vs GoHighLevel 2024 – A Close-Up Comparison

The ideal platform for marketers, agencies, online businesses, and content creators

  • Starts at $97/month

  • Founded in 2018

  • Ratings: 4.4/5 on G2. 4.9/5 on Trustpilot

  • HighLevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform with highlight features such as its CRM, white label SaaS, course creation, and more.

The suitable platform for e-commerce enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and small businesses

  • Starts at $0/month (free plan)

  • Launched in 2017

  • Ratings: 4.8/5 on G2. 4.8/5 on Trustpilot

  • Systeme is an integrated platform designed for online business automation, catering to digital marketing, sales funnels, and product sales

Gone are the days when businesses would toggle between multiple tabs and apps to manage their marketing needs. Now, the preference leans heavily toward all-in-one solutions. and GoHighLevel have become popular marketing platforms in this space. Each boasts a suite of tools designed to reduce the complexity of digital marketing.

In this article, I’ll provide you with a detailed and unbiased comparison of the two. We’ll focus on their features, strengths, and weaknesses and how they stand against each other in some key areas. Overview

systeme all in one marketing

Systeme carved out a niche as a go-to, budget-friendly choice over options like ClickFunnels.

You get an all-encompassing toolkit—from email marketing and automation tools to sales funnels, course creation, community features, and an affiliate marketing program.

The growth of Systeme is a testament to its ability to meet market demands with its affordability and continuous feature enhancements. Whether you’re just starting or looking to streamline your business operations, Systeme is a solid contender in the all-in-one platform arena.

Who is Systeme For?

It’s particularly suited for:

  • Marketers craving simplicity in automation and campaign management,
  • Entrepreneurs seeking a one-stop shop for launching and scaling their ventures,
  • Small businesses needing to cut through the clutter of tools,
  • Coaches and educators looking to market online courses and digital products effortlessly,
  • And affiliate marketers looking for easy-to-use software for their own affiliate program.

GoHighLevel Overview

gohighlevel software for agencies homepage

GoHighLevel emerged just a year after Systeme’s debut. However, it quickly became a power player for agencies and SaaS businesses.

You get a comprehensive feature suite that combines lead generation and nurturing, customer relationship management, and dynamic marketing campaigns under one roof. 

GoHighLevel’s focus is mainly on scalability and efficiency. That’s why it offers features not just for your online business but also for the demands of your growing client base.

Who is GoHighLevel For? 

Here are some users who will find it most advantageous:

  • Agencies aiming to scale operations with a robust, white-labeled marketing platform,
  • SaaS ventures seeking to offer a branded suite of marketing features.
  • Freelancers needing a solid CRM and automation platform,
  • Course creators, coaches, and consultants looking to engage and manage students or clients better and create online courses in a breeze
  • And small to medium-sized businesses wanting to consolidate their tech stack. vs GoHighLevel – Key Differences

While Systeme and GoHighLevel share some core functionalities, their divergences are crucial in determining which is optimal for your online business.

  • GoHighLevel is tailored for multichannel marketing and SaaS offerings like white-label mobile app and desktop. Conversely, comes with features for eCommerce enthusiasts.
  • While Systeme invites new users with a free forever yet limited plan, GoHighLevel entices them with its full-scale free trial.
  • GoHighLevel steps ahead with dedicated tools for social media outreach, the option to white-label services, and a streamlined appointment scheduling system. All these features are not present in Systeme’s toolkit.
  • GoHighLevel is particularly adept for those selling services and software, thanks to its SaaS and agency-focused features. Meanwhile, is more useful for those handling digital courses, downloads, and tangible products.

Pricing Comparison

Systeme has built its reputation on giving you value for your money. You get a decent usage limit on its free plan, but you can do more with the paid ones. Here’s a brief rundown from Systeme’s official pricing:

systeme price
  • Startup ($27/month). This plan offers foundational marketing tools for those just entering the digital market.
  • Webinar ($47/month). If you are a growing online business that needs a higher ceiling on marketing tool usage and extra features like evergreen webinars, this plan is for you.
  • Unlimited ($97/month). As the name suggests, Systeme’s highest plan is for those looking for limitless possibilities and a broader toolset.


Like, GoHighLevel presents three paid plans. Though they are pricier, there’s a justified generosity in tool allocation. Let’s break them down:

gohighlevel upgrade plan pricing
  • Agency Starter ($97/month). This plan offers unlimited usage of core features and users, including a Workflow Builder, Campaign Builder, and 2-way communication tools.
  • Agency Unlimited Account ($297/month). If you need to handle multiple clients and want to offer a broader range of services, this plan adds features like White-label Desktop, Memberships, and Basic API access.
  • Agency SaaS Pro ($497/month). As the premium choice, this package includes everything from the previous tiers, plus exclusive tools like SaaS Mode, Advanced API Access, and an AI Conversational Bot catering to advanced agency needs.

