blog or store, it’s an excellent example.

Their Teachable website offers five different, high-ticket courses, which are self-paced and easy to follow. Each segment has a set of assignments, and those who complete them earn a certificate of completion.

Creating certificates and quizzes to enhance student learning is easy to set up with Teachable. You can even add course drip features to your course.

4. Art of Tea

art of tea
URL: what-is-tea.artoftea.com

Art of Tea is a tea-lovers store offering tea packages, teaware, and tea gift products online.

They also provide courses consisting of quizzes, videos, and PDF documents that educated users about the origin of tea, the various types, iced teas, and more.

The interface of the course website is straightforward and simply designed. It’s also easy to create the homepage and sales pages with Teachable.
You also don’t need any coding experience to build a site like this. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with Teachable’s page builder.

If you want to keep things simple, this is the perfect Teachable example. You can maintain your online courses, landing pages, sales pages, and checkout pages on the platform.

5. Stand Up NY Education

stand up ny education
URL: standupny.teachable.com

For novices seeking to break into standup comedy, the process can be intimidating. However, that’s not the case at all.

Stand Up NY Education proves this through its Teachable online course website. That’s right. Standup comedy can be taught online.

Celebrities and established comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, and other well-known names all received training at NY Education. However, Stand Up NY Education only recently began using the internet as a training platform.

Their sales website provides a lengthy course curriculum that students must complete in chronological order. Course content includes everything from comedy writing to standup comedy performances.

Students will certainly find fresh information to discover on the sales page. They can choose the video lessons or courses that most interest them.

One important feature is that the courses will help you incorporate your personality and viewpoints into your comedic writing, which will add authenticity to your stage performance.

6. Freelance Mastery

freelance mastery
URL: freelancemastery.dev

Freelance Mastery offered by Brad Traversy and Kyle Prinsloo is an online course that teaches how to start a prosperous freelance job.

There are two purchasing options: Standard and Premium. Along with the main course materials, the Premium course provides access to several templates, legal contracts, and a community.

What makes this course so unique is that it is completely focused on one course, which is why Teachable’s sales page acts as its home page.

Another outstanding feature of this premium course is the sales page layout. Brad and Kyle have coded a customized sales page instead of using the page builder.

While Teachable’s page-building capabilities are somewhat limited, but if you know how to code, you can completely personalize your sales page.

7. Melanie Tonia Evans

melanie tonia evans
URL: courses.melanietoniaevans.com

Known for her work in the field of mental health, Melanie Tonia Evans also offers online healing courses and provides supportive therapeutic programs.

She runs her primary website on WordPress like many other Teachable subscribers.

For those seeking to recover from the trauma of narcissistic abuse, the site features an external link to the Teachable course website, which provides three courses and a ten-week Thrive rehabilitation program.
Her classes are designed for users familiar with self-help alternatives, whereas the healing program is designed for those requiring direct assistance.

Following the open/closed concept, the ten-week program provides access to weekly workshops, session recordings, worksheets, and an online community.

You can use Zoom links for live sessions if you want to build an interactive program like this on Teachable and then add session recordings, worksheets, and more within a course in Teachable.

8. Music Ally Learning Hub

music ally learning hub
URL: learn.musically.com

Music Ally is a teaching hub that aims to grow the music business. They plan events, offer advice, produce reports, and develop courses about music marketing.

The site provides over 30 courses covering diverse topics from the fundamentals of the music industry to applying digital marketing.

Users can purchase courses singly for $99. They can also pay for different bundles or access all courses for a flat fee of $999.

Teachable allows you to build course packages and charge a one-time fee, a monthly fee, or setup a payment plan. This flexibility provides students with more product and pricing choices and leads to higher conversations and options and user value.

9. Singing Success VIP Membership

singing success vip membership
URL: singingsuccess.com/vip

Brett Manning runs the online business Singing Success. Their main product, the VIP Membership, provides unlimited access for $67 per month.

The subscription-based membership includes Teachable-hosted courses such as Singing Success 360, Vocal Hacks, Mastering Mix, and more.

As part of their subscription site, they also provide 1:1 coaching, an exclusive community, and other special material.

Teachable allows you to group courses and offer them as paid subscriptions. You can also utilize their Coaching function to handle 1:1 lessons along with their Circle.so integration to build an online community.

Essentially, Teachable is a fantastic tool for creating membership sites. This is a perfect example to use if you want to build one.

10. Editage

URL: publication-courses.editage.com

Service provider, Editage, assists academics in getting their research articles accepted by reputable publications. They offer editing, translation, publishing assistance, and research marketing.

Editage used Teachable to build its online school, which hosts more than 100 online courses taught by 30+ educators.

One of Teachable’s greatest advantages is that all subscriptions allow unlimited courses and students. Teachable’s checkout also provides students with multiple payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Teachable is an ideal option to sell one-time courses and establish a complete online educational platform.

11. Every Tuesday

every tuesday
URL: every-tuesday.com/courses

Every Tuesday is a graphic designer and lettering resource library. They offer a diverse selection of online classes on Teachable as well as tutorials and digital products for sale on their main website.

The course sales sites are created with Teachable. However, the course library page is built with WordPress. When a student selects the course card here, they are sent to the Teachable sales page.