Winner –

If you are keen on affordability, takes the cake with more budget-friendly plans. Plus, it has a free plan to help you get started.

User Interface and Experience 


Systeme layout is clean and systematically designed, placing every tool right where you’d expect it. This platform feels intuitive and doesn’t have the clutter that often overwhelms beginners on new software.

Here’s a look at its menu and dashboard.

systeme dashboard

The simplicity ensures that you spend less time figuring out the mechanics and more time executing your ideas. While it may lack some of the flashy designs of other platforms, Systeme’s simplicity is its strength, allowing you to focus on your tasks without unnecessary distractions.


Much like, GoHighLevel offers a user-friendly interface designed with beginners in mind. At a glance, the layout provides clear pathways to its features, ensuring ease of access. 

gohighlevel opportunities dashboard

It looks better than Systeme but is also a little bit more complicated. With its expansive feature set, you should expect a steeper initial learning curve.

GoHighLevel houses both the agency view and sub-account views. 

gohighlevel client list

Each possesses its unique set of tools and functionalities tailored to specific tasks. For instance, changing the user permission or finding prospects is only available on the Agency dashboard. Meanwhile, sending emails and scheduling posts on social media is on the sub-account view.

But give it a week or two, and you’ll navigate it like a pro. 

Winner – Tie excels in its streamlined design, ideal for those wanting simplicity. GoHighLevel, on the other hand, offers a broader set of tools. While it’s equally user-friendly, the amount of features means there’s a bit more to familiarize yourself with.

Websites, Sales Funnels, and Pages

Systeme keeps its sales funnel creation straightforward. With goal-oriented pre-made steps, it gently guides you through the process. But still offers a few customizations.

gohighlevel client funnel

Their design templates are handy yet offer basic designs. For those who are into aesthetics, they might feel limited.

On the good side, editing your sales funnels is a breeze. The drag-and-drop tool makes tweaks and changes effortless.

However, a noticeable limitation arises when creating standalone pages like landing or sales. All roads lead back to the funnel. Even if you want to build a website, it directs you through the funnel or the blog tool. This might not sit well with everyone.


Stacking up GoHighLevel against, the former gains a slight edge. GoHighLevel provides distinct tools for website and funnel creation, granting you a clear path based on your intent.

This separation is a bonus as it allows for focused and specialized page creation. Although landing pages remain tethered to the funnel, GoHighLevel compensates with a superior template library. The options are more abundant, structured, and have a modern flair.

While both platforms offer a versatile palette of fonts and visual components to jazz up your pages, GoHighLevel goes the extra mile.

It includes calendar integration, progress bars, Google Maps, and testimonial sections. A cherry on top? Viewing previous versions of your page offers a safety net if you wish to backtrack. doesn’t offer these features yet.

Winner – GoHighLevel 

GoHighLevel wins this round with its clear separation of website and sales funnels, richer website template selection, funnel templates, and added features.


Both GoHighLevel and bring blogging features to the table, along with basic SEO tools.


GoHighLevel’s blog editor is quite similar to Google Docs and Word processors. It gives you access to some customization like font style and size, inserting multimedia content, and modifying spacing.

gohighlevel blog

But what made it a solid tool is the Content AI assistant. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, you can feed the tool some context, and it will provide you with some suggestions.  


Conversely, integrates its blogging within its standard page editor.

systeme blogging dashboard

A notable edge has over GoHighLevel is its various blog template designs. However, the only catch is that you can only create unlimited blog posts on the highest plan. So, if you’re planning to take blogging seriously, you have to pay $97/month to maximize this feature.

Winner – Tie

Both platforms have room to grow, especially in adding advanced SEO optimization tools. But if you’re just searching for a simple blogging tool, either platform will suffice.


Systeme equips users with tools to manage contacts efficiently. It allows seamless contact additions, be it one by one or in sizeable batches.

systeme crm create contact

Metrics like activities, subscriptions, and payment history are also accessible with just a click.

One great feature of is the capability to add extra contact fields, letting you store crucial data like addresses or company affiliations. You can customize it depending on what info you need.

Moreover, lets you know the details of contacts’ email campaign involvements and feedback from survey forms.

As for segmenting your contacts, the platform offers a good range of filters and tags. But beyond these contact management features,’s CRM offerings feel a tad limited.


When it comes to CRM capabilities, GoHighLevel stands out, and as an agency owner, I’ve seen its effectiveness firsthand. 

From what you might find, the platform seems to have poured significant effort into its CRM tools, aiming not just to manage but also to enhance client relationships. Features like in-depth contact insights can be beneficial for you. 

gohighlevel contacts smart lists filter

The centralized communication channels (a.k.a Conversations) make reaching out to clients more effortless. Plus, the Reputation Management tool could give you a clearer picture of your business’s online perception. 

gohighlevel reputation management

GoHighLevel provides a solid foundation for deepening customer relationships. But remember, the real advantage comes from how you put these tools to work.

Winner – GoHighLevel

From the unified Conversation feature to its robust Reputation Management, it presents a clear edge. For agencies seeking in-depth client engagement and streamlined communications, GoHighLevel undeniably offers a more cohesive CRM experience.



In my experience with, their automation mechanics are divided into two main categories: Rules and Workflows.

systeme automation rules

If you’re looking for straightforward automation, Rules might be up your alley. For instance, say you have a visitor who fills out a form on a blog post. With Rules, you can easily configure it so that this action results in that visitor being added to a specific email campaign. Simple, right?

But if you’re into more intricate operations, Workflows are there for you. You can design automation with added layers like delays, waiting periods, and conditional decisions.

systeme sample workflow

Let’s say a user signs up for a webinar; you can set a delay, send a reminder email, and based on their response (yes or no), you can branch out your actions.

However, while is user-friendly and efficient, it has its limitations. Its automation mainly focuses on email campaigns, course sign-ups, and sales. For some, that might be enough, but if you’re seeking broader automation horizons, you might find it a bit restricting.


When diving into GoHighLevel’s automation realm, what stands out immediately is the extensive range of workflow diagrams and triggers it offers.

gohighlevel landing page checklist

While is built around basic rules, GoHighLevel leans more toward advanced automation processes tailored for those seeking depth.

You’re presented with nearly 100 workflow triggers and actions, allowing you to tailor your automation to your marketing strategies. 

The versatility doesn’t end there. GoHighLevel facilitates both external and internal automation. For instance, if a visitor completes a form, you can automate a response to them and then set an action to notify your team. You might even add a subsequent action prompting a team member to send an SMS or make a personal call.

For a more detailed look at GoHighLevel’s automation capabilities, check out this detailed post.

Winner – GoHighLevel 

While Systeme is great for those seeking basic automation and straightforward workflows, GoHighLevel stands out with its exhaustive list of workflow triggers and actions.

Email and Other Marketing Capabilities


systeme create newsletter

Besides the sales funnels, Systeme extends its offerings to email marketing.

The platform gives you the tools to craft campaigns and newsletters with a dedicated email builder, ensuring your messages are compelling and visually engaging. 

But while it’s great for simple and basic email marketing efforts, Systeme’s seems restricted.

First, the templates are pretty limited. Next, you can dispatch emails in bulk, but the process isn’t as seamless as one might hope. Lastly, unlike GoHighLevel, I’ve observed an absence of functionality allowing direct email dispatch from the Contacts tab.

In addition, it doesn’t offer many marketing capabilities other than email and a few inbound marketing tools.


When you look at GoHighLevel’s email marketing tools, it’s evident that platforms like ActiveCampaign have influenced them. 

gohighlevel elevate brand's voice

Their drag-and-drop editor is intuitive and garners attention with its rich widgets and customization avenues. 

This allows for crafting visually striking emails. Moreover, there’s an expansive range of templates to pick from, outdoing what Systeme provides. 

gohighlevel all templates

Like Systeme, GoHighLevel makes it easy to create email series and marketing campaigns. But what makes it better is that you can also send individual or bulk emails easily with specific leads.

To top that off, it encompasses a suite of marketing and automation tools. It isn’t limited to email marketing.

Like your other online business operations, you can create advanced Workflow, touching different to amplify your marketing efforts. For instance, you can effortlessly execute SMS campaigns with emails or even add voicemails.

Winner: GoHighLevel 

GoHighLevel excels with its intuitive editor, vast email templates, advanced SMS, voice campaigns, and Workflow tool, optimizing every marketing effort.

Online Course Creation and Membership 

Both Systeme and GoHighLevel simplify the process of offering online courses and memberships. They provide templates, streamlining the initial setup.

Systeme offers a course creation tool that, frankly, feels quite basic. For me, it lacks the efficiency and visual appeal. While it accomplishes the task and includes community access features, those seeking more might find it lacking.

systeme create new course


In contrast, GoHighLevel positions its course creation tool as a standalone LMS solution—no need to integrate with Kajabi, Thinkific, or other platforms. 

gohighlevel memberships courses

Whether crafting short lessons or extensive online courses, building a membership base, or integrating community access, it’s all possible within GoHighLevel.