Every Tuesday utilizes several platforms to offer the same courses, another unique feature. They have identical courses on SkillShare as well as Teachable.
Since subscribers own the course content, they can use this strategy to publish courses on websites other than their own, such as Udemy and Skillshare.

12. Swordschool

URL: swordschool.teachable.com

Like many other martial arts instructors, Guy Windsor began by primarily teaching in-person lessons.

He uses Teachable to market online classes based on his broad understanding of ancient European martial arts.

Swordschool is an ideal Teachable example for online course authors who are interested in exploring the martial arts niche.

While it can be challenging to teach a physically demanding sport using only written words and video tutorials, this Teachable sales page provides all the materials students need for a martial arts course.

Signing up is simple. Students just click on a button to enroll in and sign up for a course. There are also three free online courses that students can take before enrolling in a premium course.

After completing the information on the sign-up page, users are directed to another sales page where they can select other payment methods for a specific set of paid training courses.

A comprehensive membership package for $45 per month allows users to work through all 9 of Guy’s courses at their own pace. Students can also purchase one of his classes separately for a one-time fee ranging from $140 to $499.

13. Autism Classroom Courses

autism classroom courses
URL: autism-classroom-courses.teachable.com

Autism Classroom Courses offers courses and guidelines to help instructors learn how to teach and manage autism classrooms.

Their course contains a variety of content formats such as PDFs, videos, and texts. They also use Teachable’s page builder to design the front end of their website.

Teachable has established payment choices. This is also a fantastic example of a Teachable subdomain used on the course website.

The good news is that you can utilize all of these capabilities and build a comparable website using Teachable’s free plan. The free plan allows you to create infinite courses and students.

Teachable prices are quite affordable, and the site offers the most generous free plan of any online course provider.

14. Intent

URL: intent.teachable.com

Jeremy teaches the Kinstretch method at Intent. This subscription-based service helps users ease their stiff, aching joints.

The Teachable website provides two membership levels with many payment choices. Users signing up for one receive access to all classes, live classes, 1:1 mentoring, and the fitness library.

It also provides a free course that introduces Kinstretch and works effectively for lead capture and membership promotion.

As with many other online courses, Intent also uses a Teachable subdomain. One particular advantage is that users can create a similar membership site with the free plan, including the ability to charge recurring amounts, add various types of content, and bundle courses and coaching.

While some limitations on the free plan include being unable to host a Teachable website on a custom domain, that didn’t stop Jeremy (see his domain name).

15. Edulastic

URL: edulastic.teachable.com

Using the SaaS application, Edulastic, educators can evaluate their pupils and provide an improved educational experience.

WordPress powers the main website, while Teachable provides the framework for providing self-paced courses. These Edulastic resources help instructors learn how to utilize Edulastic.

All courses are free, and Teachable creates and provides completion certificates.

If you already have a product or service and want to provide additional materials and training, this is one of the finest Teachable course examples.

16. Admiral Markets

admiral markets
URL: edu.admiralmarkets.com

One of the major trading platforms on the internet is Admiral Markets. Their 21-day trading course is hosted on Teachable.

What stands out about this platform is that course material isn’t immediately available after registration but is released in stages.

The course is also free and available to everyone simply by creating an account.

Teachable allows you to create free courses. You can also use the course platform to provide free lead generation courses or support for your products and services.

17. StationX

station x
URL: courses.stationx.net

StationX is a cyber security training company that runs its online classroom through Teachable.

StationX provides course packages and a subscription-based membership instead of individual courses. Bundles are available for users who want lifetime course access, or they can buy a VIP membership.

What makes StationX unique is its marketplace approach. By hosting courses from dozens of teachers, this allows them to offer a huge collection of courses on their platform.

Teachable allows you to split the revenue with many teachers on your course website. It provides all the reporting features for determining revenue shares and can automatically disburse them.

Another excellent feature of StationX is that the course website is completely customized. If you want to customize the website, you can also use the Teachable Power Editor.

This article explains how many online course makers utilize Teachable to operate diverse knowledge businesses. The platform provides:

  • Online courses sold by individual creators
  • Online schools offer a variety of courses, and teachers
  • Training facilities for businesses and groups
  • Subscription-based membership websites

You should also consider that these Teachable examples are from diverse niches. Therefore, you can use the platform to create a successful online course regardless of your niche.

Wrapping Up Our Teachable Examples

We hope that reading this article has inspired you and demonstrated how online course creators of different niches and industries use Teachable to create sales pages and host and deliver online courses.

Teachable offers various ways to host your paid course(s). It is used by a diversity of knowledge businesses, including solopreneurs, online schools with multiple instructors, medium to large companies, and monthly subscriptions.

Didn’t see your niche in the above course examples, don’t be discouraged. We simply couldn’t fit all the best courses created on Teachable on this page.

While researching for this article, other interesting niches we encountered include an online magic school that sharpens your magic skills, a yoga doctor, a cake decoration course, and continuing education.

Regardless of your niche, you can create a profitable online course using the Teachable online course platform.

If you’re interested in learning more about Teachable, including the pros and cons, take a look at our in-depth Teachable review.

Reviewing Teachable online course examples is a great way to get the inspiration you need for your business or service if you need help setting up your first course and/or sales page.

Looking to start as soon as possible? Check out their free plan, or start with a free trial of any paid plan options.

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