A closer look reveals a format similar to Kajabi, blending ease of use with creative freedom. Additionally, they’ve rolled out an automated certificate feature, letting you award your students right from the platform.

gohighlevel choose certificate template

Winner – GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel’s comprehensive course tools, outpacing Systeme, make it the more advanced choice for creators.

Affiliate Marketing Feature offers an affiliate dashboard that’s simpler but less coherent. 

The affiliate program nestles within the “Sales” dashboard, while affiliate settings hide in the general settings tab. Then, if you want to make changes to the commission, you have to go to the specific funnel and edit it there. This setup might baffle newcomers. 

systeme affiliate program dashboard

However, what I like about Systeme’s affiliate marketing feature is the Marketplace. It becomes a platform for users to showcase their products, drawing in affiliate marketers seeking courses and products to endorse.

Another advantage of using Systeme is that it supports diverse payout options, including PayPal and Wise.


GoHighLevel’s affiliate dashboard stands out with its intuitive design. You can craft multiple campaigns, tweaking the commission, payout, and product details for each, optimizing the user experience. 

gohighlevel affiliates add

Its structured layout shines when you explore the dropdown menu. It neatly categorizes affiliates, payouts, campaigns, and general settings. 

This logical arrangement aids efficient management. However, a limitation I’ve noticed is its exclusive reliance on Stripe for payouts. This becomes a hindrance in countries outside Stripe’s reach.

Winner – Tie

Both platforms have merits – GoHighLevel excels in organization and navigation, while offers broader payout methods.

Integration Capabilities 

Both GoHighLevel and advocate comprehensive platforms. Thus limiting the need for numerous third-party integrations. 

Nonetheless, they do accommodate essential ones. For instance, they seamlessly sync with payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe and accommodate some email autoresponders. 

What sets GoHighLevel apart is its expanded integrations with popular social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Further, integration with platforms like Google, Shopify, Slack, and Quickbooks amplifies its versatility. 

gohighlevel integrations

Winner – GoHighLevel

While both platforms have room to refine their integration landscapes, GoHighLevel undeniably extends its capabilities compared to

Customer Support and Resources


systeme support

Dipping into Systeme’s support, you find a mix of a neatly put-together knowledge base, video guides, and an active YouTube channel. 

It’s the place to drop by if you’re looking for tips, diving into how-tos, or just keen to upscale your business game with Systeme. 

If you hit a bump, you can ask them for support through the form on its site. But the biggest downsides are it doesn’t offer a live chat, and hands-on technical support costs $57 for two hours. 

On the brighter side, if you’re shelling out for their top-tier plan, they throw in a sweet 1-on-1 kickoff call.


Now, GoHighLevel does things a bit differently. It offers a web chat on its home page for non-users, but it’s not the usual “drop a message and wait on the site.” You’ll leave your number along with your message, and someone from its support team will answer your query via SMS.

It’s great because you don’t have to be glued to the website waiting for a response. But on the downside, it might take a few hours or even days to receive a reply, which could be frustrating.

gohighlevel support

However, if you’re a GoHighLevel user with access to the Agency dashboard, you can enjoy more support, including tickets, phone calls, Zoom calls, and live chats. 

Resource-wise, GoHighLevel provides a welcome course, training, and articles with images inside the help center. It also has a YouTube channel. 

My only issue is that some of them are lacking, while some need to be updated. 

gohighlevel knowledge base 2023

Winner – Tie

GoHighLevel could jazz up its resource game, while might want to rethink its support gear.


What Is the Difference Between Systeme and GoHighLevel?

Systeme focuses on digital and physical product sales with beginner-friendly marketing features. Meanwhile, GoHighLevel offers a robust CRM, multichannel marketing, and advanced automation tools.

Which Is Better for CRM? GoHighLevel or Systeme?

GoHighLevel boasts a more powerful and comprehensive CRM compared to Systeme.

Which Platform Is More Affordable? GoHighLevel or Systeme?

Systeme offers more budget-friendly plans, while GoHighLevel’s packages come at a higher price point.

Conclusion – Which Marketing Platform is the Best?

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the two platforms and the distinct value they bring to the table.

If you’re a marketer or an entrepreneur without a roster of digital marketing clients, might be your best bet.

It provides a seamless, all-in-one sales and marketing solution. However, for agencies or entrepreneurs with clients to care for, GoHighLevel is the superior choice, especially given its broader range of functionalities.

Between Systeme and GoHighLevel, our vote goes to GoHighLevel. We’ve experienced it firsthand and were impressed by what it can do.

Yet, it’s crucial to understand that choosing between these platforms isn’t about labeling one as universally ‘better.’ It’s about aligning with the tool most resonating with your unique requirements.

If you want to be more familiar with the platforms, I highly suggest you sign up for GoHighLevel’s free trial and Systeme’s free plan.

